Farewell Simba, enjoy your new journey

It’s a sad Six Word Saturday today, I’m sorry to say. Yesterday, Simba left our mortal coil and headed off to pastures new. To some, she’s just a cat. To others, she’s a friendly, loveable character, with a personality all of her own and she manages, sorry managed, to light up a room just by being there. She was a little star here on Earth, and now she has become a bright one in the heavens. Sleep well, little Simba, and thank you for coming along when you did.

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  1. Was Simba yours TL? Or one of your buddies as you traveled about your day? So sorry that she has departed. They leave massive holes in our hearts which tells us our relationships with them had meaning! Keep your eyes open, she shall return soon in a new coat and maybe even as a male this time…Who knows…She’s waiting for the right moment to return. May your sad heart lighten soon….VK 😦

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      1. I am sure she will be for a while. I know one of my own still walks her way up the stairs to bed 🙂 and it was confirmed the other week by a gifted friend of mine who came to visit who saw her in the hallway 🙂 lol

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  2. Sorry for your loss my friend, but we all have a time here that is far too short.

    As long as you live you will always remember what a bright spark she was in your life.

    God Bless.


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  3. I’m sorry for your loss. My furry BFF left about two months ago and it is still hard. I hear noises that I think are him and am always looking for him in his usual spots. It doesn’t hurt as much today as it did those first few days but the I do miss him everyday. Remembering all the funny things he did and knowing I made him as almost as happy as he made me helps too. Good luck and God bless.

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  4. Oh my, I hesitated on clicking the ‘Like’ button as this is a sad post. But, from the other comments, I see, that this was a kitty that belonged to another. Regardless, there was a love for the kitty from you too. At times, it’s easier to care and love for someone else pet. I hope Simba is happy playing on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge( a poem about pet who pass on).
    In keeping with the ‘Reflection’ theme … here is my next one.
    P.S. I posted the url because you were having trouble with your ping backs. If it’s all fixed let me know. Gracias ….

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    1. Thanks, Isadora. Yes, Simba was lovely, but she still feels close, so that’s good.
      I will be checking your post out later (and, it seems, Pingbacks are working again! Yeeha!


  5. Oh how sad Tom 😢 She is beautiful and looks to have been a wonderful characterful loving companion. Such a sweet and appealing little face and her markings remind me of one of the cats who passed through my life too. So sorry you had to lose her but she won’t be far away in spirit…keep an eye open near that leafy glade in The Grinds…you know the one…the one with the giant mouse hole and a supremely large ball of wool hanging strategically off the singing trees in the Glade of Feline’ity 😉 Remember that one? Well just follow the mystical paw prints and listen out for the spirit purr leading you the Glen of Simba’renity deep inside The Glade…the smiling fish will act as a sat nav if you need it showing you he way with a flick of its fish tails😀

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