Ambience is my word of the day for today.

The way how it flows when you say it is relaxing enough, but when you put it into perspective with a nice, calm relaxing environment, with soft and gentle music in the background, ambience seems to up it’s gear quite a lot in the relaxation stakes!

Not that ambience in itself can be relaxing… oh no! Ambience relates to the tone, the atmosphere, the mood, the lighting and the presence of the current location.

Sometimes, the ambience can be electrifying, or exciting, or frightening, or energetic, or even strange.

I like a good ambience, I have to say. I like to feel good.

I’m sitting in my favourite armchair with a soft breeze coming in through the window that is slightly open. The day outside is hazy, but bright, and the brook is babbling by just beneath the window. A fresh scent of flowers is also in the air, and the lighting in the room appears, if I may say, quite ‘dreamy’. Relaxed.

I gently wake up. There is no open window. No breeze. No babbling brook. No scent of flowers. No haze. But the ambience is still there.

This is what I like… the idea of a nice ambience.

4 thoughts on “Ambience

  1. what a lovely post to end the day with aquatom1968!
    i’m all relaxed and sleepy now – thank you for your wordspell.

    (i’m strongly in favour of babbling brooks…there should always be one around…)


  2. I love that word Ambiance, It tells it how it is..It speaks of the flow of emotions and atmospheric charms… It talks of how things are, not how things should be…The ambiance is just …born of the moment…and I haven’t made one typing error… um. I mean my keyboard is behaving itself magnificently… 😉


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