The end of May is nigh!

And it still feels as though it’s the second! It also feels like a blink since I wrote my first Six Word Saturday post last week – has a week truly gone by already? Really??? I’m sure someone’s fiddling with the time controls somewhere and I’m caught up in all of the repercussions!

Well, until they stop fiddling, I shall just have to ride along I suppose.

A nice long weekend lies ahead. What? We’re halfway through Saturday already?


I’m deliberately going to take things slowly this weekend.


    1. Start making them Prenin! It is never too late to change directions and feed your soul. I am going to leave a web address for you on your blog when I get done here…Go check it out. I am getting ready to put it to the test myself! I’ll let you know. Think about it….VK 🙂

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      1. Thanks hun! 🙂

        I am finally making more memories, today a case in point, instead of withdrawing from life after multiple hurts. 🙂

        What my tormentors have done to me these past 27 years is unforgivable, but I am making new friends and rebuilding my shattered life.

        The attacker must always overcome: The defender must merely survive… 🙂

        Love and hugs my friend!!! 🙂


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        1. Prenin….We can overcome, if not why are we here? Did you check the link I left in your guest book on your site? If not, go read it. Well worth thinking about. Hang in and keep your focus on what’s right not on what’s wrong in life. That is a key component of living life and not just surviving it….VK 🙂


          1. Hi VK! 🙂

            Thanks for the link – very strange how our minds work isn’t it?

            The only time I am free of Earthly boundaries is when I dream and I am listening to a Bhuddist prayer mantra as I write! 🙂

            Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is a powerful chant!!! 🙂

            God Bless!


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