The night of the elementals

Tens of thousands… hundreds of millions… too many. Far too many to count.

earth symbolwater symbolair symbolfire symbol

Gnomes; Undines; Sylphs; Salamanders

Elemental beings celebrate.

Each through their own environment they dance with freedom and glee; and then through the other environments they transform into protective sparkles of light.

Normally, they cannot survive outside of their own worlds… undines evaporate in fire, gnomes crumble in air, salamanders extinguish in earth, and sylphs drown in water.

But for one night a year, the elements merge and visit with each other in a mass celebration of existence. They dance in a shower of light for one hour before returning to their own realms.

This dance is the closest thing they can have to having a soul.

To be the life and soul of the party one really needs to have a soul, and elemental beings lack this. But they make up for it on this one night.

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