Doors Behind Doors

You can’t really see it in the above picture, but the window to the right, behind the mini, is the Vestibule. I have no idea who both of those cars belong to, people just park them here and go off doing peoply (should that be peopley?) things. They may belong to the staff, but as I never see them, I wouldn’t be knowing that anyway.

However, I digress.

The Vestibule is a strange place within the Mansion. Considering just how strange the Mansion is in itself, one would suppose that would go without saying. But, it’s true nonetheless. The Vestibule contains another doorway; one to an entirely different world.

Yes, it leads to the Cellar, which isn’t the different world I was referring to. The Cellar has a door, way out back, that leads to an old stone stairwell. This stairwell goes down, eventually reaching the Mystical Catacombs below. There are a few other layers in between, which are still begging to be explored, and maybe, one day I’ll do just that.

Anyway, the Catacombs: Within these Catacombs, yes, you’ve guessed it, there is another door. An old wooden one, with a shelf outside. On this shelf used to stand a jar, and within this jar was a key. The Key. The Key to the door to the world beyond.

It’s a hot place beyond that door. Not pleasantly hot, either. Steamingly stickily hot in fact. There’s a lava river that runs beneath the Mansion, you see. Way beneath, obviously. Way down at the bottom of a canyon so grand that would have been its name had the other one not already existed. This canyon is illuminated by the redness of the molten fiery gloopy flow below, which seems to cascade over a slow moving lavafall, which may or may not be located underneath the mini… distance and locations go completely out of the window when in the Canyon.

I’ve only been down there once, and once was enough.

Strange creatures dwell down there. It has its own weather system, with winds that howl as though they are possessed by some kind of evil entity. The lava flow groans and mumbles as it pops and bubbles and gurgles along its slow journey, from and to wherever. And there’s a hint of sulphur in the air. Just a tad.

The odd thing about all of this: The Mansion is built on top of this Canyon. Obviously, the Canyon is just another large Catacomb, all things considered, which have the thick rocky ceilings that cover them that provide the support that is needed for things to be built on top, but it’s still a big hole.

All of this lies behind the door in the Catacombs, that’s behind the door in the Cellar, that’s behind the door in the Vestibule, that’s just behind the front door to the Mansion. Goes to show that there really can be a lot more going on just beneath the surface…

13 thoughts on “Doors Behind Doors

  1. The lava would provide quite a lot of energy if it were harnessed don’t you think???

    Maybe there’s a VERY good reason why the Mansion was built where it is… 🙂

    God Bless!



  2. I’m thinking like Prenin…Put a iron gate door down there and keep the wood door open so you can heat the mansion, or pipe up the heat throughout. Don’t let a good thing go waste! Keep the iron gate locked though…Who knows what lurks behind it! VK 🙂


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