I threatened to do it… I really did, and I didn’t do it.
I tried in vain to do it, but was told that one of my friends would miss me if I did, so I didn’t do it.
I’ve read of tales of people using it to bully, and I’ve seen remarks on there where I can see that they are bullying remarks, but at the time, I still didn’t do it.
I’ve been frustrated by pointless updates of people acquiring a brick for their farm, or their black sheep turning up, or how many points they scored in creating a three letter word. So Farewell Facebook!what??? It doesn’t matter!
So… Today.. I did it!
I finally did it!
I have deletedStar my Facebook account! Oh, I was told ten of my friends would miss me this time, but hey, I’ve done it!

Ten reasons why I feel so good at breaking free from the manacles of Facebook:

1. No more reading pointless drivel. More time to write it instead!
2. An extra tab on Google Chrome for something better to read!
3. More reasons to be surprised when I actually see someone who I know, and they can tell me what they have been up to… a proper conversation!
4. No more need to feel awkward when someone who has never been my friend requests that I be their friend.
5. No longer will I cringe at a ‘friend’s’ embarrassing status updates.
6. No longer will I receive notification that I have been tagged in a photo… usually by a ‘friend’ who wants to embarrass me.
7. No longer am I a sheep, and following the rest of civilisation in doing the same thing.
8. No longer will I spend several pointless minutes (in the past, hours) refreshing the screen, looking for some juicy gossip about someone who is or isn’t my ‘friend’.
9. No longer will a complete stranger who wasn’t my ‘friend’ feel the need to add me as a ‘friend’ because I am ‘friends’ with one of their ‘friends’.

I really do! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, for some reason that I can not fathom. But, it feels good!

StarOK, I didn’t really use Facebook to its full potential. I didn’t update very often. It took me ages to respond to private messages or confirm a friend request. I never really felt the need to do any of that, so I probably won’t be missed on Facebook, however, I didn’t delete my account so I would be missed. I actually didn’t delete my account completely. I’ve deactivated my account with the option to return one day… without the intention of returning.

I believe you can use Facebook to achieve great things if it is used properly. I didn’t use it as it was intended, not as in maliciously – I hasten to add… I didn’t use it at all, so I have cleared my world of it.

The extra space will be filled with something far better, I can feel it!

Farewell, Facebook! I’d love to say it’s been fun, but…

9 thoughts

  1. hmmm…interesting. i’m not sure about this, i’m late coming to FB myself, not a regular poster, but respond quickly to friend requests and messages – this is way some of my friends want to keep in touch and i want to keep in touch with them…from my very limited and very short time on FB, i’m left with it is only what you make it, if it is waste of time, it is becuz you have decided to waste your time on it. if it is power tool for change and expression, then it is becuz you have made it…i don’t think it is about the potential of FB, i think it is more about what you want it to be to you. for me, it helps answer the question “is there anybody out there?” and so far, the answer seems to be “yes.”

    i go on record here as saying that enjoy reading blogs and writing blogs more than FB, but that is me, i read and write…i don’t know, i’m still learning about this stuff…


    1. Hi Bex, I much prefer blogging than Facebook; I felt ‘too exposed’ on Facebook (which sounds silly considering I have probably revealed more about myself in this blog than I ever could on FB), but I didn’t like the Facebook experience. Yes, it’s ideal to communicate with friends, and there is the private messaging option. It is also good for marketing purposes, if you wanted to promote something its a free way to advertise, but I have nothing to promote. Like you say, we get from it what we want out of it, and I suppose I didn’t want any of it for a while. I still have the option to reopen my account in future, should I feel the need, but for now I’ve closed the door on that particular part of the internet.


  2. Good for you. I am not keen on Facebook, but some of my friends abroad use it for communication etc, and so I’ve stayed but I can tell you the horror that it can be, for I recently experienced it at close encounters. For the time being, I’ve kept my account, but I’ve thought of doing exactly what you did many times…


    1. Hi Alannah, I’ve read your posts regarding Facebook, and you have helped me to confirm what I was thinking about it anyway. At first, I felt bad for just cutting it off, as though I was turning away from everyone who had befriended me on there, which was why it took me so long to close it. I then thought that there are always other ways for those friends to contact me if they needed to, like in the days before Facebook, and that made me click the deactivate button. When I decide to do something, I do it! I’ve still got the option to return, should I want to, but for now, I’m enjoying my FB Freedom! 😀


      1. Glad I helped you give FB the final push. I kind of, well, I keep it just because I have been told as a writer, that I should…sigh

        Who knows, I am so tired of it, I may just pull the plug sometime…


        1. Only do it if it feels right for you, Alannah… it can be a handy tool to use, but there are bound to be other tools out there to use! I just think that you/we don’t need Facebook as much as we think… (I’m not sponsored by the anti-Facebook League, honest I’m not! ;))


  3. I tried it once, dipped my toe into the water.. and after a while hastily removed said toe. there are so many way to communicate nowadays and Facebook is one which I find totally… (how to describe it?) unlikeable?…makes me feel uneasy somehow…so whereas others may love the whole experience I waved ‘bye without a pang… of anything really. Enjoy your freedom Sir Aquatom, I’m sure you’ll never regret leaving. xPenx


    1. Thanks, Pen. Years ago I had the same feelings with Friends Reunited and I had to pay to join that one… never used it since (if it is still going)! Things aren’t as different as they seem… oh, and unlikable sums things up nicely!
      I’m LOVING my freedom, Lady P… Loving it! 😀


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