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Up, up and away!

First things first… White Rabbits for October, the eighth month, although now in modern times it is the tenth month. The second month of the ‘Bers, the second month of Autumn, and the antepenultimate month of the year. Where has the time gone?

Luckily Betelgeuse is still with us, so that’s good! Hopefully that will be the case for the next million years as well…

And tonight’s Moon is looking mighty fantastic, I must say! The Full Moon was yesterday, but this evening the Moon is hovering quite low in the sky, and appearing quite a lot larger than usual.

When I saw it earlier, just over the rooftops, the sky was a very deep blue. A black cloud covered the bottom part of the Moon, making the top part all the more bright, and clouds above were reflecting the silvery glow beneath them. A magical sight… one for Halloween, I would say, which is just around the corner.

The next Full Moon actually falls in Halloween week, but on the Monday, as Halloween is on the Wednesday. Still, weather permitting, it should still be able to cast some of its magic over the spooky period!

But, back to today.

Last night actually.

Yes, I flew again!

I’ve not had a flying dream for quite a few months now, but last night I did. I returned, rather unsteadily I must add, to the skies. I was flying this time though, not swimming in the air or jumping really high as I’ve done in the past, but flying.

I didn’t want to go too high in case I fell, but I was high enough. Well above the rooftops and treetops and telephone lines. I could feel the cool air in my face as I flew forwards, flying as Superman would, but without the outstretched arm.

I did get a little over confident though at one point in the dream, and flew between anything I could find… underneath archways in bushes, through open windows, along corridors, and at speed above a quiet road. It was very invigorating… and I didn’t fall!

I do like my flying dreams! And I really like it when I fly well!

Back to Earth now though, for a chilled out Monday evening… the first one in October for a whole year!

And a random October fact to end on… October starts on the same day of the week that January starts on, except in a leap year, so this year it didn’t! Also this year, no other month starts on the same day of the week as October. You never know when this information may come in handy!

Have a great Monday night!

Have a great October!

Perpetual Roadworks

You see the road signs first, if you’re lucky. If you’re slightly on the unlucky side, you’re stuck in the queue of traffic.

You may spot the odd traffic cone, crushed at the side of the road.

You may see a workman pushing a wheelbarrow along the pavement. He’s probably not working on what is causing the hold up, but he’ll be there pushing his wheelbarrow. And listen carefully – he may have a squeaky wheel!

There may be a couple of workmen who are dressed up to the nines, looking into some camera-type thingy, or holding a clipboard. Look in the direction that the camera-type thingy is pointing in, and you may see another workman looking back, in the distance, using another of these devices.

You may see a set of temporary traffic lights up ahead. You’ll probably notice that they are on red. If not, there’ll be a man holding a temporary sign with the words ‘Stop’ or ’Go’ on them. You’ll probably notice the ‘Stop’ is facing you.

There may be a diversion of traffic ahead. You may be able to see as the queue of traffic snakes over to the other side of the road, as directed by an abundance of traffic cones. You may then notice that the traffic is also queuing on the other side of the road.

You know that, just as you eventually reach the temporary traffic lights or man, it will be your turn to stop and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

You may notice that the roadworks have been finished.

You may have to wait a little longer as the workmen start to open the flow of traffic again in their normal lanes.

You may finally recommence your journey, on the road, with free-flowing traffic in both directions and feel good.

Then, you may notice the signs if you are lucky. If not, you will be at the back of another queue. More roadworks.

Never ending roadworks.

Perpetual roadworks.

Keeping us moving.

Restless Mind

I stand up here and sit down there,
  I close my eyes, I do despair,
   A topic I want, a post to share,
    My mind is blank – there’s nothing there!
     I look to the walls, and sit and stare,
      I check the mirror, I check my hair,
       (It’s looking good! I do declare,
        The back is dark, the front is fair)
         But my mind is blank, there’s nothing there
          A topic I want, a post to share…
           Please forgive me if I swear
            Although I won’t, I’ll take great care,
             I’ll pluck a subject from thin air
              As my mind is blank, and nothing’s there
               And I want a topic for a post to share.
                It’s not the time to mention Molière,
                 And 1642, when he was there,
                  Or my friend Michelle, who was an au pair,
                   Nor Ramsey, my imaginary koala bear,
                    Or even the rising cost of gel for hair
                      …I don’t know why I put that there…
                       I need a subject, a topic to share
                        My mind is blank, there’s nothing there
                         This isn’t nice, it isn’t fair!
                          The post’s nearly done, and where oh where
                           Is the subject, the thread, of this castle in the air
                            Of a post written totally unaware
                             Without direction, or time to prepare
                              As my mind is blank, there’s nothing there…
                               I need to type a post to share
                                My thoughts, which could be anywhere
                                 They’re not with me, upon this chair
                                  I close my eyes, I do despair,
                                   But, I’m sorry if you’ve read this far
                                    My mind is blank, there’s nothing there
                                     No post to share
                                      I’m sorry. Please take care…
                                       I’ll blame it on that solar flare,
                                        Or the Health Questionnaire –
                                         Which I’ve remembered is on a stair
                                           And it should be here, not over there!

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed for tomorrow’s post!

Ivy Giles’ Animals

A nonsense rhyme for Wednesday:

Ivy Giles is the farmer’s wife
Or was, as the case may be
For when she was in her human life
It was Seventeen Sixty-Three

Patience, her faithful dog
Had a loud and ferocious bark
And Silas, her trusty mog
Had an aversion to the dark

She had a pig named Primrose Blue
Who didn’t like the cat
He wasn’t keen on Patience too,
And sadly that was that

The pig would chase the cat and hound
All across the fields
So Ivy took the pig to town
To the traders and their deals

With the coins she bought a cow
And named her Henrietta
But by her farm she heard a row
As she was greeted by her setter

The dog didn’t like the cow you see
And she chased her down the lane
Ivy Giles laughed inwardly
And thought “Here we go again…”