#WorldWatercolorMonth Day One

A very quick sketch and watercolour of three white rabbits all in a row ushering in July 2016! It took me ages to paint the rabbits… HAPPY JULY!

Throughout July, I’m participating in World Watercolour Month… 31 watercolours in 31 days.


  1. Great one TL ! Love their little faces. Kinda like the fox. Good luck with the watercolors. Wow! Painting one everyday is quite ambitious. You have definitely been on a roll for quite some time now. Good for you! Great energy Major Tom….VK 🙂

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    1. Thanks, VK… yes, I am on a creative roll at the moment – I love it. Although, I mustn’t forget about writing as well… everything in balance and all that!
      And I can see what you’re saying regarding the fox. I wonder if I can get the two together? 😉

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  2. Yes, July is with us and on the 6th I’ll have my 56th birthday which I’ll celebrate with people I learned the hard way not to trust.

    Oh Joy… :/

    God Bless my friend and excellent work!!! 🙂


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    1. Why settle for second best Prenin? Spend your birthday how you wish and screw everybody else. Until you say enough is enough the crap will just continue. Be strong my friend and begin to write a new story for yourself with a happier ending! VK 🙂

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      1. Given that the crap has gone on for 27 years and my tormentors have used anyone around me with any kind of social contact as a Judas, the only friends I have left are people on the web and my friends at the church I attend.

        My God daughter’s family say they love me and made me an honorary uncle, but they have been the worst offenders and I’m not supposed to notice because I am mentally ill thanks to decades of persecution and abuse.

        I’m insane, not stupid. 😦

        All I know is that these people are sex obsessed, they have tried to pin a whole raft of sex crimes on me to no avail, they tried to get me to have sex with a prostitute and chose a woman I’ve known since she was seven years old and helped frequently throughout her difficult life, so when she realized I was the person she was supposed to seduce she blew her top!!! 🙂

        So: Unable to get me to ‘Prove’ my heterosexuality they used the staff and clients at the MIND café in Middleton centre, where I used to go to play cards, dominoes and do arts and crafts with fellow clients, to determine if I was gay or bisexual!!!

        I now have just the church to go to as I no longer feel safe at the café, but they’ve also used the church when they tried to set me up a couple of years ago.

        I am now certain that they have serious sexual issues themselves, because no man looks behind a door unless he has stood there himself… 😦

        Love and battered hugs! 🙂



        1. Don’t know what to say Prenin…Things can only get as bad as we allow them to get. If you have the ability to extricate yourself from there and start over I sure as heck would. Why remain around people you can’t trust. Get outside your box and leave behind the trash in favor of moving forward. Whatever you do, good luck Prenin….Don’t forget that real soul within, that real person before the s@#t hit the fan in your life…He’s what matters most! Prayers to you….VK 🙂

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          1. Thanks hun! 🙂

            They’ve put my life under the microscope and now they can’t have much left to pull on me, but I would have been better off taking their £60,000 compensation money, however I was so ill I thought it came from kiddie porn and kiddie prostitution and wouldn’t touch it. 😦

            Now I have only the church left and if they compromise that I’ll have only the web friends I have made over the years.

            The attacker must always overcome.

            The defender must merely survive… 🙂

            Love and huge squishy hugs! 🙂


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