One Minute Ramble: Reflected Universe

Mirror Image
I see a world that doesn’t exist inside each and every mirror.
It looks so real, but it is just an image.
Inside this non-existent plane, I see
a version of me that isn’t me. I see
my surroundings that don’t surround me.
A thought comes to mind…
If I don’t exist in that reflected world, I must exist in this one. If my mirror image is a life of nothingness, this life is something. Already I am greater than the image in the mirror.

I’ll think of that the next time I don’t like what I see in the mirror.

It is said that people, events and circumstances that happen around us are also reflections of ourselves… if we don’t like what we are getting back, what are we giving out? Another way of how the Universe, via the Law of Attraction, brings to us what we ‘really’ want.

3 thoughts on “One Minute Ramble: Reflected Universe

  1. I had a time when I was obsessed by mirrors,Sir Aquatom, (not in a vain way, I hasten to add) just about the ‘other side’ …. the reflecting world. … and we reflect on ourselves, but as you say what are we giving out?.. and therefore what if our reflections are marred, blurred somehow by our now knowing what it is we want, … like an unwanted Christmas present, ( buy me something as a surprise I said, something that reflects me?…. and I got an electric neck massager… gee whiz!!) 😉 .. xPenx


    • Did you always have a stiff neck, Lady P? Sorry, I completely get what you are saying!
      I also understand your mirror obsession, the other side… I had it too. I was also obsessed with the tiny world inside the TV set…


      • TV set? that easy peasy, little gnomes and goblins at work with sparklers……I figured that out ages ago.. 😉 … (would you untied my white jacket now please? It’s the buckles at the back that are …just….out of … reach!! Gives you a right ole stiff neck ya know? 😀 ) xx


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