What’s behind a cat’s stare?


She can sit and wait for hours on end
In weathers wet and dry
You look at her, she looks at you,
And you have to wonder why?

I wonder what she’s thinking
As she sits and looks and stares
Waiting for a snack perhaps
Or thinking of her shares?

Dreaming of adventures
That only certain felines know
Of chasing mice and stalking birds
Or counting all her dough?

Waiting for the moment
To move, to lick, to purr
Her calculations have to be just right
So as to benefit her.

I’ll never know if it’s me she sees
When she sits and looks and stares
With distant looking gorgeous eyes
Not exactly unawares…

8 thoughts on “What’s behind a cat’s stare?

  1. oh always enjoy musings on our feline friends…

    a human friend of mine once told me that cats can see more than humans and often when they are staring at things they are actually watching things that they see. they can see ghosts and “bloopies” – which my friend explained are these round smiley things that float around and through things and are usually either red or blue.

    i have no idea if what my friend told me was true and we have no way of proving it! but i kind of like the explanation!


    • It sounds like a nice explanation, Bex, and why not? Cats can spend hours watching seemingly nothing at times. I think that I can see those bloopies at times, black they are in my line of vision!


  2. Nice one, Sir Aquatom, and so, so right on the button. Cats are an unknown quantity, they have a look of being so wise and knowing, (someone said that about me once…. Huh!! totally wrong in the head methought as I was simply staring into space wondering what to have for tea) …. but to get back to Cats… they were worshipped by the Egyptians and look what a fantastic lot of forward thinking Peoples they were. I wonder, have they lost their super-cat powers?.. or mislaid the plans to world domination. ‘cos I feel sure they could do anything if they only got together and put their minds to it… But instead, they enslave us humans, find the best and comfiest spots, have their every whim met by being cosseted, stroked, with food on tap, (sort of… you know what I mean? ) … and what do us humans get out of it?. They won’t even return a thrown ball as our four-legged-friends the dogs do, (not doggie doo’s… that’s a different um. kettle of fish…entirely, type of thing) … Cats are purring,furry, balls of energy, that is unless they’re tired and streeetching and in need of a nap, and that stare you get is a thought on how they can get you do what they want, with the least amount of fuss on your part…. xPenx
    (used to have a cat before Bess, Tom his name was, (very original name I thought) … and he ruled !! )


    • I think they gave up their world domination attempts eons ago, Pen, although I think they are still using their powers in more subtle ways. I wish I could gave the look of being so wise and knowing… it’s far better than the regular vacant look I sport!
      And what a great name, Pen! You can’t go wrong with a name like that! 😀


  3. Cats are such beautiful creatures and I certainly
    know for sure that they do see us, and they know
    exactly what we are all about… And I say…

    Cool for Cats 🙂



  4. Cats are wonderful animals. I really like this post Tom. As a self proclaimed cat philanthropist, I’m utterly spellbound by anything feline…. Their wish is my command. I sometimes think my 2 cats see right through to my soul when they look at me.


    • I think you are right, Bethan… they certainly see more than they let on to, that’s for sure! And they are so cute with it too! I’m drawn to cats too, in case you didn’t notice, and I love your posts about your cats… 🙂


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