The Pianist and the Rain again

At the end of April in 2012, we had a storm. I remember it well. I imagined a pianist playing in both competition and harmony with the rain, and these words summed up those thoughts.

This is simply ‘Pianist and the Rain’.

As the pianist played, the rain fell.
As the rain fell, the thunder sang.
As the thunder sang, the lightning danced.
As the lightning danced, the pianist played.

Thunder and music.

Lightning and rain.

Harmonious. Togetherness. Nature and sound.
Dancing. And playing. Music abounds.

In tune.

In rhythm.

Inside and out.

The pianist plays as the rains come down.

Thunder. Now birdsong. Raindrops galore.
Both nature and musician need to give more.

Epic Mythology

Snowlef laughed as she was being chased
Through the Tower of Dreams in the Reading Place
Her mother, Locke, commanded she stop
Though Snowlef didn’t until the Paniom dropped

Sintair stood frozen in time
Once again he’d stepped out of line
Snowlef watched on although she couldn’t move
Knowing full well her mother disapproved

“This is the library, children, the Reading Place
It is not a room to play and race
It is for calm, and peace, a place to relax
Not one for sudden surprise attacks!

“Now go outside to the gardens and play
I’ve extended time to give you more day
The Paniom has been set back an hour”
As the Goddess Locke controlled Time’s power


With a clap of my hands (and a flap of my wings!) I’m generating a Butterfly Effect today. I’m sending ripples of positivity out into the world.

Emanating positive vibes growing, reaching far and wide
Keeping the levels up, Feeling Good inside
Reflections of positive energy grow
Reaching those who need them so
Giving protection where its needed most
Providing smiles and comfort and warmth

And so be it!

Hands clapped.

Wings flapped.

The cycle has commenced.

Ten Minute Doodle: The Island

A quick digital ten-minute doodle of an island or a rock out in the middle of a clear blue sea somewhere. The waves lapping quite vigorously against one side, and a few clouds gathering in the clear blue sky above.

I let the colours guide me with this one, even though I wanted to keep the actual number of colours used down. It was fun to create, and didn’t take long at all to come together!