Only twenty-nine more days left!

The thought of creating thirty-one watercolours in thirty-one days at first seems a little daunting. We’re now on the second day of July, and I’ve done two already. At this rate, it’s easy to accomplish!

I’ve only recently started again painting in watercolour, after decades of not doing so – and back then I was in school and doing it because I had to. Now, I’m doing it because I want to. The whole thing is new, but I’m using this month to try to develop my skills, and come up with a style that I can call my own – we’ll see how that goes! It’s all about experimentation!

If you feel like picking up the paintbrush and joining in, either again or for the first time, more details can be found at Doodlewash, I’ve added a link below.

The more creative you are, the more creative you become…T L Merriman


    1. Hi Jo, probably in 2025! No, I jest! I’m posting my watercolours everyday in July. The first watercolour was the rabbits on the first, and today’s post was the deckchair. I’m not at the landscape or portrait stage yet, but I’ll get there, one day…


  1. I’d love to do some watercolours, but I’m afraid of the result. I tried a small painting with my acrylics a couple of weeks ago and it turned out absolutely dreadful! But maybe I’ll get out my watercolours just for fun – after all, who doesn’t need a nice bit of humiliation every now and then?

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