I’ve just discovered that in 1638 there was a Total Lunar Eclipse that fell on the same day as the Winter Solstice. 372 years later and we have another one. Lunar Eclipses happen quite regularly, and there is nothing unusual in that. It is much more rare that they occur on the Solstice. What is coincidental (here I go again!) is that I have recently added a post about the year 1642, and the strange feelings I have associated with that time. Until today, I knew nothing of the eclipse on 21st December 1638.

We have another two Total Lunar Eclipses to look forward to next year, on June 15th and December 10th, and a partial Solar Eclipse on January 4th! Hopefully, I’ll be able to experience one of these…

I didn’t see today’s Lunar Eclipse, although I was ready and prepared to see it. Unfortunately, the clouds covered the sky again, as they did when I tried to watch the Geminids the other week, but I still had a spectacular display never-the-less. Whether the effect was caused by the Moon, or the Sun, I’m not sure, but before the day became fully light the sky was a glorious reddy-pink colour. I’m putting it down to an effect of the Eclipse… it was a magical experience all the same.

Tonight’s Moonrise was also spectacular. Just appearing over the rooftops the Moon was a magnificent orange colour, before it became it’s usual silvery-white. It wasn’t as orange as that in the many images for this morning’s and previous years’ Eclipse, but it still looked good! I love the Moon anyway, and seeing it in a different light is amazing. And a Full Moon always brings out my magical side – although today my magic is staying in my mind, and I’ve been observing the more natural magic of the universe!

Please replace ‘observing’ with ‘awestruck with’. And add ‘with gratitude’. I feel good today! 😀

11 thoughts

  1. The Solstices and Equinoxes all excite me, I don’t know why but when they are on a full Moon or a New Moon this is very exciting to me. I like things associated with them like the recent Eclipse you spoke of that is very rare. I was sure it meant something special.
    I am enjoying this posting on your “QUEST: 1642”


  2. A wonderful posting my friend and I will continue reading through each and every one of your 1642 Quest, maybe at the very end you will be much the wiser, or perhaps even more baffled my friend, we will see how the journey unfolds…



    1. I think your latter conclusion is the correct one, Androgoth! Although within the confusion, I will have discovered some interesting facts. Whether I’ll find answers, as you say, we’ll have to wait and see! 🙂


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