A list to cool things down

A Cascading Waterfall

There’s nothing more chilling (cooling and relaxing – works both ways here!) than running water. In my Land of Peace and Tranquility, I have a waterfall where I visit within my Mind’s Eye when I need to relax and cool off! As well as the water cascading, rainbows appear all over the place as the sun catches the droplets of water. There’s a magical feel here… with an expectation to see a Unicorn, or Dragon, or some other mystical creature appear into the clearing from the Forest for a drink.

A Gentle Breeze

The water creates a lovely breeze when you stand close to it. I do it often – I don’t mind getting wet in my imagination. I don’t mind it in real life actually – but in my imagination I’m dry again instantly. The breeze carries with it an enchanting melody – a hum – sometimes an eerie echo – and that’s how I know I’ve reached my special place.

A Refreshing Glass of Chilled Lemonade

Instantly, an iced glass holding chilled lemonade appears in my hand. I drink. Slowly savouring the fizz, the flavour, and the relaxing chill that fills my mouth. Delicious!

An Idyllic Forest

I turn my attention over to the Forest itself. The Forest of Tranquility arcs around the clearing, breaking only for the ocean view. Lush greenery and dense, shadowed woodland give way to the pebbled path which leads down to the sandy beach and open and crystal clear sea. Gentle waves silently roll inland from where I stand. Peering back into the Forest itself, it takes a while for the shadowed darkness to reveal its secrets; pathways leading this way and that. Some I will have to explore one day!

A Summer Shower

I’ve just dried off from the spray off the waterfall, and suddenly it rains. Heavily. Refreshingly. With a burst of thunderous applause overhead. These Summer thunderstorms are very refreshing, and really do cool the air somewhat. Now that it’s stopped, I definitely feel cooler… although a little damp once again. Never mind – I will soon be dry once again.

A Hot Cup of Tea

And speaking of being dry – a lovely cup of tea to finish things off. On a hot day, tea does wonders to cool things. Or maybe that’s my imagination as well.


There we have it. An imaginary list of six items to cool things down on a hot Summer’s day. For Six Word Saturday to boot! I’m feeling cooler already… and that Feels Good!


  1. I used to mindwalk when I was younger as part of my meditation exercises.

    Later I learned to open my mind to the shadow and it was a great help to handle what was happening in my life, but at a cost… 😦

    God Bless!


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  2. It’s hot everywhere and by design TL….Hot temps make for hot tempers and hot tempers make for riots and unrest and they are itching have cause to invoke martial law….Things are heating up,the battle is raging for control and it’s not just the weather. Stay even tempered and stay cool….We need as many folks doing this as possible….Hang in there and save some tea for me 🙂 VK

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  3. A wonderful set of cooling options! Interesting you mention unicorns☺I was dreaming about riding rainbow coloured unicorns…For some reason not a forest of a wood but up to Morrisson’s supermarket!! Well there was a lot of greenery but thankfully no rain! lol 😀

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    1. Thanks, Icewolf… and it’s funny your dream of a rainbow coloured unicorn took you to Morrisons… I’ve just been there (I don’t go often!) and bought Celery Soup to boot! Not seen that for years! 😀 YUM…

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