The car stalled at the bottom of the hill. Adam turned the key several times, but it wouldn’t start.

He locked the car securely, and set off up the hill towards where he’d seen the bright neon diner sign from the main road several minutes earlier, hoping to use their phone.

Torrential rain pushed him back, but eventually he reached the trailer at the top.

He noticed the green sign on the door: closed.


Flash in the Pan time again, this time the flash word is Diner, and the word limit is 75. I’m one word short yet again this time; 74 words have been used.

34 comments on “Diner”

  1. Love it TL….I finally pegged what intrigues me most about your writing. Your ability to describe scenarios that make you see and feel them….Bravo….VK


  2. ah well, Sir Aquatom, if thou was being particular h’about your English, thou couldst have put ‘would not’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’ for example… hey presto, 75 words, Full Limit. but then who’s counting… 🙂
    Like everyone else I was just beginning to get my order ready for the diner… OH well, ’tis beans on toast tonight then… xPenx


    1. I could’ve, Lady P, but there’s also a he’d, so I’d be well o’er the limit, word-wise, if I’d done so.
      I’m well o’er ‘postrophe limit wit’ this reply though!!! 😉
      Hope you enjoyed your beans on toast – not had that in ages!


    1. Thanks, Nikki, I could grow the story sometime in the future, I’ll have to see… this was only intended to be a short for Red’s challenge, but I like the idea of a scary story myself. Hmmm…!


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