What seems like absolute eons ago now, I deactivated my Facebook account, in case I ever wanted to return but with the intention of never returning to the …erm, be nice. That was back in 2011, and I wrote about it here.

I’ve never looked back.

Never missed it, and never gave it a thought apart from reading and hearing about all of the shenanigans that they and their associates have been getting up to.

I was at a loose end (I know… me! Can you believe it!?) so I did one of the most stupid things anyone can ever do when at a loose end. I Googled myself. Imagine my horror when I saw an early photo of me staring back at me, full name in lights from my ‘inactive’ Facebook account.

Right! I thought, and set about trying to log into my account, using the details that I thought I could remember, but obviously couldn’t. My associated email addresses had been deleted years ago, so I had no way of getting a new password sent to me.

No problem, said Facebook. Just keep trying to log in.


I remembered I had an old computer still set up in another room, so off I went, switched it on (and the beautiful thing powered up first time – not connected to the internet, but I didn’t need that!). I opened the internet browser, which screamed at me saying “NO INTERNET CONNECTION!”  (which I already knew about!) but I went to the saved passwords section. All of my old usernames and passwords were there, for which I am eternally grateful for not throwing the old computer away in the first place! Being a hoarder comes in handy at times!

I trotted back to my current computer, and entered the details. I had remembered them correctly, I’d just had the bloomin’ caps lock on, as you always seem to do in times of desperate need.

I logged into my Facebook account, and reminisced for a few seconds when I saw all of the folk who I used to be ‘friends’ with. Reminiscing over, I promptly ‘unfriended’ everyone, and then downloaded a nifty package which, according to Facebook, held all of the information they had on me. Not that I don’t trust them, but I don’t trust them. That file is now waiting to be read.

My next job was to delete my account completely. Could I find the ‘delete my account’ option? Not at first.

I found an area where I could have my account deleted if someone else informed them that I’d popped my clogs after I’d popped my clogs, but I didn’t want that. I wanted my account gone now. Eventually, I found the option, buried in the ‘deactivate my account’ section, with messages such as ‘if you go, you can never come back’ kind of thing. If I wanted to go back, I’d just set up a new account, not that I will, so it didn’t matter anyway.

I now have to wait 14 days for the account to be deleted from the site, and if I want to stop the deactivation I merely need to log back onto my account to request it. I haven’t been there for seven years, so I can’t see me doing that within the next 14 days.

I Googled myself once more and that image of me has miraculously disappeared. How unusual for it to be so quick. Who’d have thunk?

I also stopped using Twitter around the same time in 2011, so decided to delete that account as well. I only had celebrities following me there, and was quite surprised to see how many were still following me, considering I hadn’t sent a tweet since what seems like the mid 1970s. I also had a share option for my posts on this blog for Twitter, but I’ve removed that… I don’t think it was used by anyone anyway.

So, blogging is now my only form of social media interaction. I don’t class blogging as social media, so it doesn’t have any of the negative connotations that come with that umbrella heading.

I shall end this post with a screenshot of the message I got from Twitter, after years of no use:

I’m not sure whether that’s nice or not, but never mind. I’ve moved on.


18 thoughts

    1. I think if you like using it, and use it properly, all well and good… although having your data passed around to all isn’t the best business practice in the world… I’d ‘left’ long before that scandal, Beverly, but with my photo being available I can’t help to think that I’m in some data bundle somewhere still. Trust has gone completely for me there…

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  1. I did the same thing a year or two ago but I could never find the old passwords so my account can never be deleted. Screw it. Ask me if I care…..They know everything about me anyway. NASA keeps running tabs I’m sure/ Cheery O my friend…Have a good week….VK 🙂

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    1. Hope you’re having a good week, VK. Sorry to hear about your profile, though. I think there may be some changes for FB in the near future, so old accounts may be totally deactivated anyway. Well, they should do that now, in my opinion… but facts are money to some, aren’t they?

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  2. I blogged, my friends all wanted me to go on Feces book, so I went there and got stuck with a bunch of older folks, the youngest being Anna who is 44 and pregnant.

    And, no, I’m not the father! 🙂

    Right now it is a link to a friend of mine who has upped sticks and moved from the California desert to Arkansas (Pronounced ‘Arkensor’) and she wouldn’t have made it, or survived the delayed benefit Cheque, if I hadn’t sent her £1,500 to move and £200 to feed them and the animals until she had money of her own.

    Then she took VERY ill!

    The doctor suspected sepsis so he had her wheeled into hospital, but it turned out to be an unusual virus, so they gave her antibiotics in case she got bacterial pneumonia (had it – not nice) and sent her home to live or die.

    Her 87 year old mum, herself disabled, was left to care for her daughter and feed the dogs for a week.

    My friend is now convalescent, but the virus gave her a beating, so she’s still weak and has dizzy spells.

    The Reaper was holding her hand this time… 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂


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    1. Hope your friend didn’t have Hanta Virus…Nasty! Often fatal…Comes from mouse droppings and was rampant in the South West….Hope things are all good now… VK 🙂


  3. I made a Fakebook page … ooo, about 18 months ago simply to join in an on-line thing where people would leave little bits of art, for finders to take free of charge. It was a fabulous idea and I jumped in with both feet and painted small canvases, tins, rocks …. all sorts of things. An artist would then go and put the piece of art somewhere, for someone to find … and take a photograph of the artwork in it’s place. The photograph would then be loaded onto a page, giving clues as to where the artwork could be found. I LOVED the idea so much that I did what I always said I wouldn’t. … I joined F.book.

    Everything went fine and dandy until they locked me out and presented me with a page which said I had to fill it in if I wanted to continue with Facebook. It asked me:
    My date of Birth.
    Wanted a photograph of me to be loaded onto the Facebook page.
    Wanted me to send either my birth certificate or passport to them so that they could verify that I was who I said I was.
    It also asked for other things – too many to remember now.

    But … because they are SO amazingly lacking in security of personal information on that site, there was no way I was going to give them so much as a link to where I bought my groceries from!

    By a very tiny crack in their security, I managed to get back into my account in order to remove all photographs – which belonged to me, so then I removed any information there which was about me. Everything. Every post, every bit of info.

    I waited two weeks then googled, but the page still showed up as being there. It took a good few weeks for it to disappear. But it eventually did, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Summing up… I’m so glad that you managed to delete everything Tom. F.book isn’t a good place. The owners/staff who run it feel they are a law unto themselves – and will ignore laws etc. in order to do whatever they wish to do.
    It was a grand idea in it’s infancy but it’s taken on a life which isn’t friendly, and I believe, it’s a big percentage cause of the bullying, crime and all the vile things which are now happening in our country.

    Not a good place at all.
    So glad you’re no longer there Tom. It’s not a place for nice people.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Sounds more like a Scammer Attack Cobs love! 😦 ❤

      You did the right thing though – I just use it to stay in touch with my friends!!!

      My mum persuaded me to add her to my friend’s list only for her to try and censor my posts and try to get me to remove my poetry as it cast her in a bad light!!! 😡

      I blocked and deleted her and she’s been trying to get back ever since.

      All the time pulling the ‘poor little old lady’ act. 😡

      Freedom comes at a price and freedom of speech carries a heavy burden… 😦 ❤

      Love and hugs!


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    2. It’s a dark and dreary place, Cobs, full of evil and wickedness beyond anybody’s imagination. And I have a good imagination, and it’s beyond mine!
      Glad you got out when you did – and retrieved all that which was yours.
      (They don’t seem really that bothered about people, considering they want to connect them…)

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      1. I remain ‘anon’ on the net because of a really bad experience on the net . . . hence the reason I don’t use real names, and wouldn’t give F.book my real name or passport, or driving licence – cheeky s*ds.

        You’re right Tom, they don’t seem that bothered about people considering they want to connect with them. ~ C. x

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    1. Hi Ken!
      If you use it, then carry on, is what I’ll say. I didn’t use it so there was no point in me having it… plus I didn’t like it anyway (which is also a good incentive to keep or delete!) 😀
      But… if you’re tempted…

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  4. Facebook seems to be a necessity of life, but no personal details ever!! No phone number especially. I get hassled for that all the time. Twitter’s cool. I enjoy that. It allows me to keep up with all kinds of interesting organisations, but on f.bk and twitter I do not allow anyone I know in the real world. That just complicates everything far too much. I love that pic you have up though!

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    1. Thanks, Icewolf – it was a web one. I made the mistake of having everyone I knew as ‘friends’ on Facebook. Never saw them in real life, but there they were all day everyday on my computer screen. Another reason why it had to go… bah, humbug!


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