The world thought it had seen everything until Thursday April 12th 1984. Since then, it also thought it had seen everything, totally forgetting that there will be other Thursdays and other April 12ths.

It was a day like any other, to start with. The birds tweeted, the worms turned. The sun shined, and the clouds gathered.

The alarms screeched and the day began. Breakfast. Shower. Maybe not in that order. To the car. To the road. To the traffic jam. Late again.

That was fine, though. Being late. Used to being late – day like any other and all that. Not used to seeing the skies open and the four horsemen of the apocalypse come through. Actually, they weren’t men, they were women, all dressed in armour with wings at the sides of their helmets. Their horses were dressed the same, running and flying at the same time. The horses: the women merely rode them. Well, rode them with battle cries that screaming banshees would be proud of.

Roofs tore off cars ahead as these iron-clad invaders from another dimension descended, searching for whatever they searched for, eager, desperate, determined.

One of them looked at me. I leant back in my chair. She approached. I ducked, hand on handle ready to run. Her face appeared at the door window – my shocked face appeared as a reflection in her sparkling helmet. I dropped the handle and sprawled across the seats to the other door.

A deep voice echoed from nowhere, “Never on Thor’s Day!”, and the Valkyries fled.


This is posted in response to Doug’s MinMin challenge, where 250 words are required based on a prompt. This week, the beginning of the post has to be ‘The world thought it had seen everything until…

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    1. That’s the good thing and the bad thing about word limits, Ladysighs, all rolled into one! The interesting thing is making sure the start, middle and end are all filled in before the end! I think I just managed to squeeze the end in there! 😀

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        1. That’s an interesting question – I would like to think they do, with it being a challenge and all, but if there are hundreds of entries, possibly not. Going off in your own direction is always good… keeping to the limits and going beyond them when needed (or just because!) 😀

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  1. Well, that was fun! It was a story like any other… Until it wasn’t. I reckon the year was a clue to what was to come, and somehow Arthur Dent crept into my head too. I suspect whatever the narrator had in mind for that Thursday, he might just abandon. Nice flight of the imagination, Tom.

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    1. Thanks, Jenne. The fun thing about writing this was the date… I just made it up and decided to check, just before posting, that it was actually a Thursday – and it was! 😀 Hehehe! (Obviously, I remembered it really…)

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    1. Thanks, Ceayr… sorry to see you had difficulty in reading… is this because of the theme’s colours on the blog, or a problem with the reader? It should be white on black, which is quite clear, but I have seen grey text on white which isn’t clear (although I can’t remember where I saw this 🙄) 😊


      1. It’s the colours, Tom.
        Looks to me like grey on black, just not sharp enough contrast for me.
        But if no one else has a problem, then there isn’t one!

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        1. Ah, thanks for clarifying. Still sorry you’ve had difficulties reading. When I next change the theme, I’ll have a look at different colour schemes. 🙂

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  2. What a fun story.
    Engaging (I mean, serially, there ain’t no wandering attention after the first sentence.) fun… and (one of my most persistent ambitions, when writing) cinematic. Setting…sounds…action and characters in peril.

    way, fun

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