Making Light the Darkness

The cool autumn air, made crisp by the light of the Moon with a breeze that brings with it an early chill Mist circles in an eerie haze and distant noises echo ethereal and penetrating sounds bringing closer the darkness Everything is strange in the darkness Shadows elongated by the position of the Moon Whispers and screams combine into their own unique sounds Everything causes … Continue reading Making Light the Darkness


Magical Mishap

Look, it wasn’t my fault. I’d gone into the Bathroom to perform a little spell to try to get rid of all of the Seasonal Spirits I’d somehow managed to unleash in an earlier post. I’d gathered all of the required items, elements and other whatnots and set about casting the spell. For those who are unaware, the Bathroom has a rather mystical quality, shall … Continue reading Magical Mishap



Even through the darkness they shone, peering from the top shelf like some twisted and horrific CCTV system, without the equipment. The flickering candlelight and echoing tick tock tick of the free-standing clock on the other side of the cellar made them become more alive. Animated. They bobbed and blinked and stared forwards, silently observing but never revealing any of the secrets that played out … Continue reading Eyes!


Sweet Screams…!

Take a sinister clown. Any sinister clown will do. Tweak the image somewhat, if needed (or bearable). Add some sinister text. And then have a good night’s sleep. There’s a random craze sweeping the world at the moment of some odd people dressing as clowns and just standing there, trying to intimidate people for some reason. Real clowns are up in arms about it as … Continue reading Sweet Screams…!


Twisted Claptrap (hmmm)

I was recently introduced to a new form of poem called a clerical –nope – clarion – not that – cladogram – nah – clavicorn – claptrap – ah, a clerihew! A whimsical four-line biograph where the first line features the subject’s name. I wanted to do something slightly different with this form, and tell a tale featuring some of my characters. Raven is cropping … Continue reading Twisted Claptrap (hmmm)


Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 2016-2: The Siren

There was an old siren called Bet Who transfixed everybody she met Until one fateful day When fate crossed her way And she became Raven’s new pet Now Raven she tried to transfix But sometimes some things just don’t mix Her hypnotic powers Were useless for hours And Bet found herself in a fix Though Raven was in a good mood He was going to … Continue reading Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 2016-2: The Siren


Creepy Pumpkin

#WorldWatercolorGroup The October Adventure over on Doodlewash is “The Simple Things in Life”. Charlie has provided a list of prompts for October, and I’ve covered quite a few of them in this very rushed watercolour. I’m rushing everything these days, it seems! Yes, I’ve used Pumpkins, Full Moons (or Sunsets depending on your point of view) and Autumn Leaves (which would be in the painting … Continue reading Creepy Pumpkin


The Wraith’s Wrath

He was annoyed. Ooh, was he annoyed. He was so annoyed you couldn’t shake a stick at it. He was that annoyed. He’d passed through death without the dying part. He was undead without becoming dead in the first place. His life as he knew it had ended, yet it carried on. He was still here. Walking. He found it odd doing that without breathing, … Continue reading The Wraith’s Wrath