#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Seventeen

For today’s watercolour I’ve time travelled. Either to last night or tonight, I don’t know which, and I also visited one of the realms of my imagination.

If I need to take myself off to relax somewhere, I have a little haven where I visit from time to time. It is most relaxing, the views are stunning whichever way I look, and there is a mini part of everything there. I love the beach with the views of the islands, behind me is the Forest of Tranquility with its lush greenery and hidden at the centre is the Mystic Waterfall. Just around the way from the waterfall are the Twilight Caves, where stars appear to twinkle from out of the darkness as one walks through.

In minutes, I can spend hours there. Exploring, relaxing, breathing in the refreshingly delicious air.

So, I spent so long there, when I returned I had to rush out today’s watercolour. It’s an illustration more than anything, and there are more trees there than I depicted! But even though the watercolour was rushed, painting it was as relaxing as being in the place itself.

Ah. It’s great when you Feel Good!



    1. Thanks, Jodi – yes it is… and it doesn’t cost a penny to go there either!
      And she does – or rather she used to – or rather one of the characters she played did – or somewhere similar… 😉

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