No, I haven’t gone barking mad, and neither have I gone quackers! I am well aware that today is Thursday, and not Friday as the title of this post may indicate. Tomorrow may well be Friday, but it is also the first day of July, which means that it is also the first day of World Watercolour Month, in which I am participating! So, Friday’s post has to be moved to Thursday. Them’s the rules.*

I was meandering arind the Grinds at lunchtime today, and on my circuit of the Lake, I noticed that every duck was out on the water. Bobbing up and down they were, facing this way and that, and seemingly having a wonderful time. Then one of them stood up in the water and started flapping its wings about – either bathing, or cooling down. Then another did it. And then another. I kept my eyes on the duck closest to the bank, and then true enough, it too started this little dance.

This duck had only just finished and clambered out of the Lake when another two swam up, one of which started flapping about also.

The duck’s friend was simply not interested if the dance was some kind of impressive manoeuvre to show off.

And the single tufted duck that visits? He too just swam around minding his own business.

This is the last Cute Critter Friday post for now, although more cute critters will most certainly be along in due course!

* I didn’t know about these rules until I found the Beyond the Sphere Rulebook conveniently placed beneath my keyboard. Rule one in said rule book is ‘these rules are very flexible and may be changed at any time.’ So there we have it. Flexible rules. Things were always changing around here anyway…


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