Saturday. One of my seven favourite days of the week. Quite possibly my favourite day of all, after Friday. And possibly Sunday or Tuesday. I keep changing my mind, not that I’m indecisive or anything, but each day brings with it it’s own possibilities for ways to feel good… and I like feeling good!

I like feeling good on a Saturday. A day off; a day to rest or to do just as I please. Usually, I rest. Sometimes I go shopping, but usually I rest.

Sometimes, when I don’t go shopping, I just lie back and relax. Maybe watch some TV, or snooze. Eat when I feel like, drink when I feel like and sleep when I feel like. Ahh…

No rush.

No fuss.

No mess.

No, ignore the no mess – sometimes there is one, but it’s just left until I have a hectic day, where I have to get it tidied up within five minutes, thinking that I wished I’d done it when I had more time.

I never think about it on a ‘normal’ Saturday though.

Saturday is my day. As simplistic as that.

Sideview’s weekend theme this week is Simplicity, so I went with a really simple post idea.

29 thoughts

  1. Sounds like my kind of Saturday, Tom!
    Enjoy your day of rest and relaxation!
    And don’t worry much about the mess, it always comes back anyway.
    Hugs xxx


    1. It is indeed marvellous, Colonialist!
      I have no problem with Wednesday, or Monday in fact… I didn’t include them in the post because I didn’t want to make it too long! 😉
      Welcome, by the way, and thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Soon T….Soon we will all be free of the need to work and slave and every day will be a holiday. It will be grand. Only trouble is you’ll have a wee bit more trouble deciding which day is best won’t ya now….Enjoy your time gazing out your window 🙂 VK


  3. For me EVERY day is Saturday – apart from Sunday and every other Thursday! LoL!!!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet my friend! 🙂

    God Bless!



  4. Saturday is actually quite the best day…..after a long week of work and then still have Sunday to moan about
    I work on a Saturday though…so my Saturday is on a Tuesday 😉


    1. All these days becoming different days can get slightly confusing, Shree! Years ago, I worked on a shift pattern of five days on and then three off, so I had a three day weekend. Obviously, this meant that the working week was different every week, and sometimes my weekends were actually in the week! I quite liked that shift pattern!


      1. LOL…..when I read 5 days on and 3 days off…my brain went…whoa! that’s an 8 day week!!!!! Then it realized it just sounded like it, but it wasn’t! 😀


  5. I love Saturdays. I usually get to do what I want. Or get to do what I need to do, like yesterday, I visited one of my CASA children which is always fun. She ‘s a sweet child and always makes me smile, though I have to travel an hour outside the city to see her in the countryside. It’s so peaceful out there. It’s like being in another world and the drive is actually pleasant. Then I have the whole afternoon to devote to my own pursuits. Sundays are fun, too. Today I’m taking the granddaughters to the cinema. We’re seeing Warm Bodies, a comedy about zombies. Don’t know how I’ll take to that, but that’s what they wanted to see. Then we’ll go out to eat. The important thing is we’ll be together and enjoy one another’s company. Weekends are always welcome.


      1. The movie was only one that 17 year olds could love. You can read my review of this opus tomorrow in my film update. Let’s just say it will win no awards.


  6. Work Saturdays so only get 1/2 day but always good to make it feel like a great day in prep for Sunday 🙂 Usually involves a mad rush for a train to get out of town for a while and by the time arrive home hardly any time before going back out for the nightlife 🙂 Then again…given the early start sometimes it’s snoooze day…all day…lol 😉


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