Here’s a quick list of the questions you should ask yourself before sending a Cosmic Order:

What is it that I want? Well, you’d need to know this before even deciding to send a Cosmic Order, but if you have read lots of articles or heard lots of success stories about the process you may decide to jump straight in without giving your order a second thought. I suppose it’s a little like going to the shopping centre and then looking for what you want when you get there! Have an idea in mind before you go! Part of being clear on what we want is actually knowing what we want!

Why do I want it? It’s OK saying that you want something. A million pounds here. A Lamborghini there. That jacket I saw the other day. But why do you want it? Is it for the experience? Is it because Beryl from next door has one? Is it to get one up on someone else? Sometimes, we think we want something that we really don’t want. Think about how your life would be with what you think you want in it… How do you feel having it? What pleasure does it bring you? What improvements does it bring into your life? Can you see yourself still with it in ten years time?

When do I want it? I usually don’t give a timescale when I order, I tend to leave things up to the cosmos. But if you really need something urgently, and you need to put a timescale on your order, think before you do. How would you feel if your order arrives in ten seconds? Ten hours? Ten weeks? How would you feel if your order was delivered shortly after the time you set? What will you do if you don’t receive your order within your required time? Anything that causes doubt will cause delays in you receiving your order, so if timescales cause you doubt, it’s best to leave them out!

What will I do when I have it? Will you show off your order? Will you be the same you as you are now? How will you feel when you actually own what you have ordered? Will you be grateful for receiving your order?

Other questions that you must consider before ordering are:

Can I order for someone else? Remember the Law of Freewill. You are free to make your own choices, and so is every other person on the entire planet. If you want to order a gift for someone, that is fine, but remember they have the choice not to like it or even want it. And no, you can’t order XXXXX to fall madly in love with you – anything that affects anyone else’s free will is definitely a no no. Can you imagine if someone ordered that you wore the most hideous clothes everyday to please them? You wouldn’t do it and you can’t expect anyone else to do it either.

Can I order for someone new to come into my life? I say yes to this as long as their free will is not affected. You couldn’t order one of your friend’s friends (who you don’t know) to get to know you better as that would affect their free will – and even though you only ‘know’ them from a distance, they are still in fact in your life. You would have to take matters here into your own hands and get to know them for yourself. Doing this though will bring some of their friends into your life… You could ask the cosmos to bring someone into your life who is six foot tall, dark haired, blue eyes, six-pack, great sense of humour, easy to get along with, loves cats and dogs, drives a Lamborghini, and is a non-smoker, and wait to see who turns up. And then you can order to meet someone else with another quality. And then someone else with different qualities again… you are asking for the qualities this time, and not the specific person, so no free will is affected here!

Do I have to like it once I have it? Well, if you’d asked yourself the previous questions you should know if you would like having it, but sometimes you may receive something that is not quite what you expected. Imagine sending for something from a catalogue and it arrives but it is a shade darker than in the photograph. With the catalogue you can send the unwanted item back. You don’t have that option with the cosmos – once you have it, it is yours to keep. Just be grateful to the universe, and send another order, but this time be even more specific. You can always give what you have received to someone else (and you never know – it might be just what they have ordered!)

Why do my orders not work? There are many reasons for this. They are all your fault! You bring things to you as and when you need them. You send things away from you as and when you don’t need them. You send out confusing signals, and receive confusing signals back. What you give out, you receive. So, if you think you are not worthy of receiving your order, the universe will see that you are not worthy. If you see yourself having your order, enjoying your life to the full with it, feeling in every ounce of your being the good of having it, you will get the pleasure from it. Don’t beat yourself up about not yet receiving your order… think that your order is on it’s way. That way it will never ‘not work’… The Law of Attraction is always working, anyway.

Think that the universe is working with you, and it will be. Your world is a fantastic place if you think that way.

Have fun with Cosmic Ordering. Don’t take things too serious, or else they will be…

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