Well, that was another week! May 17th 2019

Crikey O!!! What a week!

I’m still offline, and will be now for all of next week until an engineer comes out to the Mansion to have a look at my phone line. Sometimes ideas to upgrade are better staying as ideas, rather than setting the wheels in motion. Ah well, I’m committed to this catastrophe now, so I’d best see it through.

So this week has been taken up by multiple webchats with my phone provider’s people, which seems to be their preferred method of communication. Webchats on a mobile phone with fat fingers and impatient advisors is definitely the way forward.

It’s Eurovision Song Contest again this week, and I’ve enjoyed both semi-finals this week. Australia gave a good song and got through to Saturday’s final, so I think they’re my favourite at present. Will they win? Time will tell.

No links this week due to obvious reasons. No pictures either, including my little signature. This blogging via mobile is quite time consuming.

I’m stepping aside from blogging until my internet is working again… well, posting anyway. I will still visit and hopefully comment when I can. My regular posting schedule will now be put back a week, everything crossed.

If I don’t see you before, I’ll see you next week- hopefully.


An Emergency Blog Post

This rather bland and not very interesting post is merely to advise that I’m upgrading my broadband connection this evening. I’m currently without an Internet connection hence this bland post.

Hopefully I’ll be fully connected and at superfast speeds when my connection returns.

I’ll be back soon. Hopefully.

Epic Mythology

Blacksmith saddles and shoes the horse
As ironsmith hammers with precision and force
Baker doughs and kneads the bread
And the farmer’s wife sees the animals fed

Children sit in the schoolroom and learn
As the clockmaker watches the fingers turn
The doctor tends to those not well
And market stalls heave with things to sell

The carpenter smooths and cuts the wood
As the bookkeeper keeps things looking good
The dressmaker knits and sews with ease
And the town crier bellows as he reads

Throughout the land of Everplain
Similar village folk do the same
Some unaware of the desperate plight
By the gods’ domain on the Mount of Light

Beginning Year Ten

Just noticed this achievement in my dashboard. Nine years ago today I registered with WordPress and launched myself into the scary world of Blogging. I keep saying this – but I love it!

Tomorrow, I begin Year Ten. Today, I celebrate completing Nine Years. I must have been very young when I started!