I keep thinking that I need to try and get some sort of structure into my blog posts. And I then think that my thoughts are not really structured in any logical way. As the blog is about me and my thoughts, it stands to reason that the blog itself should be random – and therefore without structure. Which in turn means that the blog has a structure (of some sort). It’s funny how things work out at times. Or, more to the point, how I work them out. There is a logical explanation to everything…

I’ve been catching up with a few posts on other blogs this evening, and there are some great posters out in the big wide world! I’ve added another couple to my recommendations page, and I think I will soon have to start thinking of adding a little structure there. Not just yet though… that’s a job I’ll leave until later, when I have more links on there.

That highlights one thing that I need to have a look at changing – I tend to put things off. Urgent things I do as needed, but non-urgent things can go for weeks undone. Suddenly, what was non-urgent becomes super-urgent and I wonder why I didn’t do it back when it first came to light. Still, I’ve always done things that way, so I think it is safe to say I’ll look at what I need to do to change this characteristic in due course…

On the same subject of putting things off, I shuffled my Cosmic Ordering Oracle cards earlier today, and the top card is ‘Career’. In my ‘Diary of Dynamic Differences’ posts back in September I decided that I want to change my job. Well, I’ve not really tried, I must admit. A few half hearted looks in the local newspaper and a few searches on companies on the internet have not given me the slightest nudge in the direction of where I am headed. Maybe the card is an indicator that something is now on the horizon for me. I’ll have to wait and see what will come my way with regards to that! I have had another idea for something though, but I’ll hang fire with that too, for the time being. Sometimes I wonder how I ever get anywhere…

All in all I’ve had a quiet, relaxing Sunday. Apart from shopping at lunchtime I have done nothing. Even so, the time has passed really quickly once again. Maybe I should start doing more just to slow the time down a little… I suppose it could work. That is, when I get round to doing things!

2 thoughts

  1. Hi – like you, I often think that I need some structure to my blog writing. I once read that you should plan your posts and allocate specific days when you will then write them. Doesn’t work for me (though I must admit I didn’t put a lot of time or effort into trying this system!).
    If our posts are going to be random thoughts or random ramblings then they can’t be organised – can they? Well that’s going to be my line & I’m sticking to it.


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