The Cheshire Tectonic Plate

It’s a little known fact that Aqua Mansion is built on a tiny tectonic plate, within the county of Cheshire in the United Kingdom. The plate generally moves in the same rhythm as the much larger Eurasian Plate it is surrounded by, but at times, it moves completely independently. Renowned scientist, Professor Vloksclog Vobbler of the European Tectonic Studies Institute in Copenhagen, has said that there are many of these miniature sub-secondary plates existing throughout the United Kingdom, and possibly there are others yet to be discovered around the world.

“These plates,” states Vobbler, “are actually a mystery to modern science. We have known for years of the existence of the larger plates, and of the devastating effects that they cause when they shift, but the existence of these sub-secondary plates have only recently come to light in the eyes of the scientific community.

“They appear to be disconnected from the plate they should be connected to, and connected to the adjoining plate; in the case of the Cheshire Plate either the North American Plate or the African Plate. Further studies are needed to establish which plate is the ‘controlling’ one, but we are sure that the Cheshire Plate is independent of the Eurasian Plate.”

Why is Professor Vobbler so sure of these facts? He points out that at times of the occasional earth tremors in the UK, of which there are many over the course of a year, people of Cheshire, and particularly people within Aqua Mansion, do not notice them. It’s as though the Earth steadies itself, and as the surrounding countryside rattles and rolls ever so slightly, the land on the Cheshire sub-secondary plate remains perfectly still and balanced.

He also points out that there may be many other sub-plates waiting to be discovered. Have you ever felt that you have missed out because other people are commenting on the tremor they felt that morning, perhaps at the time you were waiting for a bus as a lorry trundled by, or as you pulled shut your front door as you left to go to work or to go shopping? You too may be living on one of these sub-secondary plates.

“It could be that you aren’t, either,” continues Vobbler, “and you may just be in the right place at the right time. Nobody really wants to feel an earthquake now, do they?”

Tectonic Plates

Vobbler has actually taken his study further, and has claimed that the Cheshire Tectonic Plate and other sub-secondary plates may also be connected to each other. He claims that although they aren’t connected to the main surrounding plate, and appear to be connected to a neighbouring one, the sub-secondary plates may actually be a sort of stabiliser, a support structure that activates when other sub-secondary plates move in opposition to their surrounding plates. They try to keep the balance while the larger plates are going through their geological shift, and all move in the same rhythm simultaneously.

Vobbler admits this is only theory, but is continuing to study the Cheshire Tectonic Plate in greater detail, and hopes to find a connection one day.

He is also looking for a complete Stegosaurus fossil within the county of Cheshire, as he believes this will prove the connection between the county and the North American Plate. The Stegosaurus is believed to have roamed freely in North America some 150 million years ago, long before Cheshire was Cheshire, and when the world really was a different place.

19 Comments on “The Cheshire Tectonic Plate

  1. There is much movement just now around our Globe Tom.. and I remember well when we had an Earth Tremor in ‘Sherwood Forrest’ country.. It does not surprise me in the least that these plates would be connected… and I think more of us should be Connecting the dots of our Earth Movements.. We may all be feeling the ‘Earth Move beneath our feet’ in one form or another… We also have forgotten that we too are connected to Mother Earth.. so as she shifts so do we find ourselves moving our own energies as we go through our own personal changes…
    Wishing you a Great Weekend Tom in your Aqua Mansion.. Blessings to you.. ~Sue


    • Thank you, Sue. There certainly seems to be a lot more earthquakes around the globe; or could it seem that way as we have better access to information nowadays? Whatever the reason for noticing them, I think we do really need to start to take notice of what is happening around us.
      I’ve only felt one ‘real’ earthquake, and that was the one from Lincolnshire a few years ago, one Sunday night. Very strange feeling.


      • Yes I think thats the one that shook our house also Tom.. And No its not that we just seem to notice more Tom.. There really has been a Huge Increase in EarthQuakes this Year alone.. go to my EarthQuake page and you will see… Also Volcanoes too .. But the Media are not covering them… We ARE on the Move.. my friend… and while I do not wish to create fear within anyone… WE should all of us be AWARE of what is Happening… for these are the Times of Change! 🙂 … ~Sue


  2. Maybe a connection or revelation will come along with feeling a tremor, Tom. I live on a fault line, but I’ve only felt one tremor in two decades. It was scary, though.


    • Maybe Andra… anything’s possible! I only want the revelation in a mild tremor, mind! I’ve only felt one tremor myself… all of the others, I’ve missed for one reason or another…


  3. What nobody realises, is that an earthquake can occur ANYWHERE on earth, not just in the areas where tectonic plates meet, though those areas, such as the pacific ring of fire, are more prone to them. Our planet is very much alive, and we seem to forget this, and think we can control EVERYTHING. We can’t….


    • Hi Alannah – we do like to think we are in control, don’t we? The practice of fracking comes to mind here, where the companies say it is perfectly safe, even though there are tremors a plenty. One day the Earth will show us how safe it is… and who is actually in control! 🙂


    • Hi Tess, it is scary for us, as we don’t know how to react if a big earthquake struck, but I think it is more the fear of the unknown rather than the fear of the event itself that’s scary.


  4. Hi Tom! 🙂

    We had two earthquakes in the UK that were large enough to be felt at a distance and I well remember one a few years back that rocked my flat and almost dropped my video editor’s monitor onto the floor!

    It lasted only a couple of seconds, but it woke my neighbours!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!



    • Hi Prenin, I think the one from a few years back that you mention is the Lincolnshire one that I mentioned to Sue… it struck around midnight, and it’s epicentre was under a field in Market Rasen – this was the only earthquake I’ve ever felt and I can still feel the ripples going through my body as I think back now… very strange feeling. The other large one was back in 1984, which struck the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales… I missed this one as a lorry trundled past me as I was waiting for a bus (which was why I mentioned it in my post! :D)


      • That’s the bugger – I tried to think of Market Rasen and could only think of Self Raising!!! PMSL!!! 🙂

        I was awake piddling around on my PC when it happened – not something you’d forget! LoL!!! 🙂

        God Bless my friend! 🙂



  5. I think the real explanation for Cheshire’s immunity to earthquakes is that it’s just too darn genteel for such minor annoyances. Eathquakes are more common than you’d think. Too common for Cheshire.


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