I’m having a think. Well, I’m having more than one to be honest. I’m always thinking about something or other.

I’m still thinking about those lines that I saw last night which travelled by the Moon. The black and white perfectly straight lines that went on forever. Well, to the horizon (and presumably beyond). It appears that I wasn’t the only person to notice them. I looked at my dashboard earlier, and quite a few folks have been directed to my blog with search engine terms like ‘what are the lines on the Moon?’. At least the search engines were working correctly, and gave them what they were looking for – although I’m sure it was the answer, and not someone else asking the very same question! I’m still going with Ley Lines, but I haven’t had any confirmation from any of my contacts in the scientific community. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll purser the results here.

I’m also thinking about the sky in another way too. Before the Sun had fully set on Friday night, the sky was green. A green sky! One thing I never imagined I would see is the sky a shade of green. That’s another item to get ticked on my imaginary to-do list (this list seems to be constantly getting longer, which in itself is strange as it doesn’t exist. I love paradoxes). A green sky isn’t that unusual though, to be honest. Have a look at these photos that I have discovered on the internet:

Green SkyGreen Sky 2

OK, I know that these are images of the fabulous Northern Lights, from Iceland, Canada or Norway or the north of Scotland, but they are generally green, making the sky look green. And my sky the other night was more like the colour in the first photo (the lighter shade of green). One day I will see these lights for myself. Plus I have another reason to visit Iceland!

The_Nightwatch_by_Rembrandt 1642

I’m having more thoughts about the year 1642. I’ve not posted about my quest for a while, and as such it seems to be more on my mind than usual. I’ll just add a quick update as to what I have discovered. Rembrandt van Rijn completed his painting ‘Night Watch’ in 1642. As I’m currently thinking about the night sky, it seems very apt to mention it here, although the painting itself has nothing whatsoever to do with the sky. But this means that Rembrandt has now been added to my cast of characters – erm, historical people – who were around at that time. Still no connections with me as yet, but I will keep on delving.

My challenge is still in my thoughts as well. My challenge to include a variety of subjects within my posts each day seems to be going well so far. This is day two after all, and I have managed to do it up to now! Go me! Only I haven’t included a creature in this post as yet. There literally is only one creature I can mention that will fit in with the sky, the colour green and the Moon – none other than the mystical Moon Dragon itself. Here is a picture I discovered on the web:

Moon Dragon

And yes, I know that his wings look blue in the picture. That is an optical illusion caused by the light of the Moon shining through them. And, maybe the black and white lines weren’t Ley Lines after all – maybe they were Dragon Trails? They tend to fly in pairs. Hmmm. Something more to ponder there!

My thoughts do tend to wander around somewhat, don’t they? Kind of in the same area, but still all over the place. It’s a good thing that I started this blog to clear some of the thoughts from my mind. But that space is then refilled with even more random thoughts. It is hardly surprising that I tend to forget things.

Carrots! I’ve forgotten to include a fruit or vegetable in this post. I’ll have to do better next time. There is always room for improvement.

6 thoughts

  1. for some reason, your writing reminds me a little of Douglas Adam’s style!

    Carrots! as an expletive sounds pretty rad!

    Day two and you’re doing brilliantly on your challenge!


  2. aha you managed to mutter Carrots, raw ones? I love raw carrots, so does Bess but I’m watching her diet at the mo, so it’s me whose eating them all, and unlike sprouts I don’t think there’s any terrible side effect!! Is there Bess? 😀
    Great post, Sir Aquatom, and I loved the Dragon Flight piccie, anything Dragon wise is ok by me..so mayhap I’ll say I agree with your conjecture that it could have been his trails (and possibly her trails) in the night sky. What a fantastic notion come to life , a flying duet of Dragons trailing the Supermoon sky.. Magic…and good to see you’re carrying on with your personal quest… I’m off now, got to check out Chelsea vs Man City, I want them to draw, so Man United is safer for the league title….xPenx


    1. I did, Pen, but only just! Too much going on in my mind!
      A side effect from sprouts eh? I’ll take your word for that one, I love sprouts and have never noticed anything out of the ordinary… And yes, the thought of two dragons flying with the Moon in the background does seem quite magical!

      I hope the score was as you wanted – I’m not one for football so haven’t got a clue… 😉


  3. excellent and enjoyable post Tom!

    i hope those were dragon tales…tails, sorry, you saw in the sky. they are so shy sometimes to that would show themselves is incredible.

    more interesting facts about 1642 and yep, love carrots as well.


    1. Thanks, Bex. And yes, they were, indeed, Dragon trails! I wished my phone could have taken a good photo of them, but it wasn’t to be (too dark… even with the Moon!) 🙂


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