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Letters to the Universe… The Penultimate Edition!

Dear Blogland,
Just a couple of quick words to keep you in the loop. Stuck and Enclosed. Hahaha!!!! Ahem. Sorry. A little joke there; playing with words again… stuck? See? And enclosed. Within the… Ah well. Moving swiftly on. In my previous post, I included an image of some text in Latin, without checking beforehand what the words actually meant! Now, not speaking Latin myself, the words are just gobbledegook to me, but they do have meanings and may not be the exact Feel Good words I had intended to use. I’m writing this, and I still haven’t had a look at what the phrase is saying, but now I don’t want to know, and will remain merrily in cloud cuckoo land thinking they are still gobbledegook.

Dear Blogland,
Oops. Nearly forgot the second part to my ‘couple’! Yes, you did read the title to this post correctly. Next week’s Letters to the Universe will be the final post in this run, but there will be more letters at a later date. I do enjoy writing these posts, but I don’t want to have too much of a good thing. That said, the Letters may be back within the month!

Dear Disillusioned Folk,
Please think before you just act. Take a moment to look at yourself, breathe deeply. Think of other ways of doing things rather than taking the decision to go for what you have at the front of your mind. If you aren’t happy about some things, take positive steps to change them. Be a shining light for yourself and others and don’t make yourself yet another sad statistic. There’s a phrase I heard once that said ‘the hardest thing to do in life is live in it’… but we’re managing. I’m managing. And if I can do it, anyone can! Life is for LIVING.

Dear Thunderstorm,
Wednesday night’s performance was ground-trembling, I’m led to believe. I heard you rumble in the distance, just as I was drifting off to sleep, and then slept through the entire feature presentation. You had lightning, thunder, the works… and I missed everything. You’re in good company, though, as I tend to miss a lot of astronomical events as well.

Dear The Word Gobbledegook,
Such a fabulous word to be included in my penultimate letters post. Some would say you have featured in all of my Letters to the Universe posts since they began back in May 2017, but I couldn’t possibly comment there. Nor could I comment on the fact that gobbledegook is actually more widespread across a larger number of my posts, although I would be the first to admit that some may be erring slightly that way.

Dear Pastels,
I’ve had such a good time getting to smudge your colours all over my little 2.5X3.5 pieces of watercolour paper for my new range of ATC creations. I’ve also enjoyed smudging your colours all over myself as well, although the latter smudging was more by accident than done so deliberately!

Dear Days,
I’m starting to notice that you are getting ever shorter of late. It is now dark when I have to get up in the morning, but it is still light when I finish work, which is good… although I know that it won’t be long now before you are dark at both ends (and in the middle, depending on the weather that particular day!). I’ve also noticed a few signs of Autumn drifting in… yellow and brown leaves on the trees – and scattered on the ground. Still, it’s good to see you, however long you are… and may that remain so for a very long time.

Dear Ducks,
I’ve missed your colours this year. Usually you are all shiny and blue and green with bright orange feet, but this year you’ve been mostly brown and black with completely different wellies on (‘wellies’… Wellington Boots. Ducks don’t normally wear them), and I have no idea what happened to Tufty, since he met Mrs Tufty… they’ve probably gone to pastures new and raised hundreds of Tuftylets! Good luck to you all.

Dear Clouds,
I didn’t have time to photograph you this time around, but can I just say what a fabulous display you put on for me as you drifted by? You present many a flying pig, which I found hilarious. One after the other. I also like how you made the next one in turn smaller than the previous one. A nice touch!

Dear Watercolours,
Yes, I am tempted. Yes, I will use you again. Yes, it will be soon. Just waiting for the correct inspirational alignment, and then I’ll be right at it!

And to finish… Dear All,
And there we have it. The next but one last Letters to the Universe post for this run. As I mentioned earlier, a new run will be along in due course, but I want to try something new in a few weeks… something a little more interactive and hopefully fun; a little risky, perhaps; something that requires a bit of work from me to start off with, but should work OK once done. Fingers crossed. Something I feel ideal for Fridays, ready for the weekend. But we shall see. Until that idea is ready, Fridays will be handed over to quite an Elite bunch. Can’t say any more for now, though. Shhh!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s one of those ducks I mentioned, just because:

Still as cute, however, even if not as colourful as you were in the past. Love the new wellies, however!

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ATC: Wyvern

So. I had planned on posting a new ATC each week for my new Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series. And here I am posting another ATC, a day after the first one.

Why? Well, thank you for asking. I so enjoyed creating yesterday’s Phoenix, I decided that I couldn’t wait until next week to do another, so went right ahead and created one right here right now. Well, earlier, as you’ll be reading this after the event.

Today’s Mythical Being is the Wyvern. Often mistaken for a dragon, wyverns have two legs whereas dragons have four. It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t go calling a wyvern a dragon. They’re quite touchy.

Once again pastels, gold and silver markers and gel pens were used for this mini creation (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches is the ATC size).

If you think I’m a dragon
More fool you
Dragons have four legs
I have two
I have long strong wings
And a sharp barbed tail
Try to find me
You will surely fail
But pay attention
Look up and down
You may see my images
All around town
If it’s a dragon
That you think you see…
Remember the Wyvern
Remember me


I’ve reposted this little rhyme I’ve written about the Wyvern quite a few times, so I think it’s due for another outing.

Tomorrow, I shall try for a written post. But me and plans, y’know…

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ATC: Phoenix

I’m back to being creative again… well, a little anyhow.

I’ve decided to venture on to a new series of ATC creations. ATCs (or Artist’s Trading Cards) are small artistic creations that measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The last time I created ATCs was during July’s World Watercolour Month, when I did them using the medium of watercolour. Goes without saying really.

This time around, however, I’m not limited to watercolour. That isn’t to say I won’t use watercolour, as I probably will, but with ATCs anything goes, as long as that anything fits within the boundary of the tiny blank canvas.

For today’s ATC, I’ve used pastels, gel pens and gold and silver marker pens. ‘Phoenix’ is the first in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series.

This is my first time at using pastels, and I found them quite easy to use and very smudgy! I’ve never washed my hands as much as I have whilst creating this little picture, but it was all fun. It passed a couple of hours as I got carried away with it, which is good.

Both images on this post are a little misleading as they don’t actually show the real size, but as the series progresses you’ll see that they really are ATC size.