Drum roll please!

Special thanks to Sunny and Chair for beginning today’s posts. Did any of you get the musical clue? Did you realise it was linked to today’s Sound of Summer result post? The painting was a little cryptic in the fact that there was no water visible from the beach, but that body of water is a sound. Sunny and Chair sounds like Sonny and Cher who had a musical sound back in the day, which carries on until this day. And today we announce the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer!

The voting has been very close. So close in fact, many tied for their positions. But, there was one clear winner, by one point.

One point I’d like to make, is that the winning sound, the one in first place, believe it or not, was the very first song I selected to start this whole thing off. I could have just announced it way back when without taking things to a vote… but no. Fair’s fair. The sound has now been selected by a fair and balanced vote.

I can say no more.

The Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer 2016 is The Beach Boys and ‘Kokomo’!

Waves hands in the air above the head and runs off into the background yelling, Kermit-stylee, ‘Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!’

Runs back into focus to say: Click here if you’d like to hear the winning song one more time.

Here’s the voting percentages:

Many thanks to all who took the time to vote. Happy Summer!


    1. The Muppets’ version didn’t do too badly, finishing in third place, Prenin. Mind you, third place was shared by six songs, so it’s not that great an achievement thinking about it. Maybe if the video quality was better… who knows? Theirs was a fun version.

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