Olde English Sheepdog



I haven’t really had much time for painting this month… I haven’t really had much time to do anything, actually, but sometimes time just has to be made.

Charlie’s adventure this month is Share Your Favourite Things, and as I’m still in August (I’m still in August? I am!) I thought I’d create a very quick painting of one of my favourite dogs… an Old English Sheepdog. I just love ‘em! Floppy fur and everything! Not that my painting shows that much floppy fur, I hasten to add, but the idea’s there.

I also like anything Old English to be spelled olde worlde style (it has something to do with my Inner Traditionalist!), so I named this painting Olde English Sheepdog.

Will I paint again before the month is out? Only time knows. If not, there will be another adventure along next month, so then I may be able to be a little more creative.

Feeling creative yourself? Visit Charlie’s blog on the link above to find out more details, and then join the World Watercolour Group!

Sometimes, odd things happen


Normally, every Monday morning at 10am the air raid siren goes off. Absolutely diabolical noise it makes, which sends chills beneath my skin and fills me with dread. Awful. I can imagine how fearful it sounded when it was actually needed, but nowadays I think it’s just sounded to test it. During the 1970s, they used to test it at 11pm, and, if I was still awake at that hour, I remember scrambling for cover beneath my blanket as I never wanted to hear it. At 11pm, it also echoed outside, like a ghostly reminder of ugly times gone by. And, in some places, those ugly times continue today.

A few minutes later, the all clear is sounded. Still with the same old warbling mechanical siren sound, but somewhat gentler than the first one. It still sounds horrible, I have to say, but I prefer it out of the two.

This morning, I’d completely forgotten about the air raid siren. You tend to do that when things happen regularly, so when 10 o’clock came around I was most definitely surprised.

This morning, there was no air raid siren. This morning, there was a lone bagpiper a-piping. I have to confess that bagpipes aren’t a particular favourite instrument of mine, but it was a very pleasant change form the fear filled siren that we normally get treated to.

A change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes.

If it means never hearing an air raid siren again, I’d happily take the bagpipes everyday.

Image from Pixabay

And they say she was a Dreamer

I simply had to reblog this post by Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. During July, I created an image for Sue, which she has used to create this wonderfully thoughtful and uplifting poem – and she has also linked it to my Monthly Theme ‘Mind Walking’.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


Upwards and outwards she travelled,

 leaving her earth body far below

Knowing all and everything her mind exploded

 like the stars in a firework show


She whizzed through space walking on air

 that was no longer needed

She knew now that through all of her struggles

She had more than succeeded


Her third eye glowed in a body now blue

For now, she was the stars in an ocean of new

The blue dot glowed in the distance of time

And no longer did she dream for her light was Devine


In Oneness she merged with All and every heart

She was home and completed

Of all that ever had been and all yet to come

She surrendered to the Cosmos

Knowing her Mission was now done.

By Sue Dreamwalker

The above Image was created by Tom over at Beyond The Sphere, Tom created this image…

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Wordle: First Flight by Moonlight

Checklist printed
I can now begin.
Boots removed: tick.
Hair trimmed: yep, so I can see (I cringe when I think how it was)
Window opened wide: yes, of course. Had to chip away at the hinge to make that happen!
Tonight’s the night!

I breathe deeply
Long and deep…

The night’s calm
Full Moon, little mist
I stand on the ledge, lean forward
And lift.

Out for a spin, as they say.
A short flight tonight and see what stems from there
This is how to live!
Free and with the elements

Six Word Saturday as Sunday Approaches

Once again I find myself late

Time. It’s of the essence. It flies. It only drags when I’m somewhere I’d rather not be… anywhere else, and everything seems to be a blur.

I find myself watching events unfurl around me, with me in the centre, and I wonder how I’m in the midst of this event, when a mere second ago I was in a different part of town completely. I blink, and it’s two hours later.

Two hours ago, I settled down to rest. I blinked. Now it’s now.

Catapulted into Spam?

Just a quick post this to mention something that appears to be going on at present, which is beyond the reach of the technical team here Beyond the Sphere.

I’ve noticed a few comments lately having to be rescued from my Spam folder; I’ve had no indication at first that there are even messages inside the Spam folder, and then, later and quite suddenly, I’m advised. As soon as I know, I delve right in, and retrieve the comment.

I’ve created a quick question and answer section which may help:

How would I know I’ve been flung into Spam?

When this has happened to me in the past, my comment just seems to disappear. The post I’m commenting upon appears again as normal on screen, without my comment. When I try to comment again, that too vanishes. It is most odd. but it happens from time to time.

Told you it was a quick question and answer section.

Rest assured, that as soon as I spot your comment within my Spam folder, it will be retrieved and moderated without haste (unless it is a genuine Spam message – and then it will be catapulted further on within the Spam Realm!) Hopefully this will be a short-lived issue, and I apologise if you find yourself caught up in this spammin’ predicament.


Everything was going her way. At last, after all those years, she’d made it. She’d become a success. A sensation.

“You’re moving forwards now, kiddo!” Her agent told her, “I said we’d get there!”

“What happens now?” She asked, eyes intense with expectation.

“We continue moving on. YOU continue moving on. Leave your old life behind, and watch the opportunities knock!”

“Leave my…? What about my friends, my family?”

“They’ll be OK. They’ll be happy for you. Don’t let them hold you back.”

“But…” She thought, “They’ve always been there for me.”

“You have to make hard choices sometimes, kiddo.”

Wordle: Eternal Thoughts

I wait for time to stand still as I travel its plethora of pathways
But it stays and waits for no man
Yet it can be stretched and charged
For all to sail its eternal ebb and flow
To bite the bullet, run headlong
And slip in the synchronistic slime
Or feel the burn as it takes its toll
Chipping away day by day
Trust that it will always be there
Neither crooked nor straight,
Never early or late
And ever for ever ongoing

The Secret to Feeling Good

A quick message from the Mystical Book of What Now?

The secret to Feeling Good isn’t anything very special at all. In fact, it’s one of the easiest concepts in existence yet it is very easy to dismiss it.

It isn’t about what we own, what we control, what we do, who we know, how much we have, how loudly we shout, how old we are, and any other combination or variation of these examples. It is a feeling that stems from within. It really is just how we feel. It’s where our mind and heart is at any given moment.

It’s a choice. We can choose to Feel Good or not.

It’s our choice and nobody else’s.

So, if you’re feeling somewhat down one day, stop and think for a second. You are choosing to feel that way… so why not choose the better option? Or not… it’s your choice, after all!

Another Cloud Covered Night for Starwatching

Those Perseids have eluded me again

Sigh. I’ll have to wait until next year now! One day – ONE DAY – I WILL get to see them, in person, with my very own eyes!

However, coming soon to the skies (around October 7th) are the Draconids, when the constellation of Draco (the Dragon) will be sending a selection of meteors out into our direction. They appear to be coming from the dragon’s head, interestingly, although the shooting stars are actually caused by dust from a comet named 21 P/ Giacobini-Zinnerand. Another good thing about this meteor shower is that it appears just before nightfall, and just after the Sun has set – so there’s no need to stay up late! Although one or two shooting stars will be seen throughout the night.

And, if I miss this one, a few weeks later there’s the Orionids to look out for (October 21st). Although to see these I’d have to be up at the crack of dawn. Or just before, apparently.

One final shower to mention will appear in November (17th) again just before dawn; the Leonids. I missed a spectacular display from the Leonids back in 1966, where thousands of shooting stars were seen every minute for fifteen minutes or so. I didn’t miss them because of cloud cover or was looking the other way or anything, I simply hadn’t been born yet. So maybe this year, fifty years later, history will repeat itself with this meteor shower.

I can’t wait, but I’m not holding my breath… chances are I’ll miss every single one.

The image is a screenshot from a nifty open source planetarium called Stellarium which can take you anywhere in the skies and anywhere in time. Ideal for finding constellations!

The Perseids… again

Once again, it’s time for us to fly through the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The major part of the shower reached its peak earlier today, but there are still some meteors out there that we’ll be passing through again tonight.

It’s funny how we only go through them at night, considering we’re all sharing the same space, you’d think they’d be there in the daytime as well… Ha! I jest! Of course I know that they’re there during the day – they just haven’t been switched on yet.

With Jupiter’s gravity, this year’s shower is meant to be phenomenal, with up to 500 or so shooting stars being visible every hour. Tonight’s spectacle may not be as grand, but there will still be a few hundred passing by.

Last night I was ready for them. I ALWAYS miss them. Always. But last night I was prepared. I stayed up especially. I got to my favourite place at one of the Mansion’s windows. I looked out and couldn’t see a bloomin’ thing due to heavy cloud cover.

I suppose, if I don’t see them again tonight, I can always walk amongst them with the help of my mind’s eye. I never miss them that way!