Woodland Walk

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentythree

Today’s watercolour is a view of the Martian surface as seen through – wait a minute! This isn’t Mars! No, it’s a woodland walk as found in many locations here on Earth, our remarkable home. I’ve painted it based on a photograph I found online, using only three colours, green, brown and black… although I’ll confess to using different shades of green and mixing them along the way! Running through the middle should be a path, although in this picture it reminds me of a stream.

I have a long way to go before things start looking realistic, if I ever get there, but I’ll keep on. I like playing with colour, and I like playing with watercolour! And for me, whatever I end up with is fine. Could be better, but fine all the same.

From Six Words

Before the tea heavy rainfall came
Suddenly, then it was clear again
Replaced, it was, by a gentle breeze
Carrying echoes through the forest’s trees
My walk began at the waterfall’s edge
With chilled lemonade, nice and fresh…

Based on my Six Word Saturday post, I created this Wordcloud from six of the keywords – I replaced shower for rainfall, but there you have it – and then created the rhyme based on the post itself! I didn’t really need to create the Wordcloud, but if I hadn’t then this would have been a second post that didn’t include an image! And I couldn’t have that!

Again it is hot Hot HOT!

A list to cool things down

A Cascading Waterfall

There’s nothing more chilling (cooling and relaxing – works both ways here!) than running water. In my Land of Peace and Tranquility, I have a waterfall where I visit within my Mind’s Eye when I need to relax and cool off! As well as the water cascading, rainbows appear all over the place as the sun catches the droplets of water. There’s a magical feel here… with an expectation to see a Unicorn, or Dragon, or some other mystical creature appear into the clearing from the Forest for a drink.

A Gentle Breeze

The water creates a lovely breeze when you stand close to it. I do it often – I don’t mind getting wet in my imagination. I don’t mind it in real life actually – but in my imagination I’m dry again instantly. The breeze carries with it an enchanting melody – a hum – sometimes an eerie echo – and that’s how I know I’ve reached my special place.

A Refreshing Glass of Chilled Lemonade

Instantly, an iced glass holding chilled lemonade appears in my hand. I drink. Slowly savouring the fizz, the flavour, and the relaxing chill that fills my mouth. Delicious!

An Idyllic Forest

I turn my attention over to the Forest itself. The Forest of Tranquility arcs around the clearing, breaking only for the ocean view. Lush greenery and dense, shadowed woodland give way to the pebbled path which leads down to the sandy beach and open and crystal clear sea. Gentle waves silently roll inland from where I stand. Peering back into the Forest itself, it takes a while for the shadowed darkness to reveal its secrets; pathways leading this way and that. Some I will have to explore one day!

A Summer Shower

I’ve just dried off from the spray off the waterfall, and suddenly it rains. Heavily. Refreshingly. With a burst of thunderous applause overhead. These Summer thunderstorms are very refreshing, and really do cool the air somewhat. Now that it’s stopped, I definitely feel cooler… although a little damp once again. Never mind – I will soon be dry once again.

A Hot Cup of Tea

And speaking of being dry – a lovely cup of tea to finish things off. On a hot day, tea does wonders to cool things. Or maybe that’s my imagination as well.


There we have it. An imaginary list of six items to cool things down on a hot Summer’s day. For Six Word Saturday to boot! I’m feeling cooler already… and that Feels Good!

Knickerbocker Glory!

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentytwo

Scrumptious vanilla and banana ice cream, blended to perfection with fresh cream, layered in a lopsided glass with strawberry, black cherry and passion fruit sauces, sprinkled on top with one or two crumbled biscuit pieces and a cherry and a chunk of pineapple to top it off. Looks appalling… but looks aren’t everything. It’s what’s inside that matters.

Painted Butterfly

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentyone

I couldn’t think of anything to paint today, so I reached for my paintbrushes, watercolour pads, and paints, sat myself down and decided to go for the first thing that came into my head.

Luckily, it was a butterfly!

As I was painting, I realised that I also need to get back to doing a little more writing, so I thought I’d come up with a little 5-7-5 piece to go with it.

Silently she drinks
Always wary and watching
And ready for flight

I have no idea what type of butterfly this is… I found the image online, and liked the way it was looking toward the camera. Well, that’s how I saw it, anyway. I always tend to see things just a little differently… and one quick doodle later, followed by a splosh of this colour and a splish of that one, a sprinklin’ of a few words hither and thither, and the addition of my name for good measure, today’s post is complete.

The Sunny Side of the Street

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twenty (Day twenty? Already???!!!)

Today’s sploshing of colour takes us into town, on a very quiet morning where everywhere is closed, and the Sun is shining brightly. The long closed-down cinema is directly opposite us, the building earmarked for a trendy nightclub. The bank, the building in the shade on the right of the painting, is also closed. It doesn’t open until 9.30.

On the sunny side of the street, by the traffic light is the florist, and next to that is a quaint bistro. Obviously both closed as well, as this town doesn’t get going until at least 8.30am.

It’s nice and cool at present, but very soon, it will be hot, hot, HOT!

Happy Summer!


#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Nineteen

A constellation of starfish, that is! A very quick doodle this – I just let the colours spread.

I’m not keen – it’s too rushed and not colourful enough… although I have an idea how to develop it further. If there’s time this month I shall add Constellation II – if not, I’ll post the finished painting at a future time, although here’s a quick pencil sketch of how things could have or should have been…


I’ve completely lost the use of my keyboard, mouse and printer – all in one go – so as I’m trying to sort the problem I’m painting at the same time. 

This rather strange chap came to mind so I had to paint him. All I know about him is that he’s an elf.

This is another watercolour for World Watercolour Month… and as soon as I can I shall update this post with the usual links.

Thank goodness for mobile phones!

It IS Lynda!

So, at long last, I can reveal who it was in my portrait that never was.

But before I go on, however, just a quick word about the history. Although I have only recently started painting in watercolour, many years ago, I used to create my own caricatures of folk. I used to draw what I saw, but I saw things differently, so things turned out slightly differently. With features not being too over exaggerated, I must add, but somewhat more pronounced than they actually were. Most times the caricatures looked very little like who they were meant to be, yet there were some similarities. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s been years since I last did a caricature of someone, and although this painting of Lynda Carter wasn’t meant to be a caricature, old habits die hard, it seems. I know Lynda calls by the Mansion occasionally, so I hope you aren’t too offended by the sketch…

I started seeing other people in the drawing… (I can see Jacklyn Smith in the painting now – sigh!) and so did others as well. So then, I thought I had to roll with this… have a little fun! Create watercolour clues  (as it is World Watercolour Month – you may have heard of it…!)  to see if anyone would be able to name my star guest.

Obviously, with clues being clues some had to be a little obtuse.

I posted a green lantern. This was meant to represent the superhero Green Lantern, and put one in the superhero field of thought. The next clue was an eye. Lynda Carter’s eye apparently behind Diana Prince’s glasses (for those unaware – where have you been? – Lynda played Wonder Woman in the 1970s; her secret identity was Diana Prince who disguised herself by wearing spectacles, and she turned herself into Wonder Woman by removing the glasses, whirling round and creating mystical explosions wherever trouble was occurring). The next clue was a pair of red boots and some old yellow rope. Well – Wonder Woman wore red boots, and used a magical lasso that compelled whoever she caught by it to tell the truth – and they had to obey. The final clue was the in the title of another recent post, ‘Sunset on an Island Paradise’ – Paradise Island was where Wonder Woman originally hailed from. The character played by the mystery person in my painting was Wonder Woman, so it had to be Lynda. Easy clues when you know how.

Incidentally, there was another actress to play Wonder Woman in 1967, Ellie Wood Walker, so I had to mention ‘forty years ago’ in my last post to avoid confusion. Not that I like to confuse. Who? Me? And, speaking of the last post, hanging in the wardrobe were Wonder Woman’s cape and her blue underwater outfit that she wore occasionally – and the boots and lasso were there again. The boots magically became flippers when she was under water.

So. The guesses. We’ve certainly been seeing stars with this little exercise! Britney Spears. Kelly Brook. Julia Roberts. Katy Perry. Sally Field and, interestingly, or coincidentally, Debra Winger. Jodi came up with Debra Winger and I nearly fell through the floor when I read it. Debra starred with Lynda Carter in a few episodes of Wonder Woman back in the day – she played Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s sister. So you can have a point for that, Jodi, even though you weren’t exactly right that time!

I may do another of these some time in the future. I’ve had a whale of a time recently.

A bit of creative licence does ‘wonders’… have a go, if you don’t believe me!

The Secret is Out

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Eighteen

Now what do we have here? Hmmm. An open wardrobe door with somebody’s secret on display to the whole world. There are stars there. Is that a spandex jumpsuit? And red boots once again. And what’s that hanging from the hook at the side there? I wonder…

In a recent post, All Smiles, I published a portrait of a superstar who looks nothing like who it’s meant to be, but rather strangely resembles several other people who it most definitely isn’t. I haven’t named the superstar as yet, because I’ve really enjoyed creating clues as to her identity – or rather the identity of one of the characters she played forty years ago – during this World Watercolour Month. I think portraits that look nothing like their subject is the way forward.

I believe this post should give the game away, but as a reminder here are the other clues I’ve posted along the way:

And yesterday’s post of an island paradise also included a clue.

So, if you haven’t worked out who it is so far, I shall tell you… oh, is that the time?! Must dash!

I’ll get back to you in a whirl!

Sunset on an Island Paradise

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Seventeen

For today’s watercolour I’ve time travelled. Either to last night or tonight, I don’t know which, and I also visited one of the realms of my imagination.

If I need to take myself off to relax somewhere, I have a little haven where I visit from time to time. It is most relaxing, the views are stunning whichever way I look, and there is a mini part of everything there. I love the beach with the views of the islands, behind me is the Forest of Tranquility with its lush greenery and hidden at the centre is the Mystic Waterfall. Just around the way from the waterfall are the Twilight Caves, where stars appear to twinkle from out of the darkness as one walks through.

In minutes, I can spend hours there. Exploring, relaxing, breathing in the refreshingly delicious air.

So, I spent so long there, when I returned I had to rush out today’s watercolour. It’s an illustration more than anything, and there are more trees there than I depicted! But even though the watercolour was rushed, painting it was as relaxing as being in the place itself.

Ah. It’s great when you Feel Good!


Wordle: At the Beginning


Use the thumb to lock the door
To crack the whip and then for sure
Spark the imagination
And with any luck, to inspiration
I will succumb and write away
Nice and slick, if I may.
I have an irk as I set to work
And feeling numb
My fingers drum
The desktop as I crumble
Fumble for words
Yet the thrum’s still there
As I sit in my chair
Waiting to write
Words that delight
Or provide insight
For Summer days and Winter nights

Oh, come on chum!
The writing’s done
And yet I haven’t even begun