First, we visit the Negative Universe:

Or do we?

Then we turn black and white:

And then, abstractly, we find ourselves in the 1960s… although not much difference there!

Before hurtling back to the latter half of the nineteenth century:

And we then shimmer back into the now.

Partly inspired by Frank’s Pattern post, and partly inspired by my different views of Time, Space and the Universe!

15 thoughts

      1. I know…I do it on a regular basis Tom😉Even more so when I visit your blog! (Luckily I caught my typo this time…apparently I visit your bOg on a super frequent basis!! Too much information there I guess😅But that’s what my phone thinks and it never lies so…🤣)

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    1. I absolutely believe that, Ladysighs. All ‘that’ out ‘there’, and just ‘us’ ‘here’? No, it’s infinitely unlikely that’s the case. And then, we have our different dimensions and realms and levels here… we aren’t alone. 🙂

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  1. I love it all, Tom. I only wrote one ‘Time Travel’ short story for an international/Spanish short story comp, and was gob-smacked to win lst prize. (Am retired in Spain from the UK) It was great fun doing the research, for I knew diddly
    squat about the subject. (“Worth its Salt” via the Culture dept. of Torrevieja.) Thank you for boasting space! Cheers.

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