The Lady removed her master key after locking the door to her suite in the private section of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, and turned to walk along the corridor towards the lifts to go to the restaurant on the ground floor, colliding into Bubblegum who was running at speed the other way.

“B…” The Lady started, but wasn’t allowed to say anything further as Bubblegum stormed, breathlessly, “leave me alone” as she barged passed.

The Lady shrugged (and watched Bubblegum run to her room at the far end of the corridor, slamming the door after she’d entered) and continued along to the lifts at the opposite end of the corridor, where she moved the out of order sign that hung from a chain across the double doors, and placed it in a maintenance cupboard between the lifts and the stairs.

“They’ve been using the stairs long enough now,” The Lady thought, “and I’m in a very good mood, so it’s time they have full access to the facilities.”

Once on the ground floor, she put the out of order sign that was there away as well, and walked through to the empty reception area of the complex, looking at all the chairs and sofas that were dotted around all covered with dust sheets, noticing Moonbeam and Matthew Mist chatting in the lounge as she passed that room.

She walked quickly and quietly through the restaurant, making her way to the kitchen at the back, and in the corner she saw the Dropped Apostrophe sat a table speaking with a figure that she didn’t recognise; although she was well familiar with the figure’s police uniform.

‘Out of Order’ has been written for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Key’.

Part five of this ongoing story featuring the Co-Ordination of Supervillains is here, with part four here; part three here, part two here, and part one, here.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I write rough drafts for the supervillain stories, and then edit the word of the week into the story, this one didn’t need much tweaking! 🙂

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        1. It’s good when it works out perfectly! I’d pre-written one of the Nova Luna sixes recently, and I’d already used the prompt word for that week in one of the sentences… job done without even trying! 😁😊 (it was the ‘control’ week)

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            1. Ooo… that’s a challenging one! My stories also rotate on a three-weekly cycle, ‘labyrinth’ will fit better with one, I feel… although that particular story is coming to an end soon. No idea on its replacement just yet, but you may have planted a seed… 😄

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  1. First off, at the risk of it being said already* let me say, ‘Damn! The names!! Boss, boss da names, da names!’

    One of the things I like the most about these Sixes is how one of us will come up with something that makes us look at each other and say, ‘Damn! How cool is that?’
    (immediately followed by: ok, hows he doin’ that, what makes that work so well)
    am talking about your character’s names.
    I mean, seriously, I got me an overwhelming urge to buy a fedora and a 2-Way wrist radio.

    which brings us to the other aspect, and in a way, even cooler thing, is the ‘What about these names that make them what they are?”
    When I was young(er), I thought, ‘All I need is a Marshall stack and a Strat and time to practice and I could sound like Hendrix.’ It took a surprisingly long time for me to accept that, ‘No, it’s not that simple’.

    Your character names are like that.

    *and, when one is complimenting the coolest element of a Six, there is a surety of that happening, this time, I’m skipping reading the other comments first… to not take the fun out of this for me**
    ** ego? me?! hah!***
    *** ha ha! we laugh with rogerian scorn at your surprise at my assertion….

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    1. Thanks, Clark. 🙂
      The characters tell me their names, which I think makes them more them… I just follow them along and write down what they’re up to! These supervillains, however, try to get me to write things that, well, how can I put it… make me ask them to rephrase things slightly. On the whole, they comply, knowing if they don’t, they don’t get written.
      Pleased you like their names, I shall pass your compliments on to them the next time our paths cross! 🙂
      Oh, and listen to your Inner Noir Fashionista – fedoras and wrist radios are to be the next in thing!


    1. At present, D., I have no idea… she’s been like that for a few weeks now! I’m sure when she’s ready, she’ll let us know!


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