September’s Theme

September is fast approaching, so it’s new theme time once again! After August’s Mind Walking, I’ve chosen the next theme to be a little more laid back:


If you so wish to use the theme for one or more of your posts during September, here are all the details you need:

There aren’t any rules actually, just a few guidelines:

  • Write a post (or more, if your imagination is well and truly fired!) based on the theme I provide. The post can take any form / genre / length you choose.
  • Link your post to the post on this blog (Beyond the Sphere) that introduces the theme for the month (so basically, THIS POST for September’s theme!)
  • Visit other bloggers who take part, and read their interpretation of the theme.
  • And that’s it! Oh, and if you could pass the word on, that would be lovely. The more the merrier after all!

And have fun!

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Ghost Town

The streets are silent
The lights are out
The place is abandoned
No shadow of a doubt
Gone are the squabbles
The laughter and the joy
Replaced by just echoes
And the odd rumbling noise
The land, it is sinking
Deep beneath the waves
Although now it is standing
It will be gone within days
A once vibrant city
Full of energy and life
Becomes but a memory
In its own afterlife

Wordle: The Angel’s Realm

Breathe deeply
Enter the realm of the Angels
Reality left behind, free now of all restrictions
All complaints, all darkness and negativity
Feel the realm of the Angels
Feel only warmth, see only light
Feel peace and love and harmony
Fly in the realm of the Angels
See blessings to count
Turn bad vibes into Good Feelings
No more crosses to bear
Rest in the realm of the Angels
Wrapped in vast angelic wings
That gently brush and soothe
Return from the realm of the Angels
With a clean plate and fresh thoughts
New ideas for a new direction
Remember the realm of the Angels
Part experience, part dream
Part signpost for a new beginning
Know that the realm of the Angels
Is there forever, open whenever
And can be visited again and again
Breathe deeply
You’ve just reached out to the Angels
And they’ve touched you in return

Two Thousand Posts: Still on track!

I may even reach it sooner…

Maybe. Perhaps. Almost certainly.

Earlier this year, I challenged myself to reach a target of two thousand posts by New Year’s Eve this year. Although I’m not there yet, I’m well on the way, and with four months left, the target is getting closer and closer. And October is getting ever closer as well, where I hand the blog over to my Inner Halloween Fanatic who fills the month with all kinds of random Halloween nonsense… I can’t see this year being any different there.

But wait. Almost October. Already!

I’m ahead of myself. Let’s finish August first of all, and then enjoy September. Time’s passing by quick enough as it is!

Where I’m Headed

I’m heading in one direction.
Sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways, and sometimes backwards – but no matter which way I go I always head one way.

Toward my destination. My destiny.

It’s over that hill there… through the mist… round the bend… down the stairs… through  the stream… over the pond… by the forest…

Or maybe it’s through the forest first… then over the hill… then up the…

Ah. It’s over there, my destination. Somewhere. I’ll get there one day, no matter which route I take.

I wonder though… will I know when I’ve made it; when I arrive at wherever?

Falsely Spammed!

A quick update regarding the spam commenting issue that is currently affecting a few of us…

Becky has been speaking to the WordPress Happiness Engineers about the problem, and they have advised that the problem appears to be with some commenters rather than the blogs themselves. I work with computers and I don’t know what the difference is between the two, although the comments can come from different sources rather than just through the blogs, so this may have something to do with it – that’s just me thinking aloud there – nothing official…

However, the Happiness Engineers have asked that if anyone has been flung into spam could they let them know (I’ve added a link below) – the problem is it could be a few hours until the comments are discovered in spam, and I have to release the comment so I can reply and let the commenter know they’ve been in spam… although it may help to build up a bigger picture as part of their investigation.

I will advise you if you’ve been rescued, no worries there!, and if you get chance to, if you could pop by to the following link to advise it may help to resolve this rather frustrating problem.

Thank you.

Old Friend

Saw you
In my mind
Walking swiftly
Away by yourself
Daydreaming as you do
Your face was hidden in shade
Yet I could see your friendly smile
I noticed that you glanced towards me
But felt sad when you looked away
I tell myself you saw me
How would I ever know?
Next time could you wave?
It was nice though
Seeing you


Image from Pixabay

Olde English Sheepdog



I haven’t really had much time for painting this month… I haven’t really had much time to do anything, actually, but sometimes time just has to be made.

Charlie’s adventure this month is Share Your Favourite Things, and as I’m still in August (I’m still in August? I am!) I thought I’d create a very quick painting of one of my favourite dogs… an Old English Sheepdog. I just love ‘em! Floppy fur and everything! Not that my painting shows that much floppy fur, I hasten to add, but the idea’s there.

I also like anything Old English to be spelled olde worlde style (it has something to do with my Inner Traditionalist!), so I named this painting Olde English Sheepdog.

Will I paint again before the month is out? Only time knows. If not, there will be another adventure along next month, so then I may be able to be a little more creative.

Feeling creative yourself? Visit Charlie’s blog on the link above to find out more details, and then join the World Watercolour Group!

Sometimes, odd things happen


Normally, every Monday morning at 10am the air raid siren goes off. Absolutely diabolical noise it makes, which sends chills beneath my skin and fills me with dread. Awful. I can imagine how fearful it sounded when it was actually needed, but nowadays I think it’s just sounded to test it. During the 1970s, they used to test it at 11pm, and, if I was still awake at that hour, I remember scrambling for cover beneath my blanket as I never wanted to hear it. At 11pm, it also echoed outside, like a ghostly reminder of ugly times gone by. And, in some places, those ugly times continue today.

A few minutes later, the all clear is sounded. Still with the same old warbling mechanical siren sound, but somewhat gentler than the first one. It still sounds horrible, I have to say, but I prefer it out of the two.

This morning, I’d completely forgotten about the air raid siren. You tend to do that when things happen regularly, so when 10 o’clock came around I was most definitely surprised.

This morning, there was no air raid siren. This morning, there was a lone bagpiper a-piping. I have to confess that bagpipes aren’t a particular favourite instrument of mine, but it was a very pleasant change form the fear filled siren that we normally get treated to.

A change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes.

If it means never hearing an air raid siren again, I’d happily take the bagpipes everyday.

Image from Pixabay

And they say she was a Dreamer

I simply had to reblog this post by Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. During July, I created an image for Sue, which she has used to create this wonderfully thoughtful and uplifting poem – and she has also linked it to my Monthly Theme ‘Mind Walking’.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


Upwards and outwards she travelled,

 leaving her earth body far below

Knowing all and everything her mind exploded

 like the stars in a firework show


She whizzed through space walking on air

 that was no longer needed

She knew now that through all of her struggles

She had more than succeeded


Her third eye glowed in a body now blue

For now, she was the stars in an ocean of new

The blue dot glowed in the distance of time

And no longer did she dream for her light was Devine


In Oneness she merged with All and every heart

She was home and completed

Of all that ever had been and all yet to come

She surrendered to the Cosmos

Knowing her Mission was now done.

By Sue Dreamwalker

The above Image was created by Tom over at Beyond The Sphere, Tom created this image…

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Wordle: First Flight by Moonlight

Checklist printed
I can now begin.
Boots removed: tick.
Hair trimmed: yep, so I can see (I cringe when I think how it was)
Window opened wide: yes, of course. Had to chip away at the hinge to make that happen!
Tonight’s the night!

I breathe deeply
Long and deep…

The night’s calm
Full Moon, little mist
I stand on the ledge, lean forward
And lift.

Out for a spin, as they say.
A short flight tonight and see what stems from there
This is how to live!
Free and with the elements

Six Word Saturday as Sunday Approaches

Once again I find myself late

Time. It’s of the essence. It flies. It only drags when I’m somewhere I’d rather not be… anywhere else, and everything seems to be a blur.

I find myself watching events unfurl around me, with me in the centre, and I wonder how I’m in the midst of this event, when a mere second ago I was in a different part of town completely. I blink, and it’s two hours later.

Two hours ago, I settled down to rest. I blinked. Now it’s now.