Saturday Selection


The bluebells are out in force now. Above is my first attempt at taking a moving photograph of them. It’s a bit jerky and uneven, but it’s a start, I suppose! And below, a regular still photograph of the newest bluebells to emerge.

And below, still some waiting to emerge:

And below, not a bluebell, but a blueberry…

Not by itself, I might add. Joined by a couple of strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi slices, all combined in a delicious Summer Fruit Tartlet which I devoured after tea.

If you look closely at the blueberry, you may notice my latest Selfie. I go to some extremes for my Selfies, you know!


20 comments on “Saturday Selection”

    1. Welcome, Charlie! Nice to see you!
      And thanks… I’ll get the hang of those moving photos one day to take a good one, I’m sure! I’m always trying to get the most original Selfie… I think a blueberry one is quite unique!
      And yes – I’m having a good weekend – I hope you are as well.

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  1. You are hysterical Tom…A blueberry selfie no less 🙂 Love the moving Pic! What a fun new genre for you to explore! BTW, the bluebells are gorgeous and the tart looked very summery…I’m ready….Stagger on TL….VK

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  2. That tart looks yummy, selfie and all! And the bluebells are such a lovely touch of spring. Our spring is coming about a month early here, so I’m hoping the weather stays nice enough to reward all the brave apple and cherry blossoms!

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    1. Thanks, Diane. It was YUMMY!!!
      Our Spring has turned back into Winter again. Snow and ice today. No wonder I’ve caught a cold… hope you have better weather over there!


    1. Thanks, Sylvia, it was lovely. I only noticed the Selfie in the photo… I’m wondering if it would have tasted any different had I spotted it before I devoured the whole tart in three mouthfuls? 😉 😀


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