I noticed three red-tinged shadows dancing across the wall before I heard the popping and sizzling sounds coming from outside. I looked through the window and saw that the Grinds had also been transformed into a vast realm of redness; the sky too wasn’t its usual colour.

Suddenly, from out of the blue (red) three burning rocks from the heavens hurtled towards the ground at incredible speeds, whirling, whistling and crackling along their journey, with flames literally falling away from the rocks.

They crashed into the trees with a tremendous racket. Luckily, the resulting fires in the trees was limited due to all of the rain we’ve had overnight, if it had been a dry Summer’s day it would have been a lot worse.

The odd thing, however, wasn’t the meteorites. No, they’re a common occurrence around these parts. The odd thing was the sky. Why would the whole sky appear red and not just the area ‘around’ the fiery meteorites?

There was something else there too. Something hidden, using the redness as an invisible cloak. No, not hidden; inside. There was something ‘inside’ the sky. A vortex.

A vortex was opening up outside the Mansion.

Vortices are also a common occurrence around here, but usually within the Mansion. Although rare, I wouldn’t say impossible, thinking about it… but why would this vortex be opening now, in the middle of a meteor shower?

There’s something strange going on outside. Yes, I know that’s business as usual around here, but even so…

This post has been written in response to an amazing post featuring yours truly over on Icewolf’s blog. But I wonder what is going to happen next?

6 thoughts

  1. Marvellous view from the window Tom! lol 😉 I don’t know where you find these windows but they’re very effective. The red sky and those roasting hot meteorites I can see out there tie in very nicely with the next section….though you might struggle to make the connection I guess!! And I’ve just re-visited the other post that the link offered. I don’t remember it at all but I see that I commented on it! Actually saying I don’t remember it doesn’t sound very complimentary does it? lol I just meant that given how many intriguing and fantastically imaginative posts do appear on this blog, beyond anything I could ever dream up lol that my little Wolfie storage banks can’t hold them all at once! So it was great to revisit it…and extra terrestial rockery!!!!! Awesome!


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