#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Thirty

A VERY quick painting for today, using only two colours: blue and white (although the white isn’t very clear!)

As my head is currently up in the clouds, that was the inspiration for this painting. I wanted to do clouds, which I did by painting and then dabbing the paint off. So really, that makes this half a painting.

To make up  for that, I’ve taken another photograph, this time with the flash, which provided an unexpected effect:

Clouds over water!


    1. I love any type of cloud, Jodi, apart from the one we’re said to be under when we’re in a grump!
      To me, having my head in the clouds is being away with the faeries. Ditzy. I get that way occasionally! 🙂

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  1. It has been lovely to see some real fluffy clouds in the sky these past few days.. And I am always cloud watching Tom.
    Forgive me to put all of my comments upon one post.. But I agree Time is running away with me also.. I also loved your Fox in the snow, your one minute strawberry and your views with Day break and dawn time along with the trees and Sun and that Green Little monster One Eye.
    I adored your poem on Starlight Reflections And so loved your last verse

    I sit upon a cloud, looking down upon the sleeping world below
    I gaze intently at the Earth’s horizon, with its comforting deep blue glow
    I ponder life as it is, and see it how it could really be
    Then I realise that the only change I can make is a change within me”..

    Also loved your word puzzles and the New August Theme.. Don’t be surprised if I do not connect your piece of art to a future post.. 🙂 It will fit perfectly I feel.. Still don’t know what I will write.. But it will be inspired..
    Have a wonderful weekend Tom and thank you for you kind Support
    Love and Hugs

    Sue ❤

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    1. It’s a pleasure, Sue… I hope you’re having a good weekend also.
      No worries about grouping all your comments in one – and no rush fr your inspired post… I look forward to reading it when the time is right.
      Have a good evening, Sue.

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