1642–The facts keep on coming!

I’m indulging in a little time travel this evening, trying to see if I can find any further information that will answer once and for all what it is that links me to the year 1642. I’ve discovered some quite extraordinary facts about the year 1642. Well, maybe not that extraordinary when you think that it was the time of great new discoveries, but interesting, nevertheless.

The good thing about time travel is that things do not need to be in their set chronological order when written down. We can leap from one time to the next and still know where we are. In retrospect, we are not as confined to things moving only in one direction as we are in our present day.

So, to start with, New Zealand and Tasmania were discovered by Europeans in 1642. Abel Janszoon Tasman saw New Zealand on 13th December 1642 and Tasmania, a few weeks earlier, on 24th November 1642. See… time travel is good… we can write about things progressively backwards, forwards, or in any old order! I wonder if Abel saw the total Lunar Eclipse on December 21st a few years earlier? …Maybe it wasn’t visible in that part of the world, but he may have done. Obviously, both lands had been discovered much earlier by the people who were already there, but they are both a long way away from Europe.

A quick interlude here though… why have I found out about these discoveries today? I’ve been looking into facts about 1642 for several months now, and not once did either of these two facts leap out at me. But they have done so today. And still, more continue to do so…

On July 3rd 1642, Marie de Médicis, Queen Consort of France, died. Marie was married to Henry IV of France, and was mother to King Louis XIII. Her grandson, who became King Louis XIV, has rather a coincidental link to today…

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented the mechanical calculator in 1642, whilst still a teenager. This calculator has been developed and refined over the years and eventually became the microprocessor. King Louis XIV granted Blaise a Royal Privilege in 1649, allowing him exclusive design and manufacture of the calculating machines in France. Thinking about it, this calculating machine would have been cutting edge technology back then, as the microprocessor is today.

I may be on to something here. I’m using a computer right at this moment. This is the first definite link that I physically have with 1642. I don’t understand what it means, but it is something. I know that more information will be revealed to me very soon.

I currently have no idea why I’m fascinated by 1642, but 1642 seems to have been a very interesting year indeed. It is such a pity that TV news wasn’t invented then and we could have videos of all that took place! Still, I like snippets, and I can’t grumble about them – no matter how slowly they are filtering through to me…

15 Comments on “1642–The facts keep on coming!

  1. These snippets build up to become a part of our lives, they help mould us into the person we are or will become.

    My historical interest is Anglo Saxon life, especially in Britain as it was then. I’m not on about all the killing and warring but how they lived day-to-day etc. They were extremely fine artists but very little was written by them other than their Epic stories, even those were written in their decline. Strange thing is they had one of the most complete alphabets in use in Northern Europe at the time. Most of their words survive today in our modern English, they were the founders of our language.

    I digress, interesting as always aquatom


    • Thanks, Trevor. I love history, and the snippets allow us to build up our own picture as to how life used to be. I’m interested in ‘any kind’ of history, but more so the history of Britain.
      Oh, and by the way, you are part of history now too… you have added the 500th comment to my blog! 😀


      • That’s cool 😀

        I noticed a number coincidence on my blog the other day, I had 111 entries and 222 comments


  2. whoa.

    this is so interesting.

    remember to check out historical happens from a non-Western perspective too – you never know what other things you may find…


  3. This is what I love about this internet of ours…It’s so often maligned as a place where you get ‘bitten’ badly should you incur a virus or six on your travels…(this to my ex how loved visiting certain sites and then told me they just appeared!!) BUT there’s so much info out there… I can’t stop myself from surfing about searching for the origins of this, and that,…but not the other!! (I leave that to ex-ie!!) …
    Your absorption with 1642 has come up trumps with finding the lowly beginnings of the PC, magic or what? History is very compelling, ‘cos without it nothing makes any sense at all…xPenx
    (Man U won 1-0 against the lower team of Crawley…I just can’t understand how we played so badly… only 1 goal and we played like amateurs…Pffft!!)


      • That’s it precisely…you’re engaged on a personal quest. for the Holy Grail of Knowledge about 1642…Arise Sir Aquatom. ‘cos true Questors need a true title…(Her Maj wasn’t available, so I availed myself of the Knighting Sword… She won’t miss it!!) and please stand still or you’ll get a very close shave!! xPenx


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