White Rabbits for October, by the way!

As Halloween is just a few weeks away, I thought I would start to get myself in the mood for the night. I’ve decorated my banner, just in case you hadn’t noticed …I’ve added a few pumpkins up there, sorry for the fright!

I’ve been doing a little research into witches that have appeared on TV over the years – it’s amazing how many there have been… and how many I’ve forgotten… the poor dears!

Two I haven’t forgotten about are Samantha and Endora from Bewitched:

Look at Sam’s hat! Although I do have a slight memory lapse when it comes to Samantha’s daughter Tabatha, but vaguely I remember the show. Odd that.

Another show that I remember very well, and loved it immensely, is Rentaghost. Hazel the McWitch was one of the characters who cropped up here. She was played by Molly Weir.

___I must admit that I haven’t watched the show “Charmed”, but it is repeated quite a lot, so I’m not too alarmed.

Winsome Witch is a name I know, but I can not remember from what show. Then there’s Willow Rosenberg from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and it was Alyson Hannigan they got to play her.


Other witches have shown up in other shows such as Merlin, Demons and Supernatural, and the spirits of several witches from history have come through via the mediums in Most Haunted. And I have deliberately not mentioned any of the witches from the movies which are shown on TV from time to time.

Well, some were forgotten at the beginning of this post, but they are firmly back in my memory now. I’ll stop typing here before I slip in another bad rhyme…

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