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Right at this moment

Oh, it’s gone.

It’s gone again.

And again!

And another one…!

These moments pass by so quickly, I don’t have time to think. Tell you what, though… they felt good, those moments. Not a single worry. Not one. Just a nice, comfortable, warm, pleasant, cheerful, happy moment. Followed by another. And several others!

Not having time to think in the long run probably isn’t the best option, but just stopping and being in the moment is probably the best feel good feeling there ever can be. There is just being. No negativity. No positivity. Nothing to get done by such and such a time. Nothing to hear. Not one thing is on my mind that makes me think in a less than positive way.

The moments themselves don’t last long enough to make me forget about anything that is on my mind… they don’t take any feeling away from me that was there before the moment, but I am aware of the moment. Each moment. I am aware of how good the feeling was. I can carry the feel good feeling into the next moment, and each moment that comes along, the feel good feeling just multiplies. So that means I can use the feel good feelings to help me through situations that may try to take away those good feelings.

Whatever is happening, however positive or not that it may be, has absolutely no effect on those moments. Neither does having or not having things I think I want to have;  being or not being things I think I want to be; or doing or not doing things I think I want to do.

So really, right at this moment, it doesn’t really matter that I have millions of pounds screaming out to be spent. It doesn’t really matter that it may rain in half an hour. It doesn’t really matter that Judith from down the road is having an affair with… The important thing about this moment, is the good feeling that automatically comes with it.

Imagine being able to use the power of the moment all of the time. Imagine being able to use every moment to feel just right. Imagine feeling right all of the time!

There’d be no complaints from me! I’m going to have a moment or two to myself again right now…

The place of peace and tranquility

A while ago I wrote about the mystical ‘world inside the box’, and the garden with the access to the room with the harp. I wrote about how the access to this garden was through a doorway that was in a box that was small enough to fit inside the outstretched palms of someone’s hands.

Today, I’m writing about another place. Today I’m writing about the place of peace and tranquility. I think that this place exists within everyone. Well, I hope it does anyway. If not, those who don’t have a place of peace and tranquility ought to try and find one for themselves. My place of peace and tranquility is an amazing, exotic place, and it has a very calming influence on me. It makes me feel good whenever I go there… and I can go there whenever I want to.

I can see my place of peace and tranquility in my minds eye, whenever I focus on it. I’m immediately transported there when I shift my focus, and it feels as real as the place I am currently in in my physical reality. I can stay there for as long a time as I wish, or just ‘pop in and out’ for a quick refresher!

I’m surrounded by lots of different trees and plants and flowers. If I look in one direction, I can see the open ocean. Clear blue waters with white waves gently lapping the golden sandy beach. A clear blue sky is above, and the sun is lovely and warm. The beach is a short walk from the clearing where I am standing and the plant life seem to be holding themselves back so I can see the openness of the ocean.

When I turn slowly to my right, the forest becomes really dense, with a canopy over head with all of the leaves and vines and branches, and the wonderful smells from the forest are brought to me. It’s always a little cooler here, and it has the appearance as though the rain has just stopped. The freshness of the forest is invigorating and refreshing.

Continuing my rotation to the right, the plants give way once again, but this time to a cool rockface, with a small cave which is slightly hidden by a gentle waterfall. The sunlight is beaming through the treetops looking in this direction, and looking at certain angles I can see little rainbows being created in the spray off the waterfall. Beneath the waterfall is a small pool, and the water is so clear I can see my reflection in it whenever I walk over to it. And looking into the cave, into the darkness, I can see lights twinkling as though I’m looking into the night sky. I can hear the rhythmic cascading of the water from the waterfall and the sound from the waves from the ocean, and together the sound regulates my breathing, so I am ‘in tune’ with what is going on around me.

Turning further around to my right, the greenery is returning, and the forest is coming back into view. This side of the forest has lots of multi coloured leaves and flowers, as this side gets more sunlight than the other side, and the pool has a little stream that flows into this side of the forest. Occasionally, I catch a glimpse of a small animal drinking from the stream. And sometimes, the animal isn’t that small! I’m perfectly safe though, as this is my place of peace and tranquility.

And then I’m back looking out to sea again. A cool breeze takes away any uncomfortable heat I may feel, but the temperature is always just right. I’m never too hot or too cold, but the temperature does change slightly as the place is alive! Sometimes, the breeze is stronger, sometimes there is no breeze. Sometimes, the sun is just about to set, or rise, so it is a little cooler, but still a comfortable temperature. Sometimes, I can hear the rain falling in the forest, but I am always dry.

This is my own little paradise. It costs nothing to go there, I’m there in a split second, and my feel good batteries are recharged as soon as I get there!

I just love to feel good! 🙂

Magic all around

I’ve spent the last few afternoons doing, well, not very much at all really. Apart from watching episodes of Smallville on the DVD, that is. I’ve enjoyed myself, by the way, and that’s how it is supposed to be when we are doing something that we enjoy. Or, in my case, doing nothing!

Watching the magical abilities of the heroes and villains that appear in the episodes has got me thinking about the things that surround us nowadays that we just take for granted, but not that long ago, they themselves would appear magical. I remember being mesmerized when I encountered my first electronic door in real life! I’d seen them on TV, but never in real life. I remember the feeling walking up to a door that opened automatically – and I loved it! OK, they’re everywhere now, and I think we are that used to them, we find it really frustrating when the automatic doors are out of order for some reason, and we have to open the door ourselves.

The DVD player that I was watching Smallville on has a remote control. At the touch of a button, I could start, stop, rewind and fast forward all of the action I was seeing. At the end of the DVD, I could press another button and the drawer would open. There wasn’t a button that would take the DVD out of the drawer and put the next one in, so I had to get up and do that myself. I then had to sit back down, press the button to close the drawer, and then press another button to play the DVD. Even though everything is now that much easier I can still find something that gives me reason to complain about! A few years ago, I would have had to have waited a whole week before I could watch the next episode, and then I would have only had the opportunity to view it once, unless the TV station was repeating the show, which wasn’t really done in those days.

Many people use mobile phones now. Years ago, there were queues at pay phones. If the call was disconnected for some reason, there was cause for complaint. Nothing has changed there, apart from the technology. We still don’t expect to be cut off mid-sentence, but take for granted that whilst we had to stand in a little booth to make a call a while back, we can now make the call in the middle of a field, or on a boat, or while travelling down a motorway at 70 miles per hour – as a passenger, obviously.

Think of the things that have been created to make things easier for us, that years ago would have taken us a lot longer to do the same job: washing machines, can openers, computers, even pens and pencils. We can now travel from one end of the country to the other by road in a few hours. We can fly to other countries (sometimes in the same time!).

If a visitor came to our time from, say, the middle ages, they would be mesmerized by everything that we use. They’d probably also be in awe of the buildings that surround us – especially the skyscrapers where we can reach the eightieth floor in five minutes. They’d look at everything, and think they have arrived in a magical kingdom. And then they’d see us all complaining because the automatic door doesn’t open, or we’ve lost signal on our mobile phone, or we have to get up to change the DVD!

Imagine if we traveled years into the future. We’d probably see things that we couldn’t begin to imagine today and think of them as magic. I wonder if the people of tomorrow will still complain?

Technology aside, look at the magic inside every living thing on the planet. The differences in every single human being on the planet. The animals that trust us to become our friends even though we do not speak the same way – and the animals that choose to stay away from us. The magic of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. The fish. The birds. The plants. The trees. Every living thing on the planet could be viewed as magical, as nothing outside them is making them live. Life is within.

Now, if life is viewed as magical,  and we are living in our magical kingdom right now, why don’t we all just start to really enjoy it, and stop taking things for granted? That’s what I’m trying to do!

Nothing is personal

I’ve read in several places now that nothing that anybody else does to us is personal. Well, not personal to us, anyway, but it is personal to them, if that makes sense.

Here’s an example: If I don’t like a certain coat that someone is wearing, and I tell them so, I am expressing my personal opinion of the coat. I’m telling the other person that I don’t like it. I am letting them know that I have a problem with the coat. They may not like me telling them that I don’t like the coat, but that is a separate issue. My problem is with the coat. Not whether my liking or not liking the coat may or may not upset them, but just that I don’t like the coat.

Here’s another example. I have my haircut and I like it. My friend, however, doesn’t like it, and they tell me so. They are being honest by telling me what they think of my haircut, but as I like it I don’t have a problem. Personally I like it, so what they are saying is their personal opinion of my haircut. They personally don’t like it. They are telling me how they personally feel. And how they or anyone else personally feels has nothing to do with me.

I’ve commented on feelings in the past, and only we are in control of how we are personally feeling. Until we feel good, there is nothing that anyone else can say or do to make us feel better, until we choose to feel better ourselves. Likewise, if someone says something to us about our coat or haircut that is negative, they can’t make us feel bad about it unless we choose that option. Besides, they aren’t being personal to us, but they are expressing their own personal problem or opinion about what they don’t like about us.

The problem with opinions, is most people tend to take the opinions personally. Me included. I know that everything I’ve typed above makes perfect sense (well to me anyway!) but still find myself feeling hurt by other people’s comments at times.

Looking at the fact that nothing is personal means that if someone gives a compliment, that is not personal too. They are merely saying what they like about us. These personal comments we accept, because they are positive. I think we all want to be liked rather than disliked. We’d all rather be around people who like us rather than those who don’t.

Usually though, it is only certain aspects about us that are liked or not liked, in varying degree. Some people like more qualities about one person than they do another, and I think that if there are many more qualities that are not liked about a person, then the two people involved would just move apart naturally. But what they like or dislike is nothing to do with the other person, it is ‘simply’ how they feel about that person.

I try not to give my opinion to anyone nowadays, unless they ask me to give it, and then, I try to be as positive about it as I can. I know people who have characteristics that I don’t like, and I try to steer clear of these people whenever I can, because, I think sometimes my dislike is written across my face – and that isn’t fair on the other person. It’s not their fault that I don’t like their coat, is it? It’s probably better for them if I’m not around them, and it keeps me more positive too!

What I have just written may sound a little negative, but it isn’t meant to be. If I have the opinion that I don’t like someone, that person could try to move mountains to make me like them. If I don’t change my opinion of them, whatever they do will not be enough. They’ll feel bad because they can’t please me. I’ll feel bad because I don’t like them and they are constantly doing all this stuff to me.

Luckily, I don’t dislike people to that extreme. I like more things about people than I dislike. And if they do something that annoys me, then it’s up to me to react in the best way I possibly can.

Whatever anyone does to us, they aren’t being personal to us, they are being personal to them. They can say something spiteful. They can punch us. They can even do worse to us. But whatever they do, it is because they are acting on what they feel about something about us. We may not be helping the situation by deliberately provoking this reaction from them, perhaps just by being there, but they are acting on how they feel they should in the situation. I think the best course of action if someone does act this way around us is to leave their space, if possible, or avoid contact with them completely.

Having written all that, it isn’t easy not to take things personally. I want to be liked by everyone I meet, which I know is impossible. I want to forgive completely all the bullying I endured years ago, but that happened before I knew or read about this way of thinking, so the damage that was done back then is done. The best thing I can do is leave all that behind me, and move forward.

Things will only get better if I don’t take comments that people make about me to heart. Well, I’m going to try. If nothing else, it’s another way for me to feel good about myself. At least I’ll have more control of how I feel.

That’s my opinion, anyway…

Money or friends

Here’s a question that keeps popping up in my mind from time to time. What would I prefer to have more of – money or friends?

The answer isn’t as easy as it first seems.

I have some friends, not many, so at first thought more friends would be the obvious one to go for. But hang on… if I have more friends, I will need to be doing more things with them, so, more than likely more money is to be needed to enable me to do those things.

Going back to my friends, I don’t see many of them nowadays, so adding more friends may mean that I’ll just get to know more people who I won’t see, in which case more money isn’t needed.

More money would be needed if I started taking myself off to places where I could meet more people, in which case I would get to know more people and see more people all at the same time. But I’d need to have more money to start off with to do that.

But then again, would the people I meet be interested in me, or my money? I’d rather know people who like me for me, not for what I have (or haven’t got), so money isn’t needed here.

In fact, I’d just like to get to know nice people just for being them. If they are nice, interesting and easy to get along with, and take me for who I am, don’t try to change me or judge me, yes, I’d like to meet people like that. I think I’m too easy going with people, and they tend to take me the wrong way. Well, that’s what I think anyway – but that also means I am pre-judging everyone to be the same, and how can I expect to meet anyone who won’t judge me when that is what I am doing to them in the first place?

My thoughts have now shifted to money again. If I had more than enough money, I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to. I don’t need anyone there. But things may get a bit boring. What’s the point of having loads of money if I’ve no-one to enjoy it with?

So, I need more friends to help me to enjoy myself. But enjoyment comes from within, so I don’t actually need them to help me to enjoy myself, but I’d like to have them around. And that now sounds as though I want to use them, which is certainly not the case at all. I’d like them to have fun too – it’s not all about me (although this blog is…)

I think I’ve reached my answer after all of my self-debating above. I’d like to meet more people, who I get on well with, and they get on well with me. I don’t want them all to be the same type of personality because everyone is different and we are all free to be individuals. I’d like to know people who (like the friends I have now) continue just where we left off, even though we may not have seen each other for a couple of months.

I’d also like to have the ability to be able to do more things with more people, so, short of winning the lottery, I’d better start to do something that will help me to bring a few more pennies in so I can try to do something with this aim.

I’ve not reached the answer at all. I’m no further along than when I started typing this. The truth is, I wouldn’t mind more of both. But, I’m also happy as I am at present, which is a good thing until both come along.

I’m not going to wait for both though – I’m going to make sure that I continue to enjoy myself right now, and also enjoy what comes along sometime in the future. Well, I can’t have life passing me by whilst I’m waiting, can I?