Not being one to complain, I shall say just one thing.

Phew! It’s hot…

Here’s a little something to cool things…

Not being one to complain, like I said, I’m still having the odd access to my blog problem but I’m persevering! I have a couple of spare blogs, one that I’ve set to private which is for my collected tales, when I get back to writing them again, and my other is a test blog that I use to try things out before posting on this real blog.

Through those blogs I can get onto my blog to read it, but I can’t get onto my blog to reply to any comments at the moment. I shall, as I say, keep trying. And thank you for commenting, by the way, I do appreciate it.

Glitches may be sent to make us lose our cool, but no. That isn’t the way to handle things at all. Stay cool, keep calm, and carry on. Feel Good and the heat will simply go away…

How cool are you today?

31 thoughts

  1. Burning up and it is driving me insane…..Still locked into this brutal heat wave. If it ain’t one thing its another….Have a good weekend TL…..VK


  2. Hi Tom! 🙂

    I’m living on a diet of fruit cordial and plenty of ice!!! 🙂

    I’m having major problems accessing WordPress pages.

    The Error Loading Page screen has made its appearance several times over the past two days and I only reached your page after three attempts!!! 😦

    Stay cool my friend!



  3. I loved the first picture! I felt very cooled down by it! I know how you feel, with the heat, I mean. It’s nice to think of cool things when the weather is hot and humid!

    I was having major problems loading blogs and sometimes even my own dashboard…now it’s sort of settled down. I hope yours does as well soon, Tom!


    1. I’m having problems with my blog, dashboard and other blogs. Not as bad today, Shree, and I can at least reply.
      If the replies have been posted remains to be seen, but there you go!
      All of these photos are from Microsoft Clip Art. They come in very handy at times!


  4. Mmm, ice cream!

    I think poor old WordPress is having some serious problems – maybe it’s related to the vast increase in spam I’ve noticed in the past week. I’m getting about 10 times as much spam as usual, and if everybody else is, too, their servers are probably struggling to keep up. Hope it gets resolved soon – and hope you stay cool. 🙂


    1. They do look good Diane, don’t they?
      I agree with you. My spam has been astronomical up until recently, but not as bad of late. Mind you, the spammers probably can’t get onto my blog to leave the spam due to this other problem right now. Sigh.
      I’m keeping coolish… hope you are too!


  5. Thanks for all the coolig gear! The fan especially 😉 Just don’t tell my landlord or he’ll increase my rent!! I am not at all cool today…I plan to return to the icy world of Europa very soon! 30 degrees C here most days and level 3 heatwave warning in place 🙂 It is far too hot! It is roasting my laptop and I believe it will be melting very soon! Got any laptop coolers in your supplies?!


    1. I have an as yet un-patented Inner Laptop cooler spray, which does cool laptops down for a few minutes, Icewolf. Unfortunately, after the few minutes the laptop explodes, which is why the spray is un-patented. I may have got the formula slightly wrong, but I’ll keep trying!!!
      Level 3 – I know. One away from a national emergency. Here’s hoping things cool down rather sharpish (without the need of my spray!)


      1. Oh wolf!! No! I don’t think you do have the formula quite right yet! lol… are you sure it’s a good idea to keep trying?lol…do you think it might possibly be safer to…give up!!!! No…didn’t think so…and I’m sure you Mansion will have other ideas if you did try that stunt! Maybe I will slap some of my factor 3,5000 (ok factor 30) sun cream on the laptop…it works for me! I will perhaps sit it inside your blog and hopefully it will chill out and relax for a while! It has developed some odd habits of late…heatstroke I think! It won’t go to sleep…it does for 20 secs and before your eyes and without any touching of keyboard of mouse wakes up again and refuses to respond to various prods and pokes!!! It’s also taken to flickering ominously and growling rather pointedly when I try to turn it off…which it only does when it feels inclined…no guarantees it will start up the next day either!!! 🙂 Maybe the factor 5billion sun cream is necessary! 🙂


  6. Cooooool here, Sir Aquatom, Fans on, Ice lollies sucked, and now your pictures above, I’m shivering, in actual fact I am, for the sunny hot temps have departed for a time to leave drizzly coolness. Such Blisssssss I can tell you. And glitches abound still methinks WordPress wise, so I’ve been loath to post, (heh, love that word, Loath, sounds like I have a speech impediment. to my mind, that is, as I say it in my mind type of thing, but not typing it I mean, for how could my fingers be speech impeded eh? 😉 ) I think I’ll stop there, before the men in white coats find me again. ’twas difficult enough to evade ’em last time. Erm, where was I? Ah yes, WordPress, becoming a swear word to me, and hopefully it’ll let go it’s ASPy/blog problematical grasp on your person too. I am sane you know? It’s just the way I walk. 🙂 honest!! (now I’m off to put on warmer clothing!!! ) xPenx


    1. Heyyyyyy Lady P! Imagine the Fonz saying that, all cool like!
      Sorry to hear you’re shivering now… it must only be a temporary thing. Put a cardy on!
      Have you found my missing comment yet? I’ve lost quite a few, actually…


  7. It’s been hot for us too, so stay cool over there. I’ve been watching The Open the past four days, and it weather sure didn’t seem to be very Scottish! Meanwhile, thanks for the ice cream cone pic as I just returned from celebrating National Ice Cream Day.


    1. Slightly cooler today, Frank, and slightly more pleasant too… however more of the HOT is on its way. That Scottish weather is always unpredictable, however… I can say that as I live not too far away from the border with Scotland and the weather around here is, well, changeable…
      Hope you enjoyed National Ice Cream Day… that’s something I only became aware of as I was hopping the blogs I could reach. Having a bit of a nightmare time blogwise at the moment – although things will get better eventually.
      Hope you’ve had a good weekend!


  8. I think all those Ice-cubes worked Tom as it cooled down a little over the weekend.. We are not geared up for HOT!!! Weather are we.. But I too am not complaining, not after last years Rain and More Rain…
    🙂 now those icecreams look very tempting just now as the Sun appeared from behind the morning cloud again! 🙂


    1. We aren’t Sue, are we? The thing is, we go too hot too quickly. If it was gradual, it’d be fine… give us chance to get used to it!
      But, thunderstorms are on their way. And hail. Hail!!!


      1. We had a whopper of a storm last night Tom with a thunderbolt around 4 miles away setting fire to 2 homes and a car.. I dont think anyone was hurt though, but it happened to fall on a street I used to work many moons ago…

        Its pouring down as I type, but the gardens sure needed the rain!…


        1. I haven’t noticed any storms around here yet, Sue, although there was some thunder the other morning that I completely missed!
          When lightning strikes it can be frightening – and destructive!


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