Could this, perhaps, be a clue?

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Sixteen

A clue? I hear you wonder. A clue for what? What can it possibly mean?

Well, if I were to tell you, it wouldn’t be a clue… if a clue it were at all…

Happy Saturday!



  1. These are so fun – well done! You are SUCH A TEASE! And if you weren’t, I wouldn’t offend you so terribly with my wild guesses. I’m going Debra Winger now. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jodi. And I’m not offended, I’m loving it! I know the portrait looks nothing like – whoops! nearly let slip there! Hehehe! 😉
      And you probably don’t know how close you are with Debra Winger… or are you?… or maybe you know who it is and… hmmm… I may have to throw you off the track a little. Draws cloak over face and leaves the comment box sheepishly.

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      1. Doggoneit you are a tease! Am I too old to even know who this is? I’m glad YOU are having fun, because you are driving me nuts not knowing. I feel like I can see who it is, but can’t name. But then again, I was pretty sure the first time and was way wrong – lol!

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        1. No. You’ll know her. Sorry about the driving you nuts part,that’s not really my intention. If she isn’t named in the next few days, I shall reveal who she’s meant to be. I may do another portrait, but that may start the whole thing all over again! I told you – I like to tease every now and then! 😀
          Hope you’re having a good weekend, Jodi.

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    1. Well, the mystery’s already made, Mlissabeth… this month I’m taking part in World Watercolour Month, and each day I create a new watercolour. One I created was a portrait of a celebrity who looks absolutely nothing like her, so now I’m giving clues as to her identity. Well, clues or red herrings… and red boots in this case! It’s all fun!

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    1. Not me, Kathe! I can’t even get around on the flat properly at times! 😀
      No, this is a clue to a portrait I painted recently that looks nothing like the subject… I’m just hoping against hope that someone says the name before I have to reveal it myself… and then I can kid myself that they knew who it was all along! 😀


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