Time for today’s real Cute Critter post!

I was walking around the Lake in the Grinds earlier today when this chap ambled up to say ‘hi’:

He was quite shy, and kept bobbing in and out of the water plants that you can see at the top of the above photo. However, as I was about to walk on my way, he flicked his tail out of the water as if he wanted to show me something.

To my surprise, and with his tail, he sketched a quick smiley face into the surface of the water, from underneath! In the second photo, you can make out the mouth, two nostrils just above, and you can see the fish adding the finishing touches to one of the eyes. Something spooked him after that so he darted away at a rate of knots, but I’m pleased that I managed to capture this image. Nobody would have believed me otherwise. Folk never seem to believe me when I write about the creatures in these Grinds…

I think the fish was saying keep smiling! And obviously, I’ll add to that ‘and keep feeling good!’

Have a good weekend.


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