Well, I must admit this is all very strange. New, but strange!

I’ve been reading snippets of information about Windows Live Writer (Thanks, Trevor!), and with me being of a nosy disposition, I have decided to try it out.

The format is strangely familiar, and after downloading it, I have got straight to it. This is a trial post, to see how it works, but I kind of like it.

The page looks like my blog, but without the links over there to the right. I have the current star-studded background, and what I am typing now actually looks like the page when my waffles have been posted.

      And it looks as though I can type spaces too! (Well, we’ll see about that one!)

I’m not very technical really. I’m OK with remote controls and TVs and cars and things like that (and by cars, I mean driving them. The under-the-hood stuff is waay too technical for me, I don’t mind admitting.) I work in a very technical oriented environment, but I’m probably the least technical person in the history of the entire universe to be in such a position (please have a read of my moans about work to see just how much of a clue I haven’t got about what I am doing – but having said that, the company thinks I’m doing fine, so I must be alright to a certain extent.)

So, here I am, embarking on a completely different way of blogging. I have no idea whether I’m connected on line or not when I’m typing this… although I have the internet running in the background, so I suppose I must be!

I started this post by saying that this is all very strange. This is true, but strange in just how lifelike it actually is. Am I in a different dimension writing this, erm, well, no, but at the same time it feels as though I am.

Everything is shiny and new. There’s a preview button down below so I can see how my post looks when it is done (as in WordPress) which I have just tried – I must remember to update the tags otherwise it looks as though it will use the tags from my previous post. That’s spooky.

One thing that tells me that I am in the correct dimension is my typing. Once to type what I want to say, and once again to make the words actually look like words and not some random gobbledegook as though a cat has walked across my keyboard without a care in the world… in my other parallel dimensions that I exist in, my typing is word perfect. It’s in this one where I need the practice. Quite lucky, really.

Right then, OK, let’s get rolling. I’m about to post. Fingers crossed. Here goes…


  1. It looks good, I discovered Live Writer by mistake but use it frequently since. The thing I like about it most is it looks exactly as it would on the blog page whilst you’re typing, which means you can mess about with it a bit and still not mess it all up, kinda cool 😀

    The post I entered earlier today about photography is one I built in Live Writer, it does all the hard work in finding my photo gallery, positioning photo etc.


  2. Easy peasy, 😀 I’ve been using Live Writer for simply ages, and it links my Blogspot blog as-well (when I post on there that is…seems WordPress takes all my time at the mo. and all my ideas.) … Good to know you’ve joined the club…
    and thanks for viewing Fyrespike, did you remember to take some Baccy? NO? It’s a wonder you left without a singe or two!!
    (I must admit when I first pressed the preview button by mistake I had a heart attack…but recovered quickly … I thought I’d done all manner of stupid things.!! but after pressing all sorts of buttons things returned to normal..or as near normal as possible!! )
    gotta go it’s Man U vs Crawley in The FA Cup…soon, and I’ve got my shirt on … ready to shout at the screen!! um…watch the game with my well tempered gaze.. xPenx


    1. No, I forgot the Baccy… sorry Pen, sorry, Fyrespike. I think I was lucky this time and he was watching other things… or letting me think he was watching other things anyway!
      Hope you enjoyed the match… I don’t ‘do’ football myself, so win, lose or draw I always manage to say the wrong thing…


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