There’s a slight fizz in the air.
An electrical charge that seems to be all around.
Sparks leap forth from the button – I decide to walk.
I touch the banister. It touches me back.
A sharp jolt.
A quick shock.
A loud crack.
I pull my hand away, but decide to try again.
And again, a gently severe thud touches my fingers.
Coursing throughout my body goes the charge.
I can feel it.
Out it goes through my feet and hands and also through the top of my head in an instant.
Out through every single strand of hair on my head.
Lifting every single hair.
Smoking? No. Thankfully.
Although it couldn’t look any worse.
There’s definitely a slight fizz in the air.

26 Comments on “Static

  1. Bzzzt!!! LoL!!!

    Yeah I hate it when I get static shocks touching grounded items because of the synthetics my clothes are made of! 😦

    God Bless!



    • Hi Prenin – they always occur when you least expect it as well. And when you are expecting it, they still take you by surprise! Random! 😀


  2. This happens to me Tom when I have those certain soles on a pair of my shoes.. especially i get a shock off the car door when I get out.. But it looks like that FIZZzzzzz has shot straight through to your background, there is a diffinate Fizz in the Air.. 🙂 ..
    Happy Easter Tom! ~Sue


    • Hi Sue – yes cars, lift buttons, banisters, Marks and Spencers, other people (sometimes!) and knitted jumpers. I’m being zapped everywhere!
      Thanks, Sue – I hope you had a Happy Easter too! 😀


  3. The background is inspired!
    My hair looks like it’s been charged every morning, without that excuse. 🙂


  4. That fizz in the air is them charging up the electric chairs getting them ready for the dark ones punishment for all the death and destruction they have caused. That time is upon us! Imagine what they will feel. They will smoke for sure…..VK


  5. I hate when that happens, Tom. It’s happens to me as Sue described. Very cool background!
    Hope you had a very nice Easter!


  6. Ahhh so this is what the Static
    is all about? 🙂 Well I sometimes
    get that when I shut the car door
    and that little electrical charge
    always gets me 🙂 lol

    This posting is a wonderful
    display of your fine artistic creativity…

    Have fun today Sir Aquatom 🙂



    • Ah, Andro – I’ve just explained about the static on my Iceman post… I’m doing my usual trick of working backwards again! That static charge is a little blighter, is it not!?
      Thanks for commenting, and I hope you’ve had a great Tuesday!


  7. I despise static, but like it far better than traditional electrocution. Been there, burnt the shirt, however.


    • Ouch. I burnt my fingers with electricity once (with a lamp) and my chest and stomach another time with what I call electrocution pads (those muscle-stimulator pad things).
      I agree that static is the better option, Red! 😀


      • Oh, no. I was talking about I got the full force of an amusement park ride. 8900V. I was sore for a week…


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