The bluebells are out in force now. Above is my first attempt at taking a moving photograph of them. It’s a bit jerky and uneven, but it’s a start, I suppose! And below, a regular still photograph of the newest bluebells to emerge.

And below, still some waiting to emerge:

And below, not a bluebell, but a blueberry…

Not by itself, I might add. Joined by a couple of strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi slices, all combined in a delicious Summer Fruit Tartlet which I devoured after tea.

If you look closely at the blueberry, you may notice my latest Selfie. I go to some extremes for my Selfies, you know!



    1. Welcome, Charlie! Nice to see you!
      And thanks… I’ll get the hang of those moving photos one day to take a good one, I’m sure! I’m always trying to get the most original Selfie… I think a blueberry one is quite unique!
      And yes – I’m having a good weekend – I hope you are as well.

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  1. You are hysterical Tom…A blueberry selfie no less 🙂 Love the moving Pic! What a fun new genre for you to explore! BTW, the bluebells are gorgeous and the tart looked very summery…I’m ready….Stagger on TL….VK

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  2. That tart looks yummy, selfie and all! And the bluebells are such a lovely touch of spring. Our spring is coming about a month early here, so I’m hoping the weather stays nice enough to reward all the brave apple and cherry blossoms!

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    1. Thanks, Diane. It was YUMMY!!!
      Our Spring has turned back into Winter again. Snow and ice today. No wonder I’ve caught a cold… hope you have better weather over there!


    1. Thanks, Sylvia, it was lovely. I only noticed the Selfie in the photo… I’m wondering if it would have tasted any different had I spotted it before I devoured the whole tart in three mouthfuls? 😉 😀


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