#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Thirtyone

Day thirtyone! That’s thirtyone watercolours in thirtyone days I’ve done! I didn’t think I’d do it… but I did!

This is a quick (40 minutes or so) landscape. The original picture had a float* of hot air balloons, but due to the usual time constraints I ignored them all and focussed just on the background instead. So, this landscape is half made up, and half based on an actual photo.

And this painting completes the World Watercolour Month challenge for this year.

First time around, and task completed. Go me! Ha ha!

* I didn’t know and couldn’t find the collective name for a group of hot air balloons, so I’ve decided upon ‘float’. Well, it’s my blog! And float fits the bill perfectly!

I’m now floating off into the ether once again… but, I will be back!


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