A Bed of Lettuce

I like a challenge, I really do, but even I’m stumped with what to do with this as a subject for a post. Nice, crisp and fresh… a little like the weather at the moment, and totally unlike the forecast. The weather that is. Mind you, the lettuce is completely unlike the forecast as well, thinking about it… although it is nice, crisp and fresh … Continue reading A Bed of Lettuce


Wordle: Change Begins Now

Cheat the system Take a leap of faith Reap rewards With a smile on your face Climb to heights Of which you dream But act gracefully No need to preen Look around Take in what you see Calmly does it While others flee Seal your future With a single truth You own your life And it’s not uncouth So when sirens sound However feeble you … Continue reading Wordle: Change Begins Now


Cute Critter Friday: The Mandarin Challenge

Yes, I know it’s only Thursday. It actually feels like Wednesday to me, if you must know, but I know it is Thursday. I was meandering around the Lake earlier today – the very frozen Lake, might I add – and I saw this: ducks frozen in time. Then I looked closer. Not all were frozen. I then realised what they were doing – the … Continue reading Cute Critter Friday: The Mandarin Challenge


Thoughts from the New Year Weekend

I’d intended to post this (or something like it!) on Monday, the day after the New Year Weekend, and then use it as a template for a new regular feature here on the blog, to focus on the more unusual events that happen over the weekend. Factual or fictional, it matters not – especially around here as reality has a way of blending in with … Continue reading Thoughts from the New Year Weekend


The Great 2016 Beyond the Sphere Trivia Quiz

Just a bit of fun to end the year, and to see if you can remember any of the posts that I’d actually forgotten about myself! Well, it has to be done. Answers will be revealed next year. Hehehe! A new part of the Mansion appeared at the beginning of the year, and within was an unexpected guest. This colourful creature quoted a comedy legend. … Continue reading The Great 2016 Beyond the Sphere Trivia Quiz


Early Words Wordle: Sweet Dreams

Bananas Wrapped in toffee chocolate That melt in the mouth And run down the chin Mmm… Bells. Calories to burn, bear in mind Almost time to get the exercise in Not today, though, I’ll respectfully decline A time to eat plenty, drink and be merry More bells chime, slip in another course: Profiterole tower Refreshing torte Or gateau topped with winter berries Decisions, decisions, my … Continue reading Early Words Wordle: Sweet Dreams