Wordle: Slapstick

“That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into!” Vented Hardy to Laurel in the old black and white films As he was sprayed in the face with water Unable to move due to entangled limbs As the tray he ended up sitting on, After pulling a door handle that came off in his hands Made him fall backwards at the top of the stairs Sending … Continue reading Wordle: Slapstick


Post 2,000

Hehehehe! Hahahaha!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Do you remember recently, I mentioned I had an announcement to make? Well, yesterday’s Party Like It’s 1999 post should have given a really HUGE clue as to what the announcement was going to be. Especially when I stated in the party post: In some ways, it actually is! That’s right. The party post was my 1,999th post. Which means that … Continue reading Post 2,000


Aswas As Willbe

Little secluded hideaways Shelter from the Sun Those days are now memories Now that Winter has begun Days of Spring behind us Autumn sings her farewell song But in a few months time again Those days will spring along Meanwhile, it’s time to chill To reflect on what has been To wrap up warm and welcome in The pleasant Christmas scene Focus on the present … Continue reading Aswas As Willbe


Look into the eyes

Undulating Pendulum Back and forth Left to right Right to left Gently relaxing Totally Relaxing Mesmerising It’s the eye thing Look deeply into the eyes Feel the natural power The raw energy The life within And breathe Breathe Breathe deeply Breathe fully Feel the life In each breath Feel the power Filling your body Feel the goodness Replacing doubt Pain Anger Feel Good. Now go … Continue reading Look into the eyes


Sometimes, it isn’t always the wind…

It was the wind. It was the wind. It was the wind. It. WAS. The. Wind. Enid stoked the open fire in the large stone fireplace in the living room. Snowy curled up on the floor in the warmest place she could find. Enid placed a couple of wood chunks into the fire, and then settled down on the sofa opposite, too nervous to relax … Continue reading Sometimes, it isn’t always the wind…