What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Welcome to how I see the world on occasions. Literally, this time, not just through the blog…

Sherri has challenged me this week to share five secrets with you, so I thought I’d go slightly more personal than usual, as secrets tend to be more, erm, personal.

On Monday, I revealed how I tend to go ever redder when out in the sun.
Tuesday, I revealed my red aura to the world.
On Wednesday (I’m red in the face with embarrassment with this one), the secret revealed that day had no link to the colour red… it was me liking a certain number and letter.
Thursday’s secret revealed how I saw a large red object silently fall from the sky many eons ago.
And today’s post is a glimpse into how I view the world when I come down with a migraine.

I don’t get headaches usually, nor do I feel unwell with my migraines, but I lose vision, and instead I’m treated to a spectacular twinkling light show.

The sparkles tend to start off small, in the centre of my vision, and then gradually grow and curve themselves around the edge of my vision, usually ‘opting’ for one corner.

Usually black and white, I occasionally get a glimpse of electric blue thrown in for good measure. And to answer the question posed in the title of this post, the answer is simply not one of my migraines!*

The actual name for this visual phenomenon is a Migraine Aura, and apparently they are quite common. They are harmless (unless, obviously, one unfortunately suffers from the headaches and nausea associated with a migraine) and can occur at any time during the migraine attack. Sometimes before, sometimes during, sometimes after and sometimes they don’t occur at all.

Although in my case, the aura is the migraine.

Resting in a darkened room is the best way to clear one of these auras, although they can take anything from five minutes to an hour to clear. I’ve had the odd day when they’ve come and gone like clockwork – I was in and out of a darkened room like nobody’s business!

Usually, they occur when we’re tired… or stressed… but they can ‘come on’ without warning. Relaxing helps; but I’ve read the best way to let it pass is just to enjoy the show and not worry about it, and this seems to work with me. As well as resting in the darkened room…

Obviously, everyone’s different, and with anything health-related: any worries go straight to the doctor to be checked out.

*Actually, the correct answer to the question posed in the title is the theme that runs through this week’s series of posts (red) and the white lettering on black background (or black on white if this is being read sometime in the future and the theme to the blog has changed. The theme to the posts, however is still red in that case, even Wednesday.)

19 Comments on “What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

  1. I am fortunate to have never suffered from a migraine. They sound so awful. What an experience to have a migraine aura, though! Wow..


    • I usually don’t get them often, Jennifer, but lately I’ve had quite a few.
      To me, they’re just odd, more than anything.


  2. Your illustration is perfect, although for me the sparkles/light show is normally on the left side and moves further and further left until it disappears. I used to have a sort of zig zag castle ramparts interuption in my vision, but now it is very like what you have drawn (although it happens less and less these days, which is good).


  3. I get these too. Mine will manifest as an arc-shaped visual disturbance in a zigzag pattern. They’re interesting, in an annoying way…


  4. My brother Neil used to suffer severe migraines and may do to this day apparently! 😦

    I just get bad headaches that disable me for a few hours! 🙂

    What’s black, white and read all over?

    Why a newspaper! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂



    • Of course!
      I’m lucky that I don’t get the headaches, Prenin… well, with the auras anyway! I get ‘normal’ headaches occasionally…


  5. Oooh…not good, those migraines, so sorry to read this Tom, but I’m glad you ‘only’ get the aura although that must be pretty scary. My eldest son got them as a boy and outgrew them thank goodness, but my daughter suffers from them and they are horrible. Thanks so much for taking part in this blog hop, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts and learning some more little snippets about you…and I’ve ‘red’ every one, haha! Sorry, couldn’t resist 😀 Have a great weekend Tom, catch up with you again soon 🙂


    • Red every one! Haha!
      Sherri, when the aura comes on, it isn’t really scary, but it does take me quite some time to realise that it is actually happening… it kind of appears and is in my vision for a while before I realise it’s there. Very strange.
      I enjoyed taking part in your blog hop, Sherri… although the secrets themselves weren’t very juicy…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol 😀 Mine weren’t either..but as I did warn everyone! A fun challenge. Have a great day Tom and thanks again 🙂


  6. When my mother would get those “auras” she would send my brother and me for cherry nut ice cream and donuts. When all was quieted they seemed to help her. I know they did my brother and me.


  7. I don’t suffer from migraines thankfully but I do believe my back is having one! Trouble is if I try lying down in a darkened room I’ll probably not be able to stand up again! Ouch!! 😉 can’t say I’ve noticed an aura but then again I can’t move much to view one anyway! 😉


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