Meanwhile, in the queue…

“Hiya!” “Oh, Hi!” “I’m glad I’ve bumped into ya – did you hear about what happened to me the other day?” “No… what?” “In here! Her with the blue hair that’s normally on the end till – “ “Yeah?” “She only accused me of trying to short pay her.” “She never!” “She did. Her from the butcher’s was behind me in the queue and saw … Continue reading Meanwhile, in the queue…


Six Syllable Sat’day: Out of here!

Just taking a quick break. ‘Though you shouldn’t notice. Posts are being scheduled. I’m in a galaxy Far, far, far, far away… Mobile signal patchy. Beach is very dusty. The nights are very cold. The cocktails are good though. Went to the beach funfair. Got stuck in the Fun House. And the Hall of Mirrors. The less said the better. See you when I get … Continue reading Six Syllable Sat’day: Out of here!


The Superhero Diaries 4.1: Withdrawal Times Two

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one town’s problems, and decided to stick together for the greater good. One of the disadvantages of being in a superhero group is that one team member’s arch nemesis becomes everyone else on the team’s arch nemesis also. That is simply a cross to bear, unfortunately. One thing that isn’t as … Continue reading The Superhero Diaries 4.1: Withdrawal Times Two



This week, Debbie’s one-word theme is Imagine. I have hundreds of photos which could provide a little something that would stir the imagination, but nothing that stood out to me that would literally fire the imagination. I started to think that I’d have to miss this week’s theme, and then I noticed a blue and clear paperweight that was doing something funky with a red … Continue reading Imagine


Wordle: Not So Sweet Valentine

My Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Sing me a song with such sweet rhythms, And not, Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Your unusual melody cataclysms. Dear Valentine, My Valentine, Face the challenge head on if you will, Oh Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Could you also sing less shrill. My Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Sit upright upon the stool, Because Valentine, Dear Valentine, When you slouch you look a fool. My Valentine, … Continue reading Wordle: Not So Sweet Valentine


Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!

Durn dun. Don’t go in the water. Imagine the scene. You’re floating in the Lake, merrily minding your own business. Trying to get a shut eye or possibly two, dozing on a rather cool Winter’s afternoon. Durn dun. See it before you go swimming. You feel a presence approaching. Nonchalantly you pretend to ignore it, not fazed in the slightest… although pretending to snooze, you … Continue reading Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!


Wordle: New Valentine

Her prayers had been answered… ‘Though Cupid’s soldiers had misheard And instead of the body that she dreamed of Stood before her something she did love Large brown eyes to melt her heart of stone Wet nose and mouth chewing a bone A small furry bundle carved to perfection ‘He’ll open doors’, she thought in reflection Fingernails painted with nowhere to go She said, “Looks … Continue reading Wordle: New Valentine


Natural Beauty: Birds

#WorldWatercolorGroup I missed yesterday’s prompt of ‘bones’, due to time constraints and some weird phenomenon happening to time itself, but with Hallo Valentine’s swiftly approaching I may be able to claw some time back and use that theme for then. We shall see. Time will tell. Hopefully. On the subject of claws, today’s theme is ‘birds’, so I went for a quick hummingbird. I’ve never … Continue reading Natural Beauty: Birds


Out of time

Tick Tock Not watching the clock Running around Not hearing a sound Tick Tock Losing the light Not seeing the sights No time to paint It’s getting late Tick Tock Running around I’m starting to frown Will writing be fine? I’m out of time Tick Completely out of time this evening, you may have guessed… although I just had enough time to throw this together! … Continue reading Out of time