Sea-life Cuisine

My, th-that was a rough night!
Declared Albert, voice trembling with fright.

I’ve got a sinkin’ feelin’…
Replied Malcolm, not quite believing.

I hope I’m still dreaming…
Cried Cyril, plotting and scheming.

Come join us, it’s suppertime!
Sang the mermaids,


ending the rhyme.

Sinister, them mermaids! This is my take on Hélène’s latest ‘What Do You See’ challenge. (Link below!)

Weekly challenge

Elevensies: The Rose

Genre: Mystery; Romance; Comedy

The museum curator was puzzled.
She hadn’t been sent a red rose since her school days, but in all honesty, at this time of her life, she was prepared to accept one from anyone –  anyone apart from Clammy-Hand Colin that was, big clumsy oaf that he was.
And the note intrigued her too.
“Meet me at the butterfly house after dark”, it read, “And bring a broom.”
Bewitched as she was by her secret admirer, she did as the note asked.
She walked around the side of the insect house, and found a trail of red roses that stretched ahead of her along the path, and into the mist in the distance.
She adjusted her glasses and squinted to see a dark, shadowy figure emerge.
She then saw that the dark, shadowy figure was sweeping.
Sweeping roses.
She had to smother her laughter as the figure promptly slipped on one of the wet stems, steadied himself with his broom, slipped down the handle and fell face first into the petals.
“Colin!” she thought, “He never gives up!”

Elevensies 1.1

Fancy a quick challenge over a cuppa?

The Wordcloud challenge that is as easy as 1 to 1. Well, 11. Eleven words in eleven lines, that’s all there is to it. Well, eleven words in eleven lines incorporating one, two or three randomly selected genres, that is.

The words:

And the randomly selected genres are:


The challenge is to write something, anything (poem / story / paragraph / entire blog post (nah, that wouldn’t work)), using all of the words in the word cloud and your choice of one, two or three of the selected genres above. Your piece MUST ONLY be eleven lines / sentences long and MUST include ALL eleven words… otherwise the challenge would be called Tensies and Ninesies; or Eightsies, and then it wouldn’t sit quite right whilst having your Elevensies.

Write your entry on your own blog, and link back to this post on your post, or link to your post in the comments below. I’ll sort out all of the links later from the thousands hundreds eleven (?) good folk who take part. I wonder if I can get more than eleven? Let’s see. This challenge is open until Tuesday 26th February 2019.

I will post my entry later in the week. I may post two. For 1 + 1, you understand… And I will post another challenge next Wednesday… and you never know, it may be another Elevensy. (I’m not sure that’s a word.)

A Nightmare on a Saturday Morning!

Well, a borderline bad dream, anyway!

My all-singing all-dancing supercomputer has stopped working. That said, it is working, just some of the programs on it aren’t. Programs suddenly close down on opening, and can’t be uninstalled to be reinstalled. Even some of the options in the Settings menu will not run. I recently had one of those pesky Windows updates, which I think must be the cause as it is too much of a coincidence otherwise.

I can’t uninstall the latest update either. Well, I can part of it, but not the whole thing.

I can’t uninstall my security program, as I thought that may have been the cause to begin with, but not being able to uninstall that, using their own uninstaller program, made me realise the issue was something else.

Somehow, I found out that my all new all-singing all-dancing supercomputer is using an old version of Windows 10, so I’m now going through the process of installing the latest version. It’s at 50% as I type. I’ve been installing it for about three hours now.

It’s a high-speed computer, so it’s going well.

I’m installing my downloads for one of my art programs onto my other computer, and there are thousands of them, so that is taking time as well. This other computer is the one perched at the end of the desk I mentioned a while ago. The one where I have to work at with an arched back.

So, I have one thing installing one thing and another another. And I’m playing Wordament on my mobile phone as I wait. I keep getting words wrong. Three-letter words. Fortunately, four letter words seem OK. One of the games had letters that made up the words B-A-C-K and A-C-H-E. I’m sure it was trying to tell me something.

Maybe my internet provider is wondering what I’m doing. If they read this post, they’ll know.

As I’m typing this, my art program has completed its latest download, and my other computer’s download has shot up to 70%, so maybe I’m being my own worst enemy by doing everything at once.

I just need to post this, and then I will leave things to their own devices.

I must allow myself more patience.

There. That’s a better set of six words.

A rambling Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

Let the Blogging Commence

No, not commence.



Start again?

No. That isn’t quite right.

Begin over.

Nah. That doesn’t cut the mustard.

Start where I left off?


Carry on as before.

No. No. No!

Pick up where I left off.


Slide back on in there…?

Oh. Most definitely no.


Oh, come on.

Now that that Valentine’s nonsense is out of the way, normality returns once more to Beyond the Sphere. Folk ask the question “What is normal?” And I have to agree.

Here’s a photo of a pomegranate:

Yes. Things are back to normal. And the image is from Pixabay. It isn’t even mine.