What’s going on up there. (?)

I got up this morning full of the joys of winter. Took my car to get some work done, and walked back in the freezing cold with my hair blowing all over the place like an out of control garden sprinkler.

Every time the wind caught it in the wrong way, it felt as though sharp needles were being rammed into my eyeballs. I could hardly see.

I got back looking like this:

Enough! I decided, and set off, once again on foot, to the local barber’s shop to have it all removed. Surgically or otherwise.

I walked into the barber’s shop dithered.

The chap who usually cultivates me was busy with another client, so I went to the girl who I’d never seen before. I put all my trust in complete strangers yielding sharp instruments when in the right places.

The girl asked me if I was sure I wanted it all off.

I said yes.

The chap said we have this conversation every time.

I was surprised he remembered, it had been so long since last we met.

So the girl mowed and snipped, and huffed and puffed (she was like 14 months pregnant, to be honest), and we ended up like this:

Well, I ended up like that. The girl stayed exactly as she was, and no child was born whilst I was present. Imagine if half-way through my haircut she’d gone into labour?

Anyway, I left the barber’s shop after paying and leaving a hefty tip, as you do, and walked back the the Mansion. Oddly, it felt warmer than earlier, but that might just have been due to the relief from not having to perform my non-existent midwifery skills.

I just need to ‘do’ my hair now, to make it look more presentable, but at least I can see again. Out of the good eye, the blainless one, as well, to boot.

Speaking of eyes, I’ve just noticed in the new circular gravatar images (they may arrive at your blog soon if you don’t see them already!), my eyes are somewhat out of the frame.

Actually, truth be told, I look all nose. Have a look:

I’m not all nose, I’d like to point out. Not that you’d actually be able to tell, what with the quality of the Selfies I post. Ah well, at least I’m smiling, which is the important thing.

34 Comments on “What’s going on up there. (?)

  1. You got what we call a parakeet cut TL… I wonder what is in the air? I too am wanting to cut my hair off and be done with it. Sick of long hair getting in my mouth and eyes continually. I wonder if this is part of the shift? They say our hair more than anything expresses who we are and that means the most to us. Hmmmmm? Wonder what is going on. We’ve been changing ourselves on the inside quite a while now, I wonder if the outside, ultimately the inside, is the last to go??? I’ll let ya know what happens 🙂 Glad you feel better. You do don’t you? VK


    • Makes sense to me, VK!
      I do feel better, although still have the eye-thing and the foot-thing… they’ll clear though. I just need to de-stress a little!


  2. I’m so glad she didn’t give birth halfway through. You’d have come out looking erm interesting? Great cut!


    • Thanks, Sarah… and so am I! If she’d have even started giving birth, I’d have been out of that shop in a flash, finished or not. Never been witness to a childbirth and I can’t see that changing any time soon!

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  3. A parakeet cut! Took the words right out of my mouth. Nice going, Tom.
    I surprised the woman was still standing to cut your hair. I’ve never seen a 14-month pregnancy. The poor thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your hair provides many an entertaining tale, Tom! What a splendid cut. I too lost my patience with the out-of-control sprinkler effect (love that!) and got mine cut this week. “People will speak to you again, now…” the barber said upon my getting out of the chair. How wrong he was!


  5. That takes courage to have it all cut off. Looks great what I can see from it, Tom. We’re going to have circular gravatars? What else, right?


    • Thanks, Amy. The gravatars are in the notifications section, when you click on the orange speech bubble or star, I don’t think they’re going anywhere else, but things are always changing around here, aren’t they?


  6. I haven’t had my hair cut in over 20 years apart from when Pat would sneak up on me and chop a piece off my ponytail from ambush! 🙂

    Now my hair is so fine it breaks often, so it just about reaches my shoulders! 🙂

    Good trim though my friend – and I hope the car gets fixed soon! 🙂

    God Bless!



  7. My son walked in to a new barber shop and the girl asked him if he wanted the same one he got last time? He came out looking like a carrot.


    • Thanks, Sherri.
      She had to cut my hair at arms length, due to her bump, but I’m happy with the result! But yes, I can understand, still working at fourteen months gone. Think of her feet. 😀


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