Try one a day for the next fifty days and start to feel good!

Try two a day for the next fifty days and feel better!

Try as many as you can everyday to see if people will ask you if they can have some of what you’re on! 🙂

  1. Start the day with a smile!
  2. Enjoy breathing!
  3. Enjoy doing what you are doing right at this moment!
  4. Don’t watch the news on TV!
  5. Don’t read the newspaper!
  6. Enjoy your food!
  7. Smile at someone you don’t know… make their day!
  8. Pay someone else’s toll road fee / car park ticket!
  9. Watch The Secret!
  10. Read something funny!
  11. Watch something funny!
  12. Listen to some uplifting music!
  13. Listen to some soothing music!
  14. Take a walk in the rain!
  15. Get to know an animal!
  16. Take time out for yourself!
  17. Say “So what?” (or words to that effect) if you find yourself not feeling good!
  18. Try something you have never done before!
  19. Buy someone a surprise gift just because!
  20. Tear open your next bill with great excitement!
  21. Button up your shirt wrongly just to see other people’s reaction for a laugh!
  22. Know that you are in control of what you are doing right now!
  23. Sit and imagine yourself being, having and doing all that you want – and notice how you feel!
  24. Sit and do nothing – just because you can!
  25. Read a paragraph or two from your favourite book!
  26. Watch a favourite movie!
  27. Cook your favourite meal!
  28. Think that you feel a hundred times better than you did five minutes ago!
  29. Be grateful for your health!
  30. Be grateful for everything you have!
  31. Look and see how many wonderful gifts of nature you have never seen before!
  32. Think of a place you visited in the past and loved!
  33. Think of someone special!
  34. Sing… even if you don’t have a good voice, sing. In fact, sing louder!
  35. Try on a hideous hat in a shop just for fun!
  36. Write a list of ten or more reasons why you like yourself!
  37. Write a list of 50 or more ways to feel good!
  38. Relax in a nice warm bubble-bath!
  39. Create a new blog!
  40. Decide which negative words you use a lot and delete them from your vocabulary!
  41. Practice Emotional Freedom Techniques!
  42. Go for a pamper session at a spa or sauna!
  43. Sit in the middle of a busy shopping centre and just people watch – let the world go by!
  44. Be artistic… bring a new creation into the world!
  45. Have fun fun fun!!!
  46. Act the age you feel – not the age you think you should act!
  47. Say “I’m worth it!” because you know you are!
  48. See at least one good thing in someone you don’t think you like!
  49. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve made it this far!
  50. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” – and try not to smile while doing it! And then do it again and really mean it!

I’ve enjoyed compiling this list… so much that I may do another one in the near future!

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