I suppose that I should have posted this one first, but considering I hadn’t created it yet that task would have been impossible. I’m always a little out of time anyway, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.

Zeus is the God of the sky and thunder, and the ruler of all Gods on Mount Olympus.

This creation shows Mount Olympus towering in the background there, as viewed from the banks of a small babbling brook that runs through the lush valley below. I haven’t a clue as to what any of the plants and trees are, they’ve merely been created out of scribbled shapes in PowerPoint. The sky is the same one I used in Athena’s Gateway yesterday… but all things considered, absolutely every singe photograph ever taken of the sky is of the same one anyway!

I wonder where my imagination will lead me next?


  1. Strange…I was just posting my reply and was thrown completely off the internet? Odd…Anyway, I was saying those blue topped cattail like thingies
    look like Lemur tails sticking up out of the grass. What do you suppose is down inside there??? Hmmmm…..VK 🙂

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