“I’ll show you ‘invitation only’”, Moonbeam said as he used his hands to draw down a cloak of darkness around the two security guards who prevented the group’s access to the Exquisite Collection Jewellers and Boutique, sending them instantly to sleep, “It’s a shop, and you don’t need invitations to go into a shop – be careful not to touch that.”

He walked through the door, allowing it to close before Jordan Grainger and Ellova Palava could reach it, with them having to both step over the guards and not touch the remaining darkness residue which was slowly draining away from the guard’s sleeping bodies towards the gutter at the edge of the road, where Jordan had been oddly able to park the Sambabus; inside, Jordan and Ellova found the shop to be empty.

The Lady stood at the back of the shop, looking into a glass display case as an assistant slid open the lid, and Moonbeam, dressed in a black tuxedo, looked through a reinforced glass display cabinet at, what was, the label on the shelf said, the Rainbow Diamond of the Peruvian Prince; Jordan recognised the assistant with the Lady as the policeman from earlier that day.

“Something’s very odd here…” Jordan whispered to Ellova, but could say nothing more as the door behind them burst open and a woman dressed from head to toe in bright pink flew through, flying into both Jordan and Ellova, knocking them forward into Moonbeam, who’d started to draw down his mystical darkness energies again to weaken the cabinet’s glass; the resulting chaos dazed all three of them.

“Hold it right there…” the pink lady said forcefully, “or feel the full power of Lady Might!”

The Lady grabbed the lid from the assistant – who fled into the room at the back of the shop – and threw it like a Frisbee at the pink lady who’d interrupted their operation… Lady Might went out like a light as soon as it touched her shoulder, although this was due to her foot touching Moonbeam’s residue that lay on the shop’s floor in her path, rather than the power behind The Lady’s throw; helping the others up, and herself to a few of the more expensive looking jewels, The Lady looked at the pink heap on the floor, and said proudly, with a chuckle, “My dear, yes… Lady might indeed.”

‘Lady Might’ has been written for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Path’.

Part eight of this ongoing story featuring the Co-Ordination of Supervillains is here, part seven here, part six is here, part five here, with part four here; part three here, part two here, and part one, here.

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        1. True, Sue… no rules. After posting daily for so long, I miss it when I don’t post, yet still feel like I should. But, I always say ‘as and when’ with regards to blogging, so I’d better start listening to myself here as well! It feels like everything’s happening at once right now! 🙂


          1. Giving yourself permission and not take on board guilt.
            I stopped blogging for 5 months and chase been blogging since 2007. Yet my true friend were still there when I returned.
            So go with the flow.
            It’s what I now do.
            No routine, just when I’m prompted to share do I post on both blogs . ☺

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            1. And that will give me more time elsewhere too! I shall see how it goes being an occasional blogger for now! I can still prepare posts without publishing, so I can keep writing. Hmmm… let’s see! Thanks, Sue.

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    1. This also wasn’t meant to be posted this week either, Denise, but I just wanted to ‘get it in’ before my blogging break starts properly! 🙂
      As for Moonbeam… you need to keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you if he’s around, he’s a bit of a one! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Clark.
      Some of the supervillains may join you in the Stork Club later, but I can’t, I’m afraid to say… I’m taking a little break away right now. 🙂


      1. Hardly ever a totally bad idea to recharge creative batteries and such… be sure to start writing again one full day before it gets easier to not write than to write

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