I travelled through the ether to a place in a different realm. Surrounded by a pulsating orange light which swirled around me I was taken to a room. A room with a large table at the far end. This was where I started my journey.

On the table was a large, leather-bound book. I touched the book, it was smooth and cool. The pages were very old, and uneven, but not at all tatty. There was a symbol on the cover of the book, circles and triangles overlapping… and something that I couldn’t make out. A rose? A key? And there was a image of the cross section of a tree, the growth rings, which was beside the rosekey design.

The book opened on its own accord, and the pages flicked back and forth before me.

They stopped, and the book lay open in front of me.

I couldn’t make out all of the words, but I tried to read as much as I could. I could see a few hazy letters, and a number. 1643. A name appeared. Helena. And a place, sadly forgotten as soon as I saw it.

The letters and numbers weren’t actually on the page, but floating just above it. When I looked at them, they faded. I had to really focus to see what I was seeing, and in the next instant the book was closed.

I found myself walking along a corridor which had various objects placed on either side. I saw a wartime fighter plane, and the thoughts of World War One came to mind, although the plane itself seemed more recent. There was some kind of ‘tube’ – a musical instrument or some kind of staff – I’m not sure. And there was a harp. There were other objects, but these, like the words on the page were hazy and faded away when I looked at them.

When I reached the door at the end of this corridor, which too opened on its own accord, I could see the orange glow of the ether bubble waiting for me. I stepped inside, and returned to the present.

It would seem that I am not yet ready to be shown the answers I seek in my quest surrounding the year 1642, so I will have to continue my search by other methods. Although, I wonder, who is Helena?


  1. I know what you mean! 🙂

    My dreams are so vivid it takes a moment or two to realise that my awakened state is the real world – or at least I THINK it is!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!



    1. Thanks, Prenin! I’ve had dreams like that too, where I’ve thought this is real… and I’ve also had days where I’ve thought is this a dream… considering there’s such a vast difference between the two worlds, it’s quite scary actually!


    1. I’m intrigued now Tess… do you have an idea who Helena could be or is it something else? To be honest, I was a little wary of publishing this post, but thought ‘well, I’ve written it, so may as well post it’!


  2. OMG Tom did you try googling it..I just had goosebumps thinking about the possibilities..specially the way you have written ..i want to know more about it so whenever you find out more do post it..


    1. I did quickly after writing this, but couldn’t find anything, Soma, but I’ll keep on looking. I explore any avenue in my quest, and hopefully, one day, I’ll find out exactly what my connection is to 1642. And whatever I find, I’ll post about it.. you can be sure! 😀


    1. Thanks, Susan. I hope so!
      I’m trying different ways to find information relating to the year 1642 – I have a little quest going – and this was another way I tried, a guided meditation. The name and the year were very clear, and not much else was. It may be nothing, or it may be the opening of another door, only time will tell!


    1. Maybe, Andra. I’m not sure. The name didn’t spark any memories or anything, but I suppose that’s why we don’t remember past lives. Imagine having all those memories as well as our current ones! I’m still looking though, I still want to know! 😀


  3. That was very intriguing…this could form the basis of a fascinating writing project/book/e-read and so on…allow the imagination to wander with it and who knows where it might lead you…I’d sure like to see where it’s all leading to, love these sort of reads 🙂


    1. I’m pleased that you think so, Icewolf. I’m fascinated by it. I’ve found lots of facts regarding 1642 but nothing that really connects ‘me’ to the time… but I’ll keep on looking anyway! 😀


  4. Have you never asked to remember your Dreams before sleeping Tom?… Im told this can work.. But sadly it doesnt always for me…. Sounds as if your ‘SIgns’ are leading you closer bit by bit though.. you now have a name and a symbol to add to your Date.. keep searching.. for the past I feel is catching up the present.. 🙂 have a good week Tom.. ~Sue


    1. Most of the time, Sue, I remember my dreams without needing any help, but lately I don’t seem to have had as many memorable ones. I’ll try asking… I’ll also try asking to dream of the answers I seek… I’ll let you know what happens! I’m getting more snippets, Sue… but also more questions!


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