What do you want?

I’m not being rude, but do you really know what you want?
I’m not talking about what gift you would like for Christmas, or what sweet you would like after a meal, but what do you want for you?

Knowing what it is that you want really helps the universe to set things into motion to bring it to you. Most of the time, we think that we know what we want when really we haven’t got a clue! This cluelessness (or lack of having a clue) is keeping away what it is that we think we want, but bringing more lack of what we want to us.

The Law of Attraction, and the universe, works with our feelings. The Law of Repulsion and the universe also work with our feelings. We can’t attract and repel the same thing at the same time – although we can like something one minute and not like it the next, we can’t do both at the same time; if we could we would never know where we are up to!

So, logically thinking, if we think we really want something and are not getting it, our true feelings are telling the universe something different to how we are thinking. The Law of Attraction is bringing more reasons for us to want it, and the Law of Repulsion is keeping away what we think we want. Our feelings are resonating to the universe, and the universe is matching those feelings.

I have had many experiences with the Law of Attraction (and Cosmic Ordering) where the universe has brought to me exactly what I had been thinking about – but not very many where I have received what I was thinking at the same time. Sometimes have been very shortly afterwards, but usually the time span has been anything from a couple of hours, to a few days, to even a few months. And some times I’ve actually forgotten that I thought I’d wanted it, only to be surprised when I’d received it.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the workings of the universe. I couldn’t explain the difference between an atom and a neutron. I’ve heard of them, they may even be the same thing for all I know, but I wouldn’t really know where to begin with them. I don’t know why coincidences happen – and why they happen more to some people and not to others – but happen they do. Even if you’ve never experienced a coincidence you would be aware of what a coincidence was! I experience hundreds of coincidences, so many in fact that it couldn’t be a coincidence that they all happen to me… could it?

If it isn’t (or they aren’t) a coincidence, then what is causing me to experience the number of simultaneous events that I am a part of? The only constant factor with all of the events is me, so logic would dictate that I must be doing something to make all of these events happen. Actually, there are two constants. Me, and my friend, the universe. We are actually one thing, all things considered, and I think this connection makes the resonance between our feelings and the universe’s response more plausible. We don’t need to shout out what we want to the universe, because the universe knows how we are feeling. If we are desperate for a glass of water, the universe feels the desperation rather than our thirst, and will provide us with more reasons to feel desperate. If we’re feeling fantastic with the abundance we have in our lives, the universe will respond by providing more to continue the fantastic feeling. If we are feeling grateful, the universe will give us more to be grateful for. And this is how the Law of Attraction works.

I’m still trying to get my feelings in perfect balance with the universe so that I don’t have the feelings of neediness, lack, desperation or anything else that will prevent me from having an ultimately happy life. I have a happy life – I’m not saying that I don’t – but there are some changes that I need to make to make it happier.

Hence this post. I don’t really know what it is that I want to improve my life. And this may be the reason why I experience as many coincidences as I do… the universe is giving me what it thinks I want at that moment. My feelings about the current situation are being highlighted to me by similar events all around me.

If I’m receiving all of this without being aware, imagine how great things would be when I am aware.

9 Comments on “What do you want?

  1. Great Post! I really heard the first part….what do I want? right here, right now? And I am going to make a list just to be clear.
    In answer to the last part of your post, how about just asking for “all the cooperative components” for what you are wanting to show up? I like this idea because it releases me from having to think what all those components might be.
    The universe knows what we want….we just need to get out of the way and let it all come to us! 🙂


  2. You’ve set off sparks of light in my little brain – neurons firing away.

    I’m probably being too Zen about this…

    Stop the want, don’t “want” anymore.
    You are a unique expression of the universe – it gives rise to you, it expresses itself through you.
    The universe knows what you need to be happy and is trying to give it to you – the coincidences mean that you are missing opportunities or messages or lessons. Look at the patterns, the coincidences, there are things there for you that you are missing – a message, a lesson, an opportunity. Patterns repeat until we pay attention and act differently. Do the things that are right for you to do – right action, right time, right?

    If you try something and the pattern repeats, do something else.

    When you are desperate for a glass of water – it means that the universe wants you to drink. So drink. You will be happier for it.

    Sorry for the dissenting opinion.


  3. No need to apologise, Bex, I like reading different points of view on this subject!

    I actually think you are right with the coincidences – the universe is telling me that I should be doing something else, only I’m not sure what that ‘something else’ is… but I am at the right place / right time to experience the coincidence otherwise I wouldn’t notice it in the first place!

    The want / don’t want is a valid comment too. Want brings more want…


  4. thank you, i realize that sometimes getting different takes on stuff like this is sometimes jarring – but i also realize that you are open to different points of view.

    i thought a lot about the “coincidence thing” and i guess the only thing that i can suggest is look at one “set” of coincidences closely and look at your actions/feelings etc around it. what made you realize that is was a coincidence? what made these things be “grouped” in a related way for you? is there a theme or pattern? if so, did you do anything to make that pattern continue? if so, the next time you notice it starting up again, then do something else. usually the complete opposite – but i say that with the caveat that you don’t do anything outside of your moral code/believes or would violate your faith.

    yeah, want is often the root of suffering – we suffer when we want, we suffer when we don’t get want we want, we suffer ‘cuz there is always more to want…see you’ve set me off on a Buddhist riff!


    • The coincidences I experience are little things, very random, yet very relevant to what they are coinciding with, if that makes sense. Here’s a quick example: I was once watching a quiz show on TV and the question was ‘Of what is Brontophobia’ the fear? I didn’t know at the time, and the quiz provided one answer (dinosaurs) where the contestant had to use that answer or go for a second answer that wasn’t provided. Before they gave the answer, a strange noise came from the fireplace – it sounded as though the chimney was falling in. I dashed outside to have a look (after pausing the show), but nothing was there, and the chimney was fine. ‘Must have been thunder’, I thought, and went back to the quiz. Dinosaur was the incorrect answer, the correct one was thunder. (Sorry, that was meant to be quick!)
      See, very relevant, very random, and very apt. What makes it even more odd is that the channel wasn’t one that we regularly watch…


  5. hmm. “thunder” answering two questions – one immediate and the other abstracted.
    it is almost like the question and the noise were conjoined, rather than separate events and you noted the link (however subconsciously) to come up with the answer to both. randomness that lead to a word…is thunder a motif in your life? are there other instances where thunder appears?

    see this is what i mean about perhaps you being an untrained sensitive. your past comments about sometimes paying attention to the wrong things make me think that if your attention was shifted slightly, you would have noted both possible answers (dinosaurs vs thunder), heard the noise and recognized it for what it was (not a noise from the fireplace, a noise from the heavens – thunder not the chimney falling in) and made a intuitive leap to the answer on the show. (dinosaurs vs thunder – oh, that was just thunder! – thunder is my answer!)

    this is fascinating.

    i can’t help wonder that if you shift your attention slightly you would be able to turn these coincidences into paths leading to answers and insights. it may be a matter of expanding your peripherals?


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