Through the mist that protects the ether we creep
Climbing stair after stair getting evermore steep
Ignoring the chill in the air that surrounds us
And the mad, diverse images that appear just
As we reach the top a tawny curtain hangs
Tied together by tassel and vine
We pull apart the curtains and enter a room
Walls white with cracked plaster, feeling impending doom
It feels like a trap, but that’s just how it seems
For this is the beginning of our Lucid Dream


  1. What an effortless use of the prompt words – it has the feel of a well tread, magical cautionary tale – who can resist sneaking up those stairs.. particularly loved the ‘tawny curtain..Tied together by tassel and vine’

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  2. And your background theme has changed again since my last visit Tom.. Excellent poem… I can verify some of our dreams are indeed Mad.. Love your usage of the words..
    Hope you are enjoying Sunday.. and nice to be back. Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed it has, Sue, but I think I’ll be keeping it this way for a while now. And thank you – it’s good to have you back as well, Sue. Hope you’ve had a good long weekend.


    1. I had one Lucid Dream once, Prenin, where I was having a conversation with Anne Robinson, but the whole thing felt very peculiar. Maybe because it was a new experience… maybe it’s time for me to have another…

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