The House on the Hill

House - Walter Thomas Sacks
I often walk passed the house on the hill,
The place that sometimes gives me a chill,
At times, I hear a wailing sound
That appears to come from all around.
The trees cast shadows from morn ‘til night
…Even when there’s little light.
A spooky fog appears to gather around
And seems to ‘settle’ just above the ground.
Rumours say the woman who lives there
(With a long pointy nose and snow white hair)
Uses magic and spells to pass her day
But who listens to rumours anyway?
Yesterday, I saw a figure wave
Beckoning me – but I wasn’t brave…
She was standing there in a pale blue dress
She’s in that picture now… can you see her – yes?
She’s in that window, looking down the hill
See if her image gives you a chill…

5 Comments on “The House on the Hill

  1. NO, not a chill, but maybe excitement, .. what if she needs someone to teach her craft?… spells and enchantments galore.. Wow… (where was the address again Sir Aquatom?) 😀 xx


    • forgot to say, loved the House In The Hill. (um..where is it ferzackerly?) xx
      (spellchecker hates ferzackerly, instead it’s happier with firecracker!!)


      • The spellchecker seems to be a little picky with certain words, Pen. It doesn’t like toing and froing – red squiggles everywhere! Bazookas!
        I can’t remember where the house is, I was that spooked! I’m pleased you liked it though.
        If it was spells and magic she wanted to learn she should have just said… I’ve cast a spell or two in my time – and maybe she could have taught me something too. I may just take myself for another amble passed the house… wherever it is!


  2. A boarded up spooky house in New Orleans, back in 1995, planted a thought in my mind. A similar spooky house in London, in 2008, revived the thought, and started the novel I am still writing. Spooky houses are great inspiration 🙂


    • They are indeed, Alannah. I stumbled across this image when I was looking through online pictures, and thought Id ‘borrow’ it to illustrate my little tale – that I hadn’t written at the time I saw it! I think the houses are inspiring enough, but when you see them on, say, a cloudy day or a moonlit night, they seem to take on a different ‘feel’ completely.


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