Beyond the Sphere

Over on World Metamorphosis, Visionkeeper has sent out a request for an artistic creation featuring just four colours (Fluorescent Green, Black Currant, Electric Orange and Moon Glow Yellow) which represent the times we live in; Moon Glow Yellow representing faith.

When I started this all of the colours were separate, bold, and colliding with each other in a very garish way. There was no structure, which is what I intended, but it didn’t feel right.

I started blending the colours. They started swirling. They were circling something but I didn’t know what. I wanted the pale yellow to cut through vividly, and as soon as I added the colour I knew exactly what it was.

Not only was the Earth brighter than the fading, swirling mess of the other three colours around her, she was also rising above it.

And with faith, we can rise above anything.

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘ugly’.

A random thing happened the other day. I came across a few old fridge magnets, and just stuck them onto the fridge, quite randomly as you do, to try them out. Look what happened:

I removed the extra letters to highlight the one random word (I also removed the colour to make it look more):

Stranger things have happened!

Incidentally, I’m looking into old words which are no longer in use at the moment. Did you know that ugly used to be uglike? Over time, it became uggely, and then ugly. Did it become uglier? I can’t quite decide!

Visit Debbie’s site on the link above for more takes on this week’s theme.

For Six Word Saturday!

The urge for a haircut has never been as strong!

(Or wolcen)

The azure that surrounds us all; the allure of what is beyond above
The heavens that fit our planet, as perfect as a glove

Stars like jewels fill the skies
Creating shapes in constellations
Like the clouds below them
Creating pareidolia
Or the people below them
Creating dreams
Only slightly more permanent.
Each jewel a stepping stone
Should the first step ever be taken

Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Jewels

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