Mansion? Which Mansion?

Have you ever climbed up the stairs and thought you were at the top, only to trip over the last step and realise that you’d actually miscounted? Or perhaps you’ve done it in reverse, and descended the stairs and expected another step at the bottom only to jar your whole body as you crash into the floor with your foot? Well, if so, I’d like to share a similar experience I’ve had at the Mansion. I’ll share it with you if you haven’t experienced anything like this either… I’m kind like that.

Climbing and descending stairs doesn’t really require that much attention, all things considered. General health and safety matters, but it can really be done without so much of a second thought.

The stairs in the Mansion, you’d think, would behave in exactly the same way.

I ran up the stairs the other day, from the Foyer to the Third Floor, when I heard something fall – it sounded as though it was in the Vestibule on the Ground Floor.

I ran quickly down the stairs again, not really paying any attention to the number of flights I’d descended, and got to the Vestibule and everything looked in order. A little dark, but nothing out of place.

I then thought that maybe the wind – it has been very windy here of late – had blown some debris into the front door.

I opened the door, looked out and saw nothing there. But then, I noticed something else. The Grinds were different. What remained of the trees were charred and blackened. The lawns were overgrown and I couldn’t begin to explain the state of the Rose Beds.

I stepped outside the Mansion, and looked back – and the whole building had changed. It was older, greyer, and, to be honest, looked very menacing. The archway over the front door resembled an open, snarling mouth.

I ran back into the Mansion, and ran up the stairs again; three flights, but this time I ended up on the Fourth Floor.

I ran down the stairs again, all four flights, to the Foyer and saw the Vestibule was brighter once again. I ran outside the front door and the Grinds and the Mansion were back to normal.

I then went back in again, ran up three flights, and then ran back down the stairs again, looking around me to see if anything changed, which it didn’t. I went outside the Mansion once more, and all was normal.

I ran back up the three flights again, and then ran down the stairs, this time not paying any attention as to how many steps or fights I’d used. Everything still seemed normal inside, but once again, the outside was different. The Grinds were beautiful with arched hedges everywhere, and folk were playing crochet on the lawn. I looked back at the Mansion, which, yet again, had altered; this time having a kind of ‘regency’ feel to it ( that’s how I’d describe it anyhow!)

I ran back into the Mansion, and back up the three flights of stairs, this time reaching the Fifth Floor.

Consciously I descended the stairs to reach the regular Foyer and Mansion.

I spent hours running up and down the stairs, noticing how the Mansion stayed the same when I paid attention to what I was doing, and how it was different when I put my attention elsewhere. In all, I’d counted eight different Mansions – one time, I’d climbed up six flights of stairs and ended up in the Basement… I had to climb up those stairs to the Foyer and then up the stairs proper to the Third Floor, only to consciously come back down the stairs to get myself back to the normal reality that time. It was all very confusing. And tiring… I was worn out with all the running around! I’m not the fittest of individuals, you know…

So, there you have it. The Mansion that crosses dimensions seems to do it more so when I’m not consciously paying attention to what I’m doing. When I’m aware of what I’m doing, things tend stay the same. Most of the time.

So, going back to my first question… have you ever experienced anything like this, or is it just me???

26 Comments on “Mansion? Which Mansion?

  1. Whew…I’m worn out just reading about all that running! At least you got your exercise 🙂 I’m thinking the mansion is giving you a great lesson in learning how to accept things as they are. No way getting upset would work…Good heavens. Just go with the flow I guess…Good stuff TL.
    VK 🙂

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    • I was worn out typing it, VK! Too much energy around these parts!!!
      Accepting things just as they are is a good way of looking at it… I like that.


  2. I have often felt there was another step at the bottom of the stairs Tom.. As to all your mysterious Dimensions… I think you may just be ‘One Step’ a head of the rest of us as we Change LOL… Glad you reached the 5th dimensional flaw….. 🙂 😉
    Take care Tom..
    Blessings Sue

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  3. Tom, what a lot of running around! You must be exhausted. I can see why you would take the time to do it, discovering these other dimensions and all. I’m going to start paying attention now, Tom.

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    • Exhausted is one way of putting it, Amy! 😀
      Paying attention’s good… but sometimes, just sometimes, letting the attention slip can bring in remarkable results. At the right time, obviously!
      I’m sure there’s a quote that goes something like ‘Life happens when you’re not paying attention’, but being mindful is always better in the long run.
      Here’s to finding new dimensions!

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      • I think I need a new dimension. That’s it! That’s what I’ve been missing. So, you’re saying I shouldn’t look, huh?


        • Well, look, but don’t notice everything… kind of half look, if that makes sense, but don’t dwell. You kind of go in between dimensions when you do that.


  4. Welcome to the wonders of folded space!!! 🙂

    From the sound of it the Mansion is dimensionally transcendental and you only enter different areas BECAUSE when you are not paying attention you don’t perceive reality directly.

    This is something they are trying to explore with the Large Hardon Collider (as the BBC once called it!)

    Enjoy the travelling Tom – you can be sure it’s something else!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    • Hi Prenin! They’ve spent millions on building that collider, and they could have just come to the Mansion and experienced their whatnots for half(ish) of the price! Hehehe.
      Sometimes, the Mansion takes me travelling; and other times it allows me to do it all by myself…


  5. Someone has to say it …
    Oh, this is just a normal Fourth Di-mansion!

    Putting in a lift would make time-travel far less exhausting, and would be perfect for the right mood. Have you noticed how mindless everyone goes when travelling in one?

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    • Fourth… hehehe… groan! 😀

      Now there’s an idea Col… a lift! Although, I’d still use the stairs as I’m claustrophobic in lifts!

      You’re right, though… folk do tend to go off into a trance in lifts!

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  6. How about a tall cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, Tom? I believe you must be thirty after all that exercise. I know I am just reading about your day.
    😀 😀 😀


  7. I feel as if I have done a tough work out and all I did was read about you running up and down the stairs! Yes, I have occasionally miscounted the steps, and nearly fallen over. I seem to feel as though it happens to me more on the way downstairs, rather than going up.

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    • It’s a strange feeling, Elaine. The missing / extra stair and the relaxation after such exertion – it works for both! 😀


    • Diane: I’m fortunate that all my stairs and dimensions seem to stay put Or maybe that’s what your reality wants you to believe, Diane! 😉
      Diane: just navigating the Mansion sounds like a fitness program in itself Doesn’t it just… and me and fitness programs don’t exactly work well together!

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