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The Writer’s Desk

I write
At night in dull light
And as I kneel I feel
At a desk without a chair
With papers, pens and boxes everywhere
Typing, tapping, amid the clutter
Recording any word I utter
Hoping they flow and work well together

I hope
I cope within the scope
Of imaginary faces in distant places
And people I know and don’t in equal measure

With situations so far fetched
Etched on my mind; my imagination stretched
I write
I hope
In my mind well…

I write what I feel as I kneel
With many a tale to tell.

This post has been written in response to a little challenge by Nancy over at Spirit Lights The Way. It’s actually a competition, but I’m merely entering for fun. If you’d like to enter, there are still a few days left. Visit Nancy’s site for more details!

And OUT went the lights…

Here I was, settling in front of the computer screen, fingers poised and ready to start to type away at another Me! Me! Me me me! Masterpiece… well, fingers in an awkwardly gnarled position is more like it, frantically hoping that an idea would spring into my head for me to write a post – ANY post – about anything… good, bad or somewhere in between. I needed to write something.

I went to hit the first character on the keyboard when everything went black.

A strange buzzing noise started to get louder in my hearing.

The computer whooshed into life again, and I realised that we’d had a momentary power cut. The buzzing noise wasn’t a buzzing noise but a car alarm outside.

I didn’t think it at the time, but now I wonder how on Earth a power cut would cause a car alarm to sound… and I’ll dismiss that thought immediately as it isn’t really relevant to this post.

The power cut isn’t either for that matter, but I had to start somewhere.

I’m re-designing my links page. In the process of re-designing it, I have somehow managed to lose almost all of the links from the pictures that are there, so I have to start at the beginning. I’ve set the page to private at the moment as there isn’t any point in a page of links without links… that’s like a clock without hands, a knife and fork without a meal, and a computer without power.

There! I knew the power cut would be relevant somehow!

Below is a split second image of what I saw the moment the power cut struck:

Power cuts not withstanding, normal blogging services should resume from me very shortly. Well, as soon as the lights in my creative mind decide to switch on again! If not, I’ll be relying on the WordPress prompts for a few posts. And the all-new links page will be along soon as well!


The gathered crowd cheered as I performed trick after trick for their entertainment.

The hall was full – possibly four hundred people standing, waiting, for the announcement. When the hall manager came out onto the stage and advised that the announcement had been postponed, and quite possibly cancelled, the crowd started to jeer. Too many people in such a confined space to leave things as they were. And with one door at the front of the hall, and one at the back, if it got ugly, there was no escape.

I knew that I needed to calm the room. Detract the attention from the negative feelings that were starting to bubble to the surface. Tempers were starting to fray, and I needed to act. Fast.

But how could I? I’ve never done anything like this in public.

I’m not a performer. I don’t have the confidence to stand up in front of a room with five people in, let alone hundreds. And, in the back of my mind, my nagging inner voice was repeating one word to me over and over: Fail.

I had no choice in the matter. I knew I had to do it, fail or not. Voices were starting to raise.

I jumped. High.

I summersaulted twice before landing again. Those nearby were taken aback. They stood back, and circled me.

I jumped again, this time grabbling hold to the wooden beam that went around the walls in the hall.  I back-flipped off the wall again, and landed perfectly on both feet, in the exact spot where I’d left a couple of seconds earlier.

The people around me started to ooh and ah and clap. The people further back were beginning to quieten down, starting to move in to see what was going on.

I leapt again, this time I flew over the heads of a lot of the crowd, onto the stage. I spun a few times in the air, to make it look as though I was performing acrobatics rather than simply flying.

When the people started to clap louder, I could feel that the negativity start to lift. I continued to jump and fly and summersault, even hi-fiving some of the people as I flew above them. I was enjoying myself as much as the crowd were, and their cheers were telling me how much they were enjoying my little show.

My final trick was the best. I flew around, above everyone’s head, for five minutes. No spins or backflips or anything – just flight. Around the room. The crowd couldn’t believe what I could do. I couldn’t believe that I was doing it!

Ill-feeling dissipated, the crowd started to leave the hall in an orderly fashion, and in really good spirits. I waited for them all to leave before I left.

The hall manager waved as I flew passed him, out of the front door and into the night.

I have odd dreams at times, but good ones. This one really helped me – and the crowd – to feel good! And I can’t complain about that!

View from the window: Good Morning!

It’s actually afternoon here now, but never mind. This is the misty morning view the Mansion wanted to show me today, it’s of Mystic Springs. The bit that juts out in the third pane is where the inhabitants get the rowing boat to take them to the mainland.

I shall have to take another visit to Mystic Springs myself to see what the residents are up to now – the last time I visited was last year sometime. That seems so long ago now, doesn’t it? And we’re only six days into the new year!

Still, Spring is on it’s way, which is always good…! I hope this Spring will be magical as well as mystical!

Back to it and coming soon!

Well, I’m back once again.

I decided to take a little break from writing new posts for a few days, just adding the odd random one here or there, and that little report that came through did so at an ideal time!

I’m slowly but surely catching up with my blog reading as well – but I’m usually catching up with that anyway, so this isn’t really news to anyone.

I washed my hair yesterday with this swanky ‘volume inducing’ shampoo, and thought I’d done it wrong. My hair wasn’t as wild as usual, but it was flat to my head. I’ve not had flat hair for years so looked different. There wasn’t any indication of induced volume. Today, I look like I’ve stuck my finger into an electric socket, with flicks and curls and tufts and corners all over the place, but emphasised. Emphasised! Sigh.

Another character has been visiting me in my mind over the past few days, asking for me to write a tale about him, but all I have is his name. Cirencester Bloom. I’m not sure what he does, where he lives and what I need to write about him, but I have a feeling it will come to me in due course. Just be aware that another tale is on its way…

And, I’ve been dreaming about flying again. Fabulous dreams that have left me with such a good feeling, although one of them did have a rather surreal aspect to it… and I’ll write all about that in a post later this month.

I also have the Legendary Circles storyline to continue, which I left at a rather awkward moment and can’t even begin to figure a way out of that one for now, but writing needs to be challenging every now and then – well, I think so anyway! Just hope I do a good job with the story, that’s all!

And the Superhero Diaries will be returning as well, as soon as I I mean my informant provides me with the details needed for the posts.

Well, back to my blog catching up once again (and hair taming – but the less said about that the better!)

Once again – Happy New Year! It FEELS GOOD to be back!

The above image is for illustration purposes only, and my hair bears absolutely no resemblance to Albert Einstein’s at all. Not even in the slightest.