Three Days Quotation Challenge: Day Three

This is the third of three quotes that Amy (at Amy Reese Writes) challenged me to take part in… thanks once again, Amy!

Still keeping with the Feel Good theme (is there really anything else?) I went for a slightly different feel with this one.

Still going over the same ground? Don’t look back… look forward! Just wait and see what could be on the next page… or fill in the blanks yourself!

I’m meant to nominate three others now to participate in this challenge, but to make things different I won’t be doing that – however, if you’d like to complete your own Three Days Quotation Challenge, then go for it! The fun part is finding the quotes to use – and that is also the tricky part! There are some great quotes out there… some are even inspirational, you know!

10 thoughts on “Three Days Quotation Challenge: Day Three

  1. Ah, great way to conclude your three day of quotes, Tom. I hope you enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty fun and the challenge becomes which one to choose, because there are so many! You chose some fine ones that are quite inspirational. 🙂

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    • Thanks, VK… and no worries! I am posting things quite rapidly at present, but hopefully over time things will even themselves out a little. I always say visit as and when – we all have a lot of things to do away from Blogland so as and when is the only way it can be, really!

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